Monty as DVD Logo Bounce Thing?

2021.09.22 22:47 DataRedact01 Monty as DVD Logo Bounce Thing?

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2021.09.22 22:47 OneOfThese_Maybe I'm 9/10 through the season 1 finale. I can't tell you how happy I am to find this sub. I watched S1 in one day. I judged too early because I don't like the American football type of show or sports shows. I was wrong about Ted Lasso. I'm so into it and the writing and cast and production.

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2021.09.22 22:47 gunner1313 Are guns worth it?

I've crafted up to the rifle 1, but before I torture myself by trying to find all the mechanical scrap needed for the gun parts are there any skills that buff dmg? And if not firearms what would you recommend for a tamer build?
On xbox one if that make any difference
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2021.09.22 22:47 Specialist-Round-738 💋💋🤤💋

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2021.09.22 22:47 louisharry98 Having lots of sex is not ‘life experience’

Keep seeing people say that they are just experiencing life because they are going around having sex with people, personally I just think it’s a justification for wanting to sleep around and not because they are ‘experiencing life’.
Good for you if you like sleeping around, sex is great but don’t go around talking shit saying it’s because you’re experiencing life, just say it as it is 🙄
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2021.09.22 22:47 everkiller [Adam Laskaris] Tavares about the League Covid Protocol : “I think you can make an argument on both sides… that’s what the pandemic’s really all been about.”

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2021.09.22 22:47 RealTimeWW2Bot Italian troops had occupied territory in Greece, southern France, Baltics & USSR- now been surrounded by Germans & ordered to surrender. But on Greek island of Cephalonia, Italian Acqui division has defied German orders to surrender & are fighting back alongside Greek resistance.

- Second World War tweets from 1943 (@RealTimeWWII) | September 22, 2021
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2021.09.22 22:47 Intelligent-Penismy Will wer darauf reiten?

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2021.09.22 22:47 robmadden1 Martian Poop Soda and Candy Taste Test

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2021.09.22 22:47 Drkstrm9 My new co-worker I found this little kitty stuck between electric cables.we saved she is happy and healthy.

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2021.09.22 22:47 heinaga1989 🐶 DOGE FANTA 🥤Stealthed. Based dev. Low Tax. Healthy chart. ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ💎

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2021.09.22 22:47 MillennialBets Metals/Mining/Construction Stocks Ranker for Sep-22-2021

Hi, vitards! This is a stock ranker that looks at 94 stocks related Metals, Mining, and Construction.
The post is updated once an hour.
Last update: 16:47:25
Industry Avg. Percent:1.15%
Top 5 Stocks by % Increase -

Ticker Price Change %Change 52wk high
CENX 13.535 1.355 +11.12% 19.6
NEXA 7.18 0.46 +6.84% 12.27
TECK 24.69 1.5 +6.47% 27.08
AA 47.95 2.35 +5.15% 51.89
GGB 4.745 0.225 +4.98% 7.05
Lowest 5 Stocks by % Decrease -
Ticker Price Change % Change 52wk high
FNV 135.31 -2.98 -2.15% 163.44
SIM 23.29 -0.49 -2.06% 31.73
LOMA 7.08 -0.12 -1.67% 8.26
OR 11.655 -0.125 -1.06% 15.07
WPM 40.835 -0.395 -0.96% 50.77
Top 5 Stocks by Volume -
Ticker Price Change %Change Volume ADV
VALE 16.425 0.545 +3.43% 51,773,753 29,629,630
FCX 31.55 1.07 +3.51% 26,993,399 19,207,318
CLF 20.01 0.19 +0.96% 24,228,313 21,063,675
GOLD 18.445 -0.045 -0.24% 16,598,627 17,143,790
KGC 5.45 -0.04 -0.73% 14,275,033 11,109,251
Top 5 Stocks Trading Above ADV -
Ticker Price Change %Change ADV ADV Mulitple
CENX 13.535 1.355 +11.12% 1,589,765 2.47
OR 11.655 -0.125 -1.06% 596,112 1.96
RIO 66.6 1.23 +1.88% 3,449,073 1.8
SID 5.535 0.125 +2.31% 3,800,953 1.77
VALE 16.425 0.545 +3.43% 29,629,630 1.75
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2021.09.22 22:47 SheepyYuu Need help making first mega zoo deck.

I have never had a mega zoo deck and I'm someone who's only played since bt5. I have a fairly good amount of cards and at least 1 copy of all current cards I believe. Any advice/ideas for what I should run?
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2021.09.22 22:47 Aubiepolo PROG

Can anyone confirm SI is 20%+?
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2021.09.22 22:47 Poketronus LF: A VERY SPECIFIC MEW! Details: Nintendo UK's Pokémon Festival Event 2016; Red/Blue/Yellow Virtual Console. OT: GF, ID: 22796

Looking for: - Nintendo UK's Pokémon Festival Event 2016 Mew - OT: GF, ID: 22796
This is the only Mew that will help complete my collection of all Pokemon from their original generations, as it is the only legitimate way to have a Mew from Gen 1 in Home.
I'd be willing to somehow trade it in the Gen 1 or 2 Virtual Console games (we'd have to meet up I guess?)--or, much more likely, just trade it in Pokemon Home.
Let me know if you have an extra one you're not looking for, and what you want in return! I have some extra Pokemon; I can get you Pokemon from Gen 1 or 2 pretty quickly, but I need to set up the Gen 4-6 pipeline if you want Pokemon from Gen 3 or 4. For Gen 7 and 8, I can get you some Pokemon pretty quickly as well.
Let me know, thank you!
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2021.09.22 22:47 snkde 10" Bedtime Originals Twinkle Toes Pink Elephant Plush (hazel) $4.30, 9.5" Bedtime Originals Plush Dog (grey/white) $6 + Free Shipping w/ Walmart+ or on $35+

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2021.09.22 22:47 Tootiefruitybaby Gumming coke and dental health

I am curious as to how fast can your teeth get fucked up and gums start to recede from using coke?
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2021.09.22 22:47 205Kenny Anyone make novelty documents in Birmingham?

I’m looking for someone to make some novelty documents.
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2021.09.22 22:47 supersleeper454 Commission Meeting Shut Down! Mack Miller Army Veteran, candidate Nv Lt Governor reporting

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2021.09.22 22:47 Paramisamigos My cat loves to snuggle any 350 I leave out. Kitty loves kanye.

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2021.09.22 22:47 nijiroflavor Life is Pain.

So I attempted to hook up the portable washer I got for my great-grandma's birthday, Big mistake as I didn't know what I was doing, slipped, fell down the basement steps, ladder fell on me, kitchen flooded. Life is pain, aha..ha.
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2021.09.22 22:47 BananaNutLunch I rent a large bedroom in my childhood friend’s house. Had enough to space to turn it into a mini apartment complete with a mini fridge, living room area, and secondary desk for my girlfriend’s battle station. Pardon the random objects/clutter.

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2021.09.22 22:47 16patterjo [Utah Jazz] We have signed guard Justin James to a two-way contract.

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2021.09.22 22:47 Heteroclite13 Found near elementary school grounds, but also a lot of special needs post high school students around.

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