Drew KSI

2021.09.22 23:11 Goofy_Aryan Drew KSI

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2021.09.22 23:11 TheIrishLaw Best way to level up?

Theres 12 hours left of the season and im level 50, is there a good farming method I can use to level up fast? I'm trying the infinite skelly spawn on the shroudbreaker tall tale but my renown isn't going up and I feel like its been patched
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2021.09.22 23:11 Sofa_King_Nerrdy What place totally met or exceeded your expectations?

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2021.09.22 23:11 hades1116 Am I the only one having this problem and why???

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2021.09.22 23:11 Incognito_Igloo 'Democracy is beautiful in theory, in practice it is a fallacy' ~ Benito Mussolini [1080×840]

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2021.09.22 23:11 Thomps027 My thoughts after finishing the game last night

Like the title suggests I have just finished my first playthrough of this game and would just like to share my thoughts which will likely turn into ramblings on my experience. I played through the game blind until the very end where I wandered for about 3 hours and made no progress so I gave in and looked up where to go. I am not a fan of metroidvania games generally and the only other game of the genre I have completed was super metroid. With those things being said I must say Hollow Knight is a very good game and I was actually surprised with how much I enjoyed it despite the praise the game has regularly received since it's release. Although the game was very good I do believe it has some flaws, like every other game, that I would like to discuss the highs and lows of my time spent with the game.
At the end of the game I had no idea where to go. If I had not been dumb and actually used the pins available to me in the map the end game experience would likely have been much more enjoyable. Due to my own mistakes the end game experience became more of a grind as I continuously traversed the areas repeatedly hoping to find the next step. In this process I did find a lot of stuff I had missed such as the magic upgrade and charms which was rewarding. I did give up and look up where to go next, which ended up being the second hornet fight which was one of my favorites in the game. I am not sure if not knowing what to do next near the end game is normal or if it was my own inexperience in the genre that led to this.
The game did a lot of things very well. Those things include music, atmosphere and the art style. I am not going into detail on these things but it is always great when devs are creative with their worlds in a time when big game companies keep pumping out blockbusters with generic worlds and mechanics. This game was a breath of fresh air for me and I am sure it was for many of those that may be reading this as well.
The boss fights were a mixed bag for me. Uumuu was a bore and my least favorite boss in the game as a result. My favorites include the mantis lords, the second hornet fight, and the hollow knight himself. Overall, the boss difficulty was pretty modest although I am sure I missed a decent amount of content due to playing as blind as I could manage. I must bring up the watchers. With a barely upgraded nail and the base magic this fight is absolutely insane. I tried to tackle this fight with a nail I had upgraded only twice and it felt like a near impossible feat. I did almost beat them several times but I panicked and choked twice before I decided to move on to other areas to hopefully find some upgrades. This fight kicked my ass more than all of the other fights combined, but became trivial once I had obtained the magic upgrade which changed my build into a magic one for the remainder of the game. I do believe that this fight is the games asshole due to how erratic it can be.
I was only ever able to upgrade my nail twice. I am not sure if this was intentional or if I had just not explored the areas the devs had intended. The lack of damage from the nail was not the biggest deal during the endgame considering how strong magic can be.
I do believe the game suffers from some of the same design decisions that made Dark Souls 2 the black sheep of that family. Instead of creating enemies with interesting mechanics the game decides to throw multiple of that enemy at you at the same time, and as far as I am concerned that is just not amazing game design. Sure, it was difficult to fight multiple enemies at the same time, but it was not the kind of difficulty I find enjoyable. This design was not all over the place but it was prevalent enough that I sighed when it showed itself repeatedly regardless of if I died or not. I feel the only time the game succeeded with this was with the mantis lords fight. When the game did push for solid single enemy design it definitely did very well. Dung Defender, the hornet fights, and Nosk were all very enjoyable fights and the first I thought of while writing this.
Overall, I think Hollow Knight is a very good game and a game I am glad I gave a chance. I have had it in my Playstation library for a long time as if I am remembering correctly it was a "free" ps plus game. It is the best game I have played so far this year and was definitely a worthwhile experience.
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2021.09.22 23:11 ATLASDICKLORD I am a pro pubg player and i started playing codm just weeks ago and i think it's a pretty good game but it's just a bit complex for a new commmer . I still enjoy the game but it's just really it. It comes close to being my favorite game but just falls short .

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2021.09.22 23:11 Bufferinho Plugins VST

Hey guys , everytime i install a Plugin it installes like 4 Versios of it. VsT vst2 vst3 32 but and 64 bit Which one do i need and which one i do not need?
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2021.09.22 23:11 null_reference_user MALVINAS PARAGUAYAS 🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🅱️

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2021.09.22 23:11 cjthrowaway5 I [21M] confused by signals [19F] is giving me

This new girl started at work about 3 weeks ago now, and from the moment I met her I knew something was special. Her smile instantly captivated me. After working 3 doubles with her, one night she asks me for my Snapchat. I give her it, and within an hour she messages me and we start talking. We spent the next three days texting and talking almost all day and all night. I asked her out which she said yes to and was excited for. Over the follow week we would talk non stop. Mostly about work and ourselves. At night our conversations would go more towards relationships and dating, and she’d tell me on multiple occasions how I made her life better and she completely changed as a person at work since she met me (I should say she worked there for two weeks before working with me as I was away for two weeks going back to college and moving). She talked about how she’s glad we met and many other things that made me feel good. One night our conversations drifted towards a serious relationship and we both agreed we wanted to take things slow as we didn’t want to feel committed to something super fast. Both in the same page there. We went out on a date sort of, I say sort of because we went out with a few other colleagues but spent most the time just the two of us. We planned for us to go out to dinner and have a boardwalk sunset walk last Monday. Fast forward to last Monday and we’re still talking a lot. All day every day. She tells me about an hour before the date something popped up and she couldn’t make it. I didn’t think much of it as she was getting prepared to go on a trip the past weekend. But after telling me she couldn’t make it she ghosted me for about 12 hours. The longest in 3 weeks she’s gone without messaging me. Between last Monday and now, our messaging has slowly become less and less. Still daily but now it’s maybe every few hours she responds where as before it was every few minutes. This weekend she barely messaged me the whole time she was away but I chalked it up to her being busy with friends, though she was actively posting on her Snapchat story and Instagram story. Last night was the first time I’ve really texted her this weekend. Waited for her to be home to not bother her with her friends. I asked what days she’s working and if she wanted to still go out sometime soon as we couldn’t last week. She said she wasn’t sure since she worked a lot this week, then left me on read until this morning. She’s left me on read for most the day today and I know she’s active because I can see her story. Am I just way overthinking this? I’m the first to admit I get way too into my head especially when it’s someone I really like. She said if her car is out of the shop by Tuesday we might be able to do something but the way she said it made it sound like she was setting up to flake again. I work with her the next four days so I guess I’ll see how she acts in person. What do y’all think? Thanks.
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2021.09.22 23:11 nofacenotrace30 (Challenge) Beat Yb in this Versuz. Has to songs with no features.

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2021.09.22 23:11 gr1m3y [LN]SLR - Chapter 580 - Father and Son (5)

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2021.09.22 23:11 BigTC_ Liverpool will play Preston away in the fourth round of the Carabao Cup

Fuck yeah
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2021.09.22 23:11 YaBoiQbert Bois we are invading Luds homeland

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2021.09.22 23:11 revdirty What is this game? HELP!

i saw a trailer for a game that was not out yet. I think it was like an an action rpg with chinese/asian theme ( not anime). The only thing i can remember about this game was you can run on trees ( ala crouching tiger , hidden dragon like.) If anyone has any idea what game this is .. you will be my online best friend.. haha
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2021.09.22 23:10 ArcherConstruct First Game after this evenings update

Unplayable. Literally no screen update for 10-15 seconds, couldn't even exit the ship. Trash.
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2021.09.22 23:10 Kanyeschest Need Help Balancing my Drinking Game

The Drinking Game is called " Wolfpack" and in my world is played in the tribe of half-orcs that live in the forest with their pet wolves. This is mainly a drinking game but could easily become a betting game too. Okay here is the game!

--- TURN ORDER --- * SELECTION: Each player chooses their wolf in secret indicated by a d4 and d6. Places one in each hand and then holds out a closed hand with the wolf they want to fight. The smaller faced die represents a wolf and larger represents your alpha wolf!
And that's the game basically! I have played a few times and it is fun but feels a little wonky at times and would love feed back to add balance. Or if it feels balanced let me know! The few times we have played it seems like everyone just goes for the alpha wolf right away and seems like the best tactic but I feel like it's high risk high reward because if you lose your alpha right away you are guaranteed to lose basically. Anyways, thanks! Can't wait to hear!
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2021.09.22 23:10 karencomebac The Trinity

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2021.09.22 23:10 Asparagus_Unable tips on where to get parts for 352

having trouble finding parts for the 352, plenty for the 390, could i j use those parts interchangeably? ik they are the same block but diff bore
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2021.09.22 23:10 that_hunky Saw this one in a park [OC]

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2021.09.22 23:10 Metazootian Not sure how legit it is but they accept PayPal! I’m risking it to try and pre order tonight guys

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2021.09.22 23:10 cosmicraver69 Excision light up hoop

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2021.09.22 23:10 pedal_deals_bot Death By Audio Fuzz War - $145 ($145 + Free S/H) 66%

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2021.09.22 23:10 Maggemann [H] .193 FT Specialist Gloves Mogul [W] FT Specialist Gloves Lt. Commander

.193 Moguls
Will add if needed for a good pair.
b/o FT Specialist Gloves Lt. Commander
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2021.09.22 23:10 MyNameIsJimJones STOCK COULD RUN TOMORROW!!

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