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[HIRING] 40 Jobs in SC Hiring Now!

2021.09.22 23:53 mathagorom546 [HIRING] 40 Jobs in SC Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort Secretary I Okatie
Lazer Spot, Inc. Hiring Local and CDL Drivers Home Daily FORT MILL/ROCK HILL
Lazer Spot, Inc. LTL Driver FORT MILL/ROCK HILL
Lazer Spot, Inc. Pick Up and Delivery Driver FORT MILL/ROCK HILL
Crete Carrier Corporation CDL A Company Driver Batesville
Cardinal Logistics CDL A Truck Driver Bennettsville
Carolina Harvestrax Truck Technician Elgin
Cardinal Logistics CDL A Truck Driver Forest Acres
Crete Carrier Corporation CDL A Company Driver Hanahan
Roadmaster Hiring Local CDL-A Driving Instructors - Up to $62k+ / yr Hardeeville
CarMax Auto Technician Monetta
Cardinal Logistics CDL A Truck Driver North Myrtle Beach
CarMax Auto Mechanic Jobs South Congaree
Carolina Harvestrax Heavy Equipment Mechanics Tega Cay
Coca-Cola Consolidated CDL-A Delivery Driver Merchandiser & Trainees - Immediate Openings Batesville
Coca-Cola Consolidated CDL-A Delivery Driver Merchandiser & Trainees - Immediate Openings Forest Acres
Florida Rock & Tank Lines, Inc. CDL-A Owner Operator Truck Driver Forest Acres
Risinger Brothers Transport CDL A Truck Drivers - Owner Operator, Lease Purchase Available Kline
Risinger Brothers Transport Hiring Solo Owner Operators - $10,000 Sign-On Bonus Silverstreet
Risinger Brothers Transport CDL A Owner Operators - $10,000 Sign-On Bonus South Congaree
Variant CDL A OTR Truck Driver - Excellent Benefits Taylors
The Home Depot Freight/Receiving Batesburg
The Home Depot Freight/Receiving Little Mountain
The Home Depot Merchandising Six Mile
EPES Transport System CDL A Dedicated Truck Driver Jobs - Guaranteed $1,400 Weekly Earnings! Batesville
EPES Transport System CDL A Dedicated Truck Drivers Bennettsville
TheHomeDepot Merchandising Clemson
EPES Transport System CDL A Dedicated Truck Driver Jobs - Guaranteed $1,400 Weekly Earnings! Edisto Beach
Circle K / Huddle House Restaurant Team Member - Circle K / Huddle House Batesburg
Spectrum Spectrum: Direct Sales Representative Bethany
Volume Transport CDL-A Experienced Drivers - Get the Miles - Drive for a Family Company! Bluffton
Knights Companies Inc Moto-Mix Driver Blythewood
N/a Inventory Associate - 0706 Boiling Springs
Rgis Inventory Associate - Travel Team - Charlotte, NC Chesterfield
Volume Transport CDL-A Experienced Drivers - Get the Miles - Drive for a Family Company! Daufuskie Island
SC Department of Public Safety Building/Grounds Specialist I (Housekeeping) Dorchester County
City of Goose Creek Customer Service Specialist - Pool - Part Time Goose Creek
Spectrum Spectrum: Residential Sales Representative Honeysuckle Woods
Circle K Store Assistant, Full Time Isle Of Palms
Hyatt Front Desk Agent ISLE OF PALMS
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in sc. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2021.09.22 23:53 naughty_killer What do you think about common assumption that white people prefer white people( just a curiosity question not aiming anything)?

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2021.09.22 23:53 ObiDonKenobi44 Does anyone still get into modded lobbies?

So I’m wondering if anyone could get my buddy into a modded lobby. His account got reset, and now he doesn’t have any perks or guns anymore. Really he just needs ninja pro unlocked so he can play search with our friend group again in private lobbies. If anyone can help out or can think of another way besides grinding pubs (which is near impossible now obviously) it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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2021.09.22 23:53 anyayis673 Can’t stop my worrying

Me and my LO are friends, we met at work. We are both in relationships, ive been with my boyfriend for a while and she’s been with her girlfriend in a long distance relationship for a few years.
We no longer work together but we still meet up every few weeks to watch films and go for walks and for a catch up. She last messaged me last Monday and we were going to see if we were both free the following day to meet but I had a last minute errand to run out of town and my phone died so later on I explained the situation and suggested a few other days I could meet instead. This has happened a few times on her end before so it’s fine and I doubt she really cared.
Anyway she hasn’t replied and it’s been 8 days and I’m very stressed. I know usually she does take about a week to reply because she’s usually very busy, and the only times she’s taken about 2 weeks to reply to my message has been when she’s been on vacation etc. I just get worried that she doesnt like me anymore or if I’ve done something wrong or if someone from my old work has told her I have feelings for her.
I’m really trying not to double message her but I really want reassurance in some way that everything is fine. This has happened before and there’s always been a good reason why she’s taken a while to reply, but I worry this time is different.
I know logically she doesn’t owe me an explanation or she doesn’t even have to talk to me, but I really like her and I want to see her. When she doesn’t talk to me it makes my feelings for her intensify so so much. I feel paranoid and paralysed with worry and fear. When I get like this I find is hard to sleep, to eat or perform my daily routine. I just want to lie in bed and no talk to anyone or shower or eat until I know everything is ok. I have to literally force myself to shower and eat.
Please can someone help? I’m panicking a lot.
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2021.09.22 23:52 mikedl361 What is the offset on a stock 2005 ford f150 STX 4.2?

Looking to replace my rims, I like the way they sit now and wouldn't want to have them more tucked in but would like to now the current offset to compare to other rims, thanks in advance for your responses.
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2021.09.22 23:52 RewardedForRewards Self-Checkout Stuck on “Processing”

Little background:
Self-Checkout is a God Send!
As a couponer, I love not feeling pressure to complete transactions at a beyond human pace as not to upset other customers, I love the fact the girls at my store can do the other 4738392 tasks they’re expected to do and I can physically see the coupons that apply etc.
I use a lot of coupons, almost all of them CVS store or CVS Manufacture. I don’t use a lot, if any, printables or newspaper ones.
I used to be able to scan as many cvs coupons as I wanted (as long as they applied and met thresholds etc) and the machine would either say the item isn’t in the basket and reject it or it would automatically take them off.
I recently went to three different cvs stores. Two of the regular ones I visit in NY and one in CT while on vacation.
I noticed it now tells you when the value of the cvs coupon will be lowered and asks you if it’s ok. (Your coupon will be lowered by .02 and you’ll lose that .02 is that ok etc).
I always accept and press yes because I usually only lose a few cents.
Lately though, after that update, if I use cvs manufacture coupons or extrabucks, the machines almost seem to get “tired” after a while and gets stuck on the last screen where it says “system processing”.
The machine is frozen but the actual card reader is fine. The girls come over and have to restart the actual machine and then it seems to be fine for another dozen or so transactions.
Does anyone know why the machines are suddenly freezing?
It rarely happens on my dads cvs card but whenever I use mine it gives me an issue after a dozen or so transactions. Thanks for any help.
Trying to keep the overnights as smooth as possible since the employees are expected to do so many other things and I don’t like to bother them.
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2021.09.22 23:52 Aldi_Lesbian Professional Murder Music - Does It Dream [ 2001 ]

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2021.09.22 23:50 il_Duce_Chad_4 Sussy

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2021.09.22 23:50 Nohan07 La clinique Kuindo Magnin s’adapte pour soulager le médipôle

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2021.09.22 23:50 IAmSoBot How to take orange tip off new novristch ssp1

I tried putting the end of the barrel in boiling water for 3 minutes and twisting it off with pliers but that didn’t work. Any suggestions?
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2021.09.22 23:50 MoreLikeBoryphyll I’ll say it: It is hard for men and women to be close friends without it turning weird.

Project whatever you like onto that title.
Both parties would most likely be hetero or bi or pan.
Both parties would have to be close friends, not just acquaintances or colleagues.
Please note: I fully understand that there are exceptions. And yeah maybe it is a “me” problem. And yeah I’m glad that you and your female friend have been best friends for 10 years without it turning weird and your wife is 100% cool with it. You don’t seem to be the rule, you seem to be the exception. And even if it is the rule, and I’m completely in the minority, I’ve experienced and seen my side of it way too often in my single days to simply dismiss it out of hand.
I’m tired of kowtowing to the people on here who champion platonic friendships between men and women of compatible sexual orientation (I probably said that wrong, please correct me) like it’s NOT weird, like it’s NOT frowned upon by a large number of the significant others of the world.
One last thing: To those of you who say “one person may have feelings for the other person but as long as they never act on it, why can’t we stay friends?”…tell that to the significant other that the person is emotionally cheating on, or tell that to the friend who has to pretend like everything is ok when everyone knows that they are clearly in love with the other person.
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2021.09.22 23:50 1dacosta Has there ever been a rap battle you saw that you felt was rigged and which battle was it ?

For some reason lux vs mook 2 didnt seem legit
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2021.09.22 23:49 6hchill I need help

i had a new coworker(20F) we became friends at work me(21M) she’s new here so i help here all i can do the first day at work she asked about my phone number but I never give out for random people but i did give it to her after we got home I text her ask her more about herself. idk why she asked about my phone number but never text me I always have to do it. I started to drop her off at home every day because i saw her wait for the bus like 30 minutes I waited for her 2 hours every to drop her off because my shift is done earlier than her 2 hours.At work I helped to do her work I meant I don’t have to do it but i did it because of her but i made a mistake so i said i am sorry about that but I don’t know why she told our manager about my mistake is it ok to do that with me? if i help you have to appreciate it but looks like she didn’t. i knew her about 2 weeks i guess yesterday i texted her “ But tbh i think our relationship as friends is just working out well enough rn and i think it’s best we each not continue so as not to end up hurting each other i am sorry i am feeling like this i wish you well” she texted back it’s fine if I wanna leave. I feel so sad around her I’m always here for her but she don’t but I miss her so much but i know if we become friends again i will be sad i know it did everything because i want to help her and she didn’t ask me to do anything for her but did I expect too much or what idk I feel so sad right now. Thank you so much
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2021.09.22 23:49 Correct-Sherbet2399 The character Lucifer is pretty shitty (Rant)

It’s probably not unpopular but I thought I had to mention that a lot of dumb stuff happens because of how immature he is and how he does things on a whim, he starts a rebellion gets punished and calls it abandonment when he was probably far too old at his banishment to be a kid, he kills uriel and gets no punishment, he consistently allows humans to know of Celestials when it’s supposed to be a secret since if they know of Gods existence they can become perfect religious people,
he kills a number of humans at Dan’s death when he knows that it’s not his job to interfere in humanity and surely him being a celestial knowing that death isn’t the end, him starting an angelic war and having some more of his siblings killed only to decide “welp I’ve decided I don’t want to anymore, sucks for everyone else hehe”
And these are just some of the reasons I hate him as a character he doesn’t deserve the happy ending everyone thinks he does, he has Michael scrubbing he’ll with a tooth brush for god sake when I’d argue that Arch Angel Michael was a better character than him
End of rant
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2021.09.22 23:49 Retire_30 See you tomorrow at $2.27

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2021.09.22 23:48 FjackClark STH Post Season Ticket Pre-Sale

I am a half STH, I missed yesterday’s postseason presale for STHs. I am hearing they didn’t have the best selection of seats…Is this true? Were STHs not able to purchase lodge or field level seating for the DS/LCS?
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2021.09.22 23:48 linux_is_nice Sprechstörungen?

Hallo, mir ist Häugig aufgefallen dass ich Probleme beim sprechen habe z.b Rede ich manchmal zu schnell, überspringe buchstaben, kann nicht mehr gut laut vorlesen... weiß jemand was der Grund sein könnte und was genau es ist?
(Also wenn ich z.b bei nem Call center anrufe stotterich weil ich aufgeregt bin mit ganz Fremden leuten zu reden. sonst nie.)
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2021.09.22 23:48 Wild-Committee-5559 The only thing a future civilisation will remember is by the last thing you did/said. What is it?

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2021.09.22 23:48 ijustaskaita I did crunches

Two nights ago I thought “huh I haven’t worked out in a while maybe I should” I did about 3 minutes of a Chloe ting work out and since than my hernias been super crampy I had blood in my stool the next day. Should I call my doctor the cramps are really painful but I feel like I’ll just be told to rest a few days and I don’t want to waste their time
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2021.09.22 23:48 Lighthelios Final Fantasy 7 Remake vs Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

Hey Warriors of Light, can anyone tell me if I should play the 7 remake first or if I can have the full experience by buying the 7 remake intergrade ?
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2021.09.22 23:48 mattchouston Advice for shingles pain relief?

I am 24/M. I was just diagnosed with shingles. I understand this is rare at my age, but I sought a second opinion and the second doctor confirmed. I deal with stress, and recognize stress can contribute to flare-ups.
I’m looking for any sort of pain remedy for the rash. Obviously, I’ve tried Advil and Ice. Wondering if there are any shingles-specific medications or treatments.
I’m told there is a steroid that can be effective if administered early, but I am on at least day 5. I believe it’s too late. Before I got a second opinion, the urgent care doctor prescribed antibiotics, just in case he was wrong about the shingles diagnosis. The second doctor said these could prevent any infections related to the lesion, so he said I should take them anyway.
Also, for informational purposes: I had a ‘breakthrough’ case of Chickenpox in the first grade. I was vaccinated, but my parents can’t remember if booster shots were recommended for children at this time. The vaccine was only two years old when I got it. 23/25 children in my class got ‘breakthrough’ chickenpox cases that year.
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2021.09.22 23:48 GoblinNun Join The Podhand On Our Guided Reread of the Whole Manga!

Hey Strugglers!
Just wanted to let you know that, over the summer, my dark fantasy writer friends and I started a Berserk podcast, The Podhand.
We began recording as a way to talk about Miura’s passing and what Berserk has meant to us over the years. What we’re trying to do is to discuss Berserk by placing it in a wider context, not only as a cult manga, but also as a major work within the fantasy traditions of sword and sorcery and grimdark.
We’re going to be rereading the entire manga from the beginning, and trying to use the text and Miura’s interviews to gain insight into his creative process as a writer and artist. We start on our first episode by discussing Miura’s ideas in the Berserk Prototype, and we’ve just released two following episodes on the first two chapters of the official manga.
In addition to our guided manga reread, we’re planning deep-dive episodes on authors and artists who we know influenced Berserk (Fist of the North Star, Go Nagai’s works, Guin Saga, and The Rose of Versailles), as well as discussing a whole series of western fantasy films that we know Miura was heavily inspired by in sculpting Berserk’s medieval and horror imagery (Flesh + Blood, Conan the Barbarian, Evil Dead 2, Hellraiser 2). We’ll also be discussing works that were influenced by Berserk (Dark Souls, Vinland Saga, Claymore), as well as well as other works with a thematic resonance to Berserk, even if there isn’t a direct influence or connection. (Michael Moorcock’s Elric, Gene Wolfe, Joe Abercrombie, Mork Borg)
We’re shooting to release at least one episode a week from now on! We want to offer another fun and insightful way to approach the manga! We hope you join us on our harried and beleaguered journey!
The Podhand is now listed on Google Podcasts and Spotify and should show up on Apple Podcasts any time now! You can also check out our podbean page which includes all our episodes and links to transcripts.
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2021.09.22 23:48 GuardianDavsariph Best Fanfic I've Ever Read!!!

If you like fanfics and you're looking for a good one, this story is for you: "Couple of the Wild (ZeLink)" by Kenlair on Wattpad
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2021.09.22 23:48 greenisthecolour11 LRP

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2021.09.22 23:48 dpatterson911 The egg came before the chicken because there was eggs on earth before there was chickens

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