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Watch for Watch No Sub4Sub

2021.09.22 21:50 Embarrassed-Novel931 Watch for Watch No Sub4Sub

  1. Watch the video for about 20 minutes.
  2. Like the video (or at least tell me your view number).
  3. Post your View number and or number like / comment here (for proof this way I know if you watched the video or not, for example, View number 1 and like number 1).
  4. Post your link here so that I can return the favor by watching your video. Give me at least 24 hours to respond.
  5. No sub4sub sorry I will watch your video in full though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyU0c355lrM&t=6s
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2021.09.22 21:50 qpal123 Big conservative cities with no mask/covid lockdowns?

I know any big city now with a population of over 100k will always be more liberal so what are some of the bigger suburbs or towns that are not liberal where no mask or covid lockdowns ever happen?
I moved to Nashville last year to try to escape it coming from Chicago but that still tends to lean left with many places requiring masks again
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2021.09.22 21:50 Bigtoes22 Bell or Freeman this week?

Tyson and Murray are both locks as we know and Freeman looked good in limited action against KC. I still want to see what Bell looks like. Tyson has been better than I expected but man he was lucky Duv was there to cover for his ass on that fumble.
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2021.09.22 21:50 Scoobs_88 My Ys Origin just came in from Amazon, looks like someone stepped on it. I'm afraid to process a return since Amazon is out of stock and it is only 3rd party sellers at inflated prices. Debating what to do with it, bugs me having a new game with already damaged case. Doubt Amazon can replace it.

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2021.09.22 21:50 Ziinah ...ples don't roast. Would be grateful for minimum chin length haircut advice, wavy and "straight" options 💖

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2021.09.22 21:50 ZawiNull Kimaxolva

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2021.09.22 21:50 thehustledontstop Big Chicken!

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2021.09.22 21:50 Loud_Scene_4587 Trisha and her lies. Pls read. No hate towards anyone.i love than

Im new to this. But i used to be a trisha paytas fan. Im no longer a fan since i seen her jealousy on the last frenemies episode, about hilas pregnancy. H3 fan here now. But am i the only one who thinks trisha is a compulsive liar?. The evidence she has against her and her claims about her teachers. Idk i feel like hee pin pointing the blame on ethan is disgusting considering shes the one that lied. If people want me to delete this i will. Im new to this once again No hate all love towards ethan. Sorry if trisha isnt allowed on here. I just feel as tho not many people know about trishas lies.. Also yet again delete if this isnt allowed xx
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2021.09.22 21:50 Ezraah Full List of Official 2021 MVP Votes

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2021.09.22 21:50 Fur-Dev Ombre gloss/matte lipstick pack! https://furdevarts.booth.pm/items/3298365

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2021.09.22 21:50 hobbo90 22 [M4A] Streaks, chats maybe even new friends

Pm me
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2021.09.22 21:50 sanfran54 Albert King Live - I'll Play The BLues For You

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2021.09.22 21:50 Schweinmithut I drew "Lucas Hood"!

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2021.09.22 21:50 Valk9designs Officially banned in 3 subbreddits because of this photo. 🤷‍♂️👌 people really hate my work. 😘🤣

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2021.09.22 21:50 notNoiser Die richtige Frage für diesen Sub

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2021.09.22 21:50 Educated_Reddit Do you all really know kadedevs true colors???

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2021.09.22 21:50 Azazello_666 ФБР молча хранило ключ дешифрования, пока группировка ReVil шифровала данные тысяч компаний

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2021.09.22 21:50 DeraXez Felt cute might delete later

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2021.09.22 21:50 matt103097 LOUNGE SERVER [semi-vanilla] {shops} {community}{1.17.1} {17+} {North America}{whitelist}

We are a chill group of friends who enjoy Minecraft. Some of us builders some miners and some who just enjoy certain mechanics and are all of different skill levels. We have 5 currently and are looking to increase that to around 10 or more people. Server is spigot/paper and we have a few qol data packs. Any questions my dms are open. Server is up 24/7 and is hosted out of Chicago so anyone in north America should have a great connection. We intend to be hermit craft like but are mainly just hanging out, i guess the only real similarity is shopping district. We currently have a world borer at 4000 blocks in all directions until 1.18.
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2021.09.22 21:50 mildysentary Gas card?

So do any of you use your gas loyalty cards (sheetz, giant eagle, whatever your grocery stores are) when you fill up the mail trucks? It’s not stealing as nothing is being taken from the post office. Thoughts?
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2021.09.22 21:50 ItzTreeKing ron drinking soda (in a cool way)

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2021.09.22 21:50 harryilpt Anyone done oralb ?

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2021.09.22 21:50 euzp Crucial BX500 1TB CT1000BX500SSD1-Up to 540 MB/s (Internal SSD, 3D NAND, SATA, 2.5 Inch) £70.51

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2021.09.22 21:50 PascLeRasc This meme format has been pronounced dead

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2021.09.22 21:50 Wildice1432 Hypothetically..

So I’ve seen a few posts saying different things, and am getting ready to test it myself.
What happens when a character reaches 0 stamina. Do they sit in the ‘almost dead’ stage of running and attacking or just flop onto the ground from tired?
Also glad to finally join the Reddit community ive been playing the game since launch (on my birthday too) and heard lots about you all.
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