Can someone create a collab notebook for AI upscaling? Having multiple instances at once can really help.

2021.09.22 21:58 new24-5 Can someone create a collab notebook for AI upscaling? Having multiple instances at once can really help.

Hi. Since seeing the futurama episodes upscaled so beautifully, I wanted to do this.
But since the chip shortages is still at effect, I can't really afford one. Hence the Google collab.
I'm okay with cracked software, but other AIs instead of Gigapixel are still somewhat great. (I searched if I can run .exe in collab and got mixed results)
If there was a way to feed it directly from g-drive it'd be awesome(and if the download server is somewhere, you can just use multcloud to import it to drive)
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2021.09.22 21:58 CraftsAndSass Does my mom have MBP?

I'm new to this sub, as my therapist recently suggested I may be a victim of MBP. I'm not sure it applies in my situation though.
Basically, I have had anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder most of my life. Even when my doctor recommended therapy, my mother refused. She instead would put me through alternative treatments like using essential oils instead of medications and biblical counseling (which was basically church volunteers telling me to pray more) instead of professional therapy. She wasn't faking an illness or lying about my symptoms, but she did intentionally make my symptoms worse. I am in therapy now and see a dietician, but she consistently disagrees with their advice and tries to manipulate me into making unhealthy choices, like cutting out carbs and taking weight loss supplements.
I just want to know if MBP applies here. If not, any ideas on what could be going on?
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2021.09.22 21:58 Maaatandblah Some stills from a new music video I shot. Shot on A7iii and various lenses.

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2021.09.22 21:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Arctic Sea Ice Hits Annual Low, but It’s Not as Low as Recent Years | NY Times

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2021.09.22 21:58 sirisMoore Optimal Playtest Levels

What level(s) do(es) you all think are best for running playtest characters and why? I was thinking 1st, 5th, 11th, and 17th but I would like to hear everyone’s opinions and I can’t figure out how to do a poll/survey to that effect.
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2021.09.22 21:58 cuddlepuncher My PDA while I wait for my m500 to arrive

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2021.09.22 21:58 hanzosrightnipple Got inspired from u/ThingyThinger19 's post and decided to make my own too.

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2021.09.22 21:58 dannydevitosmgnmdong Chicken Tikka Masala and white rice

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2021.09.22 21:58 AobaSona There's no room for all those twists and theories. I think people need to accept this season for what it is.

So, throughout the whole run of this season, there has been countless theories posted on the sub. Which is normal of course, people always speculate while a season's airing... But I think what people are missing is that, this season has been pretty straightforward. They have established a theme, a narrative, an international logic, and so far they have followed it to a T.
Half or so of the theories are about how, actually, the pill doesn't work they say it works. Even though it has been 5 episodes and so far it has been completely consistent in its supposed effects. I think that comes from the fact that some people just can't accept the idea that that some people have talent and others don't. Which, in real life, yeah, it's probably very subjective. But on the show it isn't. The Chemist explains how she managed to find out that creativity comes from this one part of the brain etc. That's the logic which the show operates under.
It seems like, in general, immersion and suspension of disbelief has been an issue for people this season. Maybe because the serious and somber tone with less characters and a more focused story leads people to expect a bigget level of realism than AHS usually offers.
Like with the pale people. It's just ridiculous that there are still "theories" about why they all have similar coats. It has already been explained: Lark has tons of old coats from the 80's that she wants to get rid. One of the pill's effects on the untalented aka future pales is that they start getting cold. So they go and get coats there.
Is it silly? Sure. But it doesn't take much to realize that the pale people are dreassed how they are as an aesthetic choice of the show, and the fact that there's even an in-univerae explanation for it at all is more than I would've expected.
So, back to the pills: It's pretty obvious that, the writers wanted to make a story about ambitious people taking a magic pill that makes them absurdly efficent but causes them to become bloodsuckers, and the themes that come with. Of how far can people go, of how addictive success can be, of how fame changes you, of how it feels to be "not great" in society compared to those who are. And then they came up with a logic to justify it. Which is what we hear from the chemist.
Could there be more about them? Yeah, I think the idea that they come from or are connected to aliens is possible, considering Death Valley. That it's an experiment by the government too. But anything like "It's about how much you believe!" or whatever? No. First pale guy clearly believed he was talented Karen supposedly didn't, by what she says to Mickey.
Remember when they said Mallory was the supreme, and everyone thought that was a red herring and she was actually an angel/Jesus/etc, only for her to be really just the supreme as we were immediately told? Yeah. And in that case there were actual reasons to speculate she wasn't the supreme (like it being so soon since Cordelia's ascension and the coincidence of her being sick just as Michael is rising), while here it's just "Well, I want for this twist to happen because it'd be cool".
And Doris? She has turned already. It's not up for debate. I don't discard something going on with her at the finale, but I wouldn't hold my breath either, especially not about something so big. I think it's very likely that that was it for her. Episode 5 was her big highlight episode, and chances are that she's done. I don't know if the Lyme theory even makes any sense, but even if it does... It was very likely just a part of Doris' "basic white mom" characterization than something relevant.
And Karen becoming a fucking siren? When her character arc has clearly been finished, and honestly, in a perfect way? C'mon. I didn't follow the whole thing too closely, but as fair as I understand, Ryan never confirmed that this season would be the one with sirens. And even if Death Valley has them, it doesn't mean it needs to come from Red Tide.
And now, we have learned that episose 6 is 37 minutes. Think about all that has to be wrapped up. Belle and Austin wanting Harry dead. Alma killing the police chief. Belle wanting the baby. Ursula wanting to make a deal with The Chemist. The Chemist wanting Harry and co dead. Harry's future career. What happens to anyone who survives in general. And I might be missing a few things. There's just not enough time. And most importantly, not much in the show has actually suggested most of those possibilities.
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2021.09.22 21:58 quixotic_robotic DRS'd more shares, this time he didn't even ask which ticker!

I have many other stonks in fidelity, but I'm not mad he assumed. This will take me to about 80% of XXX in CS, once these are done will go to about 95%. Idk might buy more while I wait, thanks for the discount Evergrande!
Asked if it was becoming a full time job to put all these through, he laughed and said he was getting fast at it recently. 11 minute call including fighting the initial robot, person to confirm account and send me to the right place, and person to put it through.
DRS yo shares!
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2021.09.22 21:58 Mrmaxpax1 retro game store recommendations?

I've got a decent retro collection of GameCube and Wii games and am trying to expand it some. anyone got any recommendations?
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2021.09.22 21:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Your Thursday Briefing | NY Times

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2021.09.22 21:58 ilovefashiion See past PayPal currency rate

I made a few sales in the past months and they are appearing in usd (Im based in Canada). I wanted to know it was possible to see them in cad as i want to create an excel sheet for all my expenses and sales. If not, is there a way to see the conversion rate that was using at the time I made the transaction.
Thank you in advance
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2021.09.22 21:58 EwokHoney $BBIG Ortex Short Interest (9/22) Updated Now.

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2021.09.22 21:58 XMCMXC Mookie Betts’ gesture to Reds fan and rookie won’t be forgotten

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2021.09.22 21:58 BarmaBarma Lake Superior. AoD Angels of Death checkin. 97-2004. Let’s get the band back together lol. Also anyone searching from this time period. UO is free to play if you want to check back in for nostalgia sake. It’s actually not bad. You can attempt to recover your accounts via

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2021.09.22 21:58 MrSansMan23 How to have library's available for each new project in visual studio

I know how to add library's to a project from this But each time you make a project I need to do it all over again. I know vcpkg can do it see But nun antivirus software stops it for some reason and I don't want to be limited to vcpkg.
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2021.09.22 21:58 Indominat DISCUSSION: Do you think that Green Arrow will/ a good possibility that he will show up in the Black Canary movie?

Just wondering what other people think.
View Poll
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2021.09.22 21:58 goprinterm Gensler calls crypto "private money" and has his 50-100 million portfolio invested in wall street. Follow his money back to the world bank.

Overall Gensler has between $50 million to $100 million in investments, almost all of them in stocks. Despite repeatedly stating he was a professor at MIT teaching blockchain – for which he still receives royalties due to a $2,600 course – and despite writing some editorials on blockchain and bitcoin innovation, Gensler nonetheless has never bought bitcoin or any other crypto. He instead has almost all his net-worth in the stock market, making it in his vital interest for the stock market to increase in value, but has no stake in crypto so doesn’t care if it crashes or otherwise due to his actions. He has no stake because it appears he thinks cryptos are a fad. Comparing them to “private money” in a recent interview, he said: “Public money has a certain place around the globe. Private monies usually don’t last that long. So, I don’t think there’s a long-term viability for five- or six thousand private forms of money.”
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2021.09.22 21:58 Dreyfus420 FEBRUARY 2022 EVERYBODY !!!

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2021.09.22 21:58 Tasty-Shape-9515 Trading VKQ + Urzan + Cursed orb for CQ

or trading Urzan for CSPR
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2021.09.22 21:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Northwestern announces major renovation for Ryan Field | Chicago Sun-Times

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2021.09.22 21:58 Herpderper1 Selzers Lebanon bologna, completely forgot it existed!

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2021.09.22 21:58 USB3pt0 Fine groove cleaning tools?

Hi all,
I'm looking for suggestions on tools I can use to clean up/smooth out grooves or indentations (recessed text, recessed icons etc) so I can fill them in with sharpie. Ideally my prints shouldn't need it, but this new printer is still tripping me up with configuration.
I had thought of a dremel with those tiny little ball grinder thingies but dremels can heat up prints too high.
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2021.09.22 21:58 Asking4Afren Everyone here with EWI MUST apply for and use Advanced Parole immediately, do NOT sit around waiting for a solution

Take matters into your own hands. In April of 2013 I was approved for and didn't use Advance Parole. This ended up being the BIGGEST regret of my LIFE. My entire life would be different today had I did as someone who is EWI.
I reapplied again during Trumps administration. The SAME DAY I got my notice of decision for AP they requested more proof but, Trump ended AP so I couldn't.
On July 1st I sent my application again. On July 9th they received it. I'm still waiting. I'm hopeful that the Biden administration would approve of it at a better rate without delaying requesting more proof.
With this said, everyone who is EWI MUST take matters into their own hands and apply for AP. USE IT. Have a legal entry back in the country. We do not know if a bill will ever be passed AND if Andrew Hanen will completely kill DACA in its entirety.
In the event that no bill is passed for the next 10 or more years and if he kills DACA, you will have a legal entry. Granted that you end up getting married and can adjust status.
While there are other ways to adjust status while being married they're much more complicated including having to go back to your home country and doing the consulate interview there, proving hardship, and, a waiver. All of this is much more expensive and can range between $10K+.
Send your application immediately in. In addition, you should also renew your DACA if you haven't. I'll be sending mine in on October.
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