Did they improve the PC version?

2021.09.22 23:37 TheTarber Did they improve the PC version?

Hi all, I have a gaming PC with fanatec rig, since they lunched wrc 8 & 9 I purchased both but not able to play this game always issues with it, so my question did they improve the game so it works on PC now or they still don’t care ?
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2021.09.22 23:37 2Spins4BokChoy Nervous about going back on lexapro

trigger warning for self-harm suicide
Hi all,
I'm 29m who started experiencing panic attacks, severe anxiety and obsessive rumination, and was diagnosed with depression about 8 years ago after a tough year and break up. My doctor at the time put me on cipralex (lexapro for canadians/brits) and I eventually started feeling better than I ever had, just like myself and content. I wasn't terrified of my future anymore, I was hopeful in a happy way, not a scared way, which was something I never felt before. I met who was to become my wife around this time and I think just felt so good that I stopped taking my medication. About a couple years after my diagnosis my anxiety/depression came back pretty strong when I was working a stressful job I didn't like, went back on, but eventually came off again.
Up until about 3 years ago I was coping but I'm hindsight I wouldn't say successfully managing my illness and eventually I had another break down, major anxiety and depression, at one point I walked out of the house intending to end my life. I eventually came to my senses and walked home, started seing a psychologist and went on auro sertraline. I've remained relatively stable but it feels like my anxiety slowly grows until Im hardly coping but hiding it, it starts to affect my relationships, then I break down again: panic attacks, uncontrollable rumination, and depression.
I talked to my doctor and I'm switching back to cipralex. I have a psych consult in a week. I'm working out as often as I can. I'm a student so things are pretty busy and stressful.
Fearful thoughts and anxiousness dominate my life right now. I have about a two hour window after I workout that I feel fine and I feel like I'm just trying to survive by hopping from this moment to next. Usually around 4-6am I start to have trouble sleeping because I feel anxious. Sometimes I worry I'm faking it all because I'm dependent on my wife and family and will never be able to fully support myself in a way that will let me accomplish and enjoy the things that matter to me. Im constantly trying to 'figure out' whats 'wrong'. Maybe I'm not meant to be loved or love. Maybe I'm selfish. Maybe I'm a sociopath. Maybe I'm a narcissist. Did I put sociopath first to make it clear that this thinking is irrational to cover up the fact that I'm actually a narcissist?
I don't want to lose this fight. I want my life back, for myself and my family and my future. I know the medication might not work, I know it might, I know I just don't know until I try it. I'm scared but hopeful and holding onto faith.
Just thought I get this all out there before starting back on it next week. Here's to the unknown, may it know better days.
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2021.09.22 23:37 c3r3al__k1ll3r Good ol' Grandad!

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2021.09.22 23:37 JudgementalJudyog Kena: Bridge of Spirits on PS5 (Scottish) (link below)

twitch link
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2021.09.22 23:37 resident_crazytown i'm suddenly married to my late father-in-law...?

my husbands [27m] dad passed away recently and he is starting to become him. he always looked up to him, sometimes to an excess. if his dad bought something, he'd buy the same thing. if his dad liked to eat something, that was his new favorite food. he even bought a matching car.. with matching bumper stickers and everything. after his dad passed, we moved down to his parents house for a bit. he now wears his clothes- hats, shirts, shorts, shoes, sunglasses, even his socks. he uses his cologne, his beard oil, his lotion. he does all the miscellaneous tasks his dad did around the house. i don't know if this is normal? i feel like i am in a relationship with his father and it is starting to kind of freak me out.
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2021.09.22 23:37 Azure_2007 My own versions of DC heros (lore in Comments)

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2021.09.22 23:37 RedUndead40 Would anyone mind reviewing this list for me?

Have a tournament coming up soon and was curious if this list could hold up against the meta - I'm fairly new to this army.
I'm pretty light in heroes but I loved the idea of Nagash with 40 Grave Guard to take down Gargants.
Also, still deciding between a Battle Regiment or Heroes of the Heartlands + 2 Vanguards to reroll charges out of the grave.
Legion of Night
Prized Sorcery
Necromancer (General)
-Trait: Master of Magic
-Artifact: Morbheg's Claw
-Spell: Overwhelming Dread
3x20 Deadwalker Zombies
2x20 Grave Guard with Great Wight Blades
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2021.09.22 23:37 LamentablyLuscious Coalition!NI announces new party leader

I am glad to announce that, following the unfortunate resignation of Coalition!NI's previous party leader, TwistedDemo, that I will be taking the position as the party's new leader. Firstly, I would like to thank TwistedDemo very much for their service as leader. TwistedDemo saw us through the turbulent time of separating from the UUP, and was always very kind and helpful person to work with, both in Stormont in my parliamentary duties, and in regards to internal party affairs.
As the new leader of Coalition!NI, I am excited to get to work on continuing to hold the executive to account and on supporting sensible and pragmatic policies that will better the lives of Northern Irish people. If the recent by-election shows anything, then it is clear that many Northern Irish people are done with the status quo, and they want a party who will fight for the needs of their communities and what matters to them.
In the lead-up to the next election, I will be doing my hardest to get the message of Coalition!NI out to voters, and provide them with a better alternative to what we currently have. I'll also be fighting my hardest in the Assembly for common sense and for the values and principles of Coalition!NI.
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2021.09.22 23:37 Hot_Plane_2438 15x no wipe check it out https://discord.gg/affinityark

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2021.09.22 23:37 Far_Chef8167 (PriceCheck) Ari25250 Fixer

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2021.09.22 23:37 Immortal_Slayer1 Halloween Kills - Final Trailer

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2021.09.22 23:37 ThaSkywalker KENA BRIDGE OF SPIRITS PS5 GAMEPLAY PART 4 (No Commentary)

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2021.09.22 23:37 heffcap Looks like the new theme song for Season 41 leaked early

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2021.09.22 23:37 taterscot He's so cuddly!

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2021.09.22 23:37 kazefuuten if there is a name for playing with sets before they changed the square layout what is it called? thank you.

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2021.09.22 23:37 donatopalmis10 Er tacchino is new oracolo❗

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2021.09.22 23:37 smopdsfg [JFA] Does the series get better after this?

I'm playing through the trilogy (and maybe the rest of the series) for the first time. However, after reaching JFA I've started to burn out a little bit. This game, so far, seems like such a massive drop in quality from the first game.
2-1 was annoying and full of logic flaws (yeah, the guy didn't write the name because HE BROKE HIS NECK AND DIED, it's because he spelled the name wrong)
2-2 was kind of cool
2-3 however, has been really annoying so far. I got to the second investigation but have just run out of motivation to play.
As a whole, JFA feels like a step down from the first game. Does it get better after this or is this how the rest of the series is going to be?
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2021.09.22 23:37 SheepDogGamin Stealership is suggesting this. You can't service the transmission without cracking it which to my understanding is a massive NO unless it's slipping. Any help appreciated.

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2021.09.22 23:37 Walter-C-Dornez Could be an unpopular opinion

Was scrolling through my phone and saw on my news article page about a mod for this game that reverts all the changes made in hearth and home to food and the such like decided to check this and it is a thing.
Here comes the possibly unpopular opinion
My first thought was ungrateful bastard's the Devs spend time and effort on updating the game and instead of living with it and the changes made which arguably have made the game more interesting and better. No they decided to just completely revert all the changes I'm what could be described as a temper tantrum over the game being changed a little.
I wanted to get some other opinions on this, just to see any other possible points of view on this before I lock this idea into my brain because I'd genuinely like to see another point of view because I don't like being annoyed or angry at stuff generally
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2021.09.22 23:37 TraditionAnxious Sunflowers against blue sky with Instagram filter applied 👌 Pixel 2

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2021.09.22 23:37 ontheeroadagain Turkish delight

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2021.09.22 23:37 Alternative_Market51 very close to doing a very bad thing to someone

for the past six years, my family and i have been enduring the burden of my brother, hes the human equivalent of a leech, hes a thief and a liar, he manipulates and gaslights us, and i feel that its my job to end our problems, and im very close to doing this, need help on how to bring a different view of how to deal with him being a subhuman piece of trash
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2021.09.22 23:37 FrontpageWatch2020 [#155|+8032|47] Tiny hand [r/bonehurtingjuice]

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2021.09.22 23:37 PsychedelicMention "ayahuasca" in /r/Denver: Whatever happened with Denver decriminalizing psychedelics.. -- "..now? Or underground ayahuasca ceremonies in your sister's.."

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2021.09.22 23:37 Midnites5hadow Fat or preggo🔥🤔

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