Will Surface Laptop Studio have user upgradeable SSD?

2021.09.22 21:43 SFMBB Will Surface Laptop Studio have user upgradeable SSD?

Didn't see anything mentioned about the Surface Laptop Studio SSD being user upgradeable, but hoping it will be based on Microsoft's recent willingness to achieve better iFixit scores.
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2021.09.22 21:43 ruffy609 Theory about Ruffy vs Big Mom in Wano Kuni

After Ruffy will win his fight against Kaido, right before Ruffys collapse he will be standing in front of Big Mom, who is shocked to see that he beat Kaido. She sees how strong Ruffy became and that he even surpassed her. Out of Panic she will make her Stay or Death ability, and since she is the one fearing she will either die or will run away.
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2021.09.22 21:43 qqwertz12345 Footpain for over a year, doctors do not know why

Hey I am 27M, 186 cm/ 6,1 feet , 84Kg / 185,18 pounds. Varicose vein in right leg ( vascular surgeon sees no connection). Planovalgus foot.
I have footpain (right foot) on the inner side mainly the arch, sometimes it goes up right below the ankle joint.
It started with reocurring phases of 1 - 2 weeks of constant pain mainly while sitting and lying. Not so much while standing but I can often feel something is off while standing. Sometimes I was basically painless while standing and right after sitting or laying down I felt this constant sharp pain.
When I had intense pain the area below the ankle joint was red and warm.
Over the time it got better regarding intensity but it reappears. Quite some time it only hurt for a day but now it began to hurt for several days again.
Walking long distances did not have any effect. I would say mainly long sitting and driving lead to the pain reocurring and intensifying. That why I am wearing a bandage while driving, I think it helped but dont know for sure.
I also think standing on my toes or any other activity where mainly the front of my foot exerting force leads to the pain ocurring.
I also had phases of 2 - 3 weeks where I basically had no pain. I do not know what was the difference.
A MRT did not show anything besides some liquid near my tendon that apparently is not the reason for my pain.
Help please.
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2021.09.22 21:43 mooseknucklesfb Which one is the better trick? #17

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2021.09.22 21:43 Impressive-Song5288 KYK YURDUNDA 襤LK DIZCILIIMI YAPTIM AGALAR

lavuun birinin terliklere g繹z羹m dikildi ayaklar覺mda kokuyor tab覺 azc覺k hava als覺n diye 癟al覺verdim ama 癟ok rahat aq ya vermey覺 d羹羹nm羹yom alas覺n aq
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2021.09.22 21:43 Ksrain199 Do both players get progress in multiplayer?

Me and my friend just got iceborne and was wondering if we could both do the quests together or if the progress would only go to the host.
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2021.09.22 21:43 ShortAlgo $NXPI Waiting for Short signal. >> Stock Trading Ideas by UltraAlgo. https://t.co/ux5DbTSeRr

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2021.09.22 21:43 Kemaneo Pentax 6x7 vs 67

I'm interested in buying a Pentax 6x7/67 camera and I'm wondering if it's worth spending a little more to get the 1989 67 model instead of the older 6x7 (with MLU), in order to save potential future maintenance costs. Is the newer body going to actually be more durable or is the difference negligible?
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2021.09.22 21:43 zielonykid1234 Can't make zpool i guess..

Just check the image, and please explain what's going on. Work's with UFS, but with ZFS not.
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2021.09.22 21:43 senpie314 Im actually really liking this gunsmithing addition (or return) to BR. Sniping is so much easier with legendary Stability and Vertical Recoil attachments.

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2021.09.22 21:43 SonicGamingTV2019 r/modsatotalpieceofshit

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2021.09.22 21:43 ShortAlgo $NVO Waiting for Buy signal. >> Stock Trading Ideas by UltraAlgo. https://t.co/6ivFoNqm5l

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2021.09.22 21:43 WorldNewsinPictures Moped Riders Delivered Chemsex Drugs in Deliveroo Bags.

Moped riders delivered Chemsex drugs in Deliveroo bags. She should go down for the double denim alone. Don't shoot the messenger?... MORE -> https://worldnewsinpictures.com/moped-riders-delivered-chemsex-drugs-deliveroo
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2021.09.22 21:43 coma_cinema My intp desk

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2021.09.22 21:43 ShortAlgo $OSB Waiting for Short signal. >> Stock Trading Ideas by UltraAlgo. https://t.co/pUlyqddLro

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2021.09.22 21:43 New_Appointment4227 GhazellaINUToken launch in 30 min Newest Member of the Meme Token Family


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Ghazella INU, aims to reach the moon and meet there other members of its family!

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Meme Tokens family has made a lot of people rich and this project is no exception, also with its perfect Tokenomics - it allows holde
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2021.09.22 21:43 maschx When you buy an actual short squeeze.

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2021.09.22 21:43 CrimsonAlpine Hood: Outlaws & Legends - Merch

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2021.09.22 21:43 ImbecilicArtificer Blossoming Calm against Burn

If I cast Blossoming Calm, then on my following turn can my opponent respond to the rebound trigger with a Lightning Bolt at my face?
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2021.09.22 21:43 TheSheik122 Best place to find/buy Stinkface clips??

I remember pornhub having some truly amazing clips before the wipe last year, now I cant seem to find any. Anyone know where the beat place is to find them nowadays is?
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2021.09.22 21:43 Repeetepete I am minimum A8 on all characters and I have never seen this event before. Am I just unlucky?

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2021.09.22 21:43 partelo What's the point?

Bought a genny and a saw within all the criteria, haven't gotten a refund. Never got the $500 or anything else. House has damage, wait weeks for these imbeciles to come out to slap some half assed price tags on everything to make it come out below the deducible, of course. No one has any answers, if they even answer the phone. Drove for the first time in a month, got a nail in the tire. So why even do all of this? I feel like at this point it would be literally more fun to wad up my life savings and just burn it.
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2021.09.22 21:43 kondenado Nenio: I guess your quest will need to wait (Im lvl 7)

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2021.09.22 21:43 DatBlubb1 Top comment has one Ternion and about 200 other awards currently.

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