CS 3240 survey

2021.09.22 21:52 Safe_Performance_128 CS 3240 survey

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2021.09.22 21:52 ShortAlgo $GGB Waiting for Short signal on GGB with https://t.co/yV6BCXgb7w https://t.co/VkC0M6FIEX

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2021.09.22 21:52 oueeeeeceane My boss still hasn't paid me

Hi, From mid-August to the 1st of September , I (17F) had my first job as a waitress/dishwasher at a restaurant owned by the family of a friend of my own friend. The day I arrived, my boss told me she had issues with printing the contracts of her workers, so I wouldn't be able to sign one until weeks or months later (that was confirmed by my coworkers who all received their contract a month or so after they started working here. My issue is that I still haven't gotten paid for the 100 +hours of work I did during August, but my co-workers all got their checks. When I noticed that my bank account was still empty I contacted my boss, who told me she forgot me when sending everyone's check (as I was the only new worker for August and my info wasn't in the system yet) and said she rectified her error. That was 3 weeks ago and I still have not received my money. Last weekend I was called in as an extra, I worked a bit more that 24 hours and. Still have not been paid. I sent texts to my boss and she still hasn't gotten back to me yet. I do not think she's trying to scam me, she is really sweet and even paid one guy who helped without working at her restaurant, but I'm still anxious about not receiving my pay. I need to pay for my English certification and my college admissions fees, and I'm scared of not being paid on time. I fear that, if I harass her with texts as my father thinks I should do, she won't calm me back for extras, and it's the only job in the area that offers food, housing and transport. What should I do?
Sorry for the format, I'm too tired to be meticulous, I hope I expressed myself clearly enough and that my English wasn't catastrophic
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2021.09.22 21:52 MrQuackalotOWO Day 203 of my NoFap journey

I got my tablet today!
Good night.
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2021.09.22 21:52 24yoteacher First bookmark I’ve ever made. Stitching holes came out a little too big.

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2021.09.22 21:52 filipo618 Should i eat the old lady?

I can't stop laughing, but should i eat the mushroom lady? I don't want a bad ending
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2021.09.22 21:52 zendaya_blacked Am I

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2021.09.22 21:52 Lynchyboy26 Should Britain......

Should Britain open its steelworks and factories and go back to what it was like in the 60s before we made our biggest mistake and joined the EU. When we joined the eu they took everything from us we went from being Great Britain one of the richest countries in the world to just plain old Britain.
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2021.09.22 21:52 LunchboxMaker Amanita Muscaria, and Indigo Milk Cap? Found in mixed woods, mostly conifers. Hudson Valley NY

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2021.09.22 21:52 Starlink_token 1000x Potansiyel Kriptopara

Güncel Fiyat: 0.000001491
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Sözleşme: 0xb11522c9b1f759eb43c0dc28f4086ac98edeb827
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2021.09.22 21:52 Sammymysam Cannot access downloded files.

Hello, I have an account on mega.nz and it has a lot of my images, videos and books. The problem is whenever I download from the web browser version I get the downloaded file as .getxfer.9016.1.mega. I cannot access the videos or images or books when I download them. Just online or from the app only.
Thank You for the help
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2021.09.22 21:52 VORTEX919 Respawn Be Like

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2021.09.22 21:52 Snappleabble Poor guy turned down the opportunity of a lifetime

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2021.09.22 21:52 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 21:52 matt314159 TurboWheel Swift's solid rear tire is pretty much bald. Is it time to replace?

TurboWheel Swift's solid rear tire is pretty much bald. Is it time to replace? Hey, all! I've got a TurboWheel Swift that's about 15 months old, with 358 miles on the odometer. I use it on and around a college campus. Lots of sidewalk riding, some city surface streets.
The Swift is based on the Titan T8 / Zero 8 design with a few upgrades like front brakes and better batteries.
Anyway, by its design, the solid rear tire can be prone to getting a little bit squirrely so I've gotten used to that. On Monday, taking a tight turn, the rear went out from under me and I went down. Both scooter and I are fine. It was my fault, the pavement was wet, and I was trying to do it a little too sharp and a little too fast. But it got me looking at the rear tire and it's pretty bald.
Is it time to replace it? And if so, how big of a challenge is that on this scooter's design? The rear tire is solid, and the one that holds the hub motor. Is it abnormal to see that level of wear on a scooter with only 358 miles? I'm a big dude, at 6'2" and 300lbs, so maybe that contributes to it . The scooter hauls me along just great, but I know I'm like 60 or 80lbs over the weight limit.
This is what the rear tire looks like:
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2021.09.22 21:52 MajorRasta Bakugan Funko + Rare 2010 Mystery Pack Opening 2021

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2021.09.22 21:52 charliewisco Help! I’m old! [DISCUSSION]

Hey everyone here. I’m trying to buy a gift for my girlfriends little brother. We’re just meeting him for the first time. We asked what he’d like for a bday present and he said he likes street wear. I’ve been looking through the top posts here and am having a hard time defining/knowing what street wear is. We want to get him some t shirts. Any help would be appreciated! We can’t decide if street wear is just very broad and hard to define, or if we’re just officially old now lol
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2021.09.22 21:52 lordchimney What would be the worst thing to say to an orphan?

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2021.09.22 21:52 RagedTheHunter Rear ended and pushed into the car in front, person who hit me drove off how is this handled?

I was on the m25 in congestion when the car in front of me stopped and I stopped but the van behind me which was speeding didn't stop and rear ended me. This pushed me into the car in front. The van driver then continued to drive off in another lane before I could get his number plate what is the process to handle this, I've exchange details with the driver I was hit into and filed a road traffic collision report but I presume unless the van is caught on camera im going to be held responsible and my insurance will be affected?
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2021.09.22 21:52 weed_refugee going upppp

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2021.09.22 21:52 NFL-Football- Strong, expensive Sam Adams brew can be sold in Wyoming

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2021.09.22 21:52 perpetualperplection Flick visiting

Flick is at my island, if you'd like to visit to chat to him, PM me
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2021.09.22 21:52 Dreamingdanny95 BBC Sport roasting arsenal

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2021.09.22 21:52 _mycinematiclife_ A sticker I came across the other day

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2021.09.22 21:52 twdaz3 Help with pin and email

So I just got an oculus quest 2 and began to set it up. It paired with my Facebook, which I never use anymore, and took the email it had from like 10 years ago. I no longer have access to this email. I tried to purchase beat saber and it asked for a pin. I never set a pin and I do not have access to the email it took in to the account. I can’t change the email without the pin I never set, and I can’t change the pin without my email. What do I do?
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