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Every death in the Metal Gear series.

2021.09.22 23:58 BenIAltI Every death in the Metal Gear series.

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2021.09.22 23:58 Undertakerfan84 My view for AEW Dynamite Grand Slam

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2021.09.22 23:58 ChaacTlaloc Sit-down Interview with Ganso Jr.

A video is uploaded to the official FBE YouTube account, titled: Ganso Jr. is not here to play games!
The video depicts a sit-down interview of Ganso Jr., a FBE newcomer, that is conducted by illustrious commentator, Kevin Kelly. Ganso is flanked by his two “chicas”; a pair of ladies who follow him everywhere he goes.
Kevin: Ganso, you were victorious last week on your debut against Andrew Grzesiek and in the process you punched your ticket to the quarterfinals of the second FBE Gedo Classic. First off, congratulations, how are you feeling?
Ganso: It feels good to be me, Kevin! Let me tell you something, I have to admit I was a little bit nervous to have to debut under such a high-stakes match up, but I punched my ticket to the quarterfinals, and now all I have to focus on is the rest of this tournament, one match at a time, pasito a pasito.
Kevin: Now, the powers that be have seen it fit to pit you against Pakistani sensation T.M. Imran who went out of his way this week to call out the rest of the locker room in what may very well prove to be a preview for the finals of the Gedo Classic. Do you have any words for your opponent?
Ganso: You know what? It seems to me that T.M. Imran, like Andrew, is just one of those strung-up serious dudes who simply can’t be tranquilo enough to go into a match with a clear head. Their thoughts are going at a thousand miles per hour dreaming about maybe, someday, being strong enough to lift that Jr. Heavyweight Championship, and eventually, they all crash and burn while I coast my way to victory. Last week, beating Andrew was a piece of cake, and this week it will be just as easy as taking candy from a child!
Kevin: Whoa there, hold on now. Don’t you think you’re being a bit dismissive of Andrew Grzesiek and T.M. Imran there? After all, your companions here did get involved in your debut match to ensure your victory.
Ganso: Pfft! Nuh-uh. Neither of my beautiful chicas here would be so dumb as to interfere in a Ganso match. Their, umm, “clothes” may be slightly distracting, but if you’re so easily distracted by members of the opposite sex, then perhaps you simply aren’t paying enough attention to the prize at stake? That’s not on me!
Kevin: Oh come on. Your valet clearly distracted the referee when Andrew had the upper hand in that match-up. Surely you can’t pin the blame of the loss on Andrew himself, he is a very talented young man with his sights set high on that Jr. Heavyweight title… same as you!
Ganso: His sights are set up high alright, but they are not trained at the same prize that I strive for, Kevin. His sights were locked to the lights at the top of the arena, as the referee counted 1-2-3 smack dab clean in the middle of the ring.
Kevin: Clean?! Ganso, no disrespect, but your feet were on the ropes! How can you claim that was a clean victory?!
Ganso’s charming smile turns into a grimace and the taller and stronger one of his chicas approaches Kevin Kelly, placing her hands on his shoulders and pressing him to his chair forcefully. Ganso scoots to the edge of his seat, and approaches the man tasked with interviewing him, grabbing on to his tie threateningly.
Ganso: Look at me Kevin. Look at me! I am the scion of a long and storied line of luchadores and I am here to represent my lucha tradition and my family. I will not have you disrespect me! Comprendes?!
Ganso pulls on Kevin’s tie, pulling the illustrious commentator towards him before raising his hand and… brushing some dirt off of Kevin’s suit shoulder.
Ganso: Now, tranquilo. This interview is over. It’s time to get to work. I’m not here to play games.
Ganso stands up and turns ready to leave before once more facing the camera.
Ganso: One more thing, T.M. Imran… be careful what you wish for, cuz you just. might. get it!
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2021.09.22 23:58 fatherofthefunk My wife leaves the dog poop bags on our back patio area even though there are multiple doggie waste bins scattered around our town home community in close proximity.

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2021.09.22 23:58 BananakinsPeel I really hope they are OK, but the two rocks in the lava flow look like the rocks Frodo and Sam were on. Just saying.

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2021.09.22 23:58 messyskillz408 Advance parole

My great grandma recently passed away ? Can I still request AP even though she passed away. I’d just like to go pay my respects and have a moment to grieve. I just got my renewal for daca so I’m good for the next 2 years. Also I had a prior case back in 2010 case was reopened and had the charges vacated. Will this affect my eligibility to apply for AP or come back into the states. I know I should consult with an attorney but I figured I’d ask and see if anyone with a similar situation has feedback. Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.22 23:58 cnatoc Growing from seed. First time ever attempting to grow cactus. Need some advice

Sowed about 30 seeds about 3 weeks ago, Bolivan torch. Have about 5 seedling that actually sprouted. Then I have about another 6 or 7 that are green balls but didn't sprout. They are a lighter green, more yellow maybe. What is the reason for this? Is my light too close that's preventing them to sprout? Also the soil has been looking dry so I misted with distilled water twice so far. Is that OK? Very unsure of it all. Thanks
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2021.09.22 23:58 Quaggysire First match on mobile gone right.

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2021.09.22 23:58 Cyanosis1184 Family photo of my most recent projects. Moon wreaths, bone specimens and live terrariums.

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2021.09.22 23:58 Libertatia_Forever Shasta County judge to consider extending recall petition deadline

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2021.09.22 23:58 Dull_Tonight Mitch McConnell tells Democrats not to 'play Russian roulette with the economy' as the GOP plays Russian roulette with the economy

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2021.09.22 23:58 girltlikesboysgirls onlyfans huge bouncing naturals

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2021.09.22 23:58 Wills_Dietrich Playing Minecraft on Hypixel Come Watch

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2021.09.22 23:58 Cold-Survey-6833 Pack shit Ewing

I see packrip Ewing, a much followed Twitter dude in the space just shit on debuts and instead says rares and legendaries are the way to go. There will always be more rares and legendaries minted of Zion, ja, LaMelo, Anthony Edwards etc etc but there will only ever be 1 rookie debut. (Especially s2 as there are no duplicate moments). They are only /4000. With 500k topshotters before the season not only will these prices see a significant rise there is WAY more liquidity compared to a /250 rare. Sure your low ask says 10k but you aren't getting that in 24hrs and you will have to discount it heavily to do so, even then it might take weeks. S2 rookie debuts are way undervalued for where we are headed and are still attainable for the regular joe like me. Fuck packrip Ewing and the hole he came out of.
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2021.09.22 23:58 lawjournalfuckup TIFU by getting involved in my friend's business.

This is a pretty major fuckup that happened a few hours ago and I've only just stopped crying over the repercussions from it. For context, I am a third-year law student, and in law school, we have law journals, in which students write and publish scholarly articles on the law. This is an extracurricular, but you can get credit for it as though it were a class.
My friend who I mentioned in the title (let's call her Diane), is on one of the journals at our school and thus has a lot of extra work on top of both classes and an internship. I think it may also be relevant for me to mention now that I have something of a major crush on Diane. Have done basically since the day that we met. She's funny, smart, quirky, super thoughtful, we have similar interests, and I just really enjoy being around her. This makes this fuck up all the more heartbreaking for me.
Diane has a partner for journal, Nate. They're supposed to be working collaboratively, but in a conversation with Diane last night, she told me that he's done basically no work whatsoever on his side of things, and as a result, has had to do double the work in order to meet the deadlines given to them by their editor. This has given her a lot of stress and basically no free time.
I could tell that she was genuinely upset about it, and seeing as I have a couple of classes with the guy, I figure I'll talk to him and see what's up so that maybe she could be a little less overwhelmed. So today rolls around and as we're leaving class I pull him aside and ask him why he hasn't been pulling his weight, he kind of dodges the question and puts it on Diane, saying basically that he hasn't missed a deadline and that she just works too much. And the only thing he's done wrong is forget to CC her on a few email submissions, and that if she has an issue she should have talked to him directly like an adult. I don't really believe him, but also didn't want to get into it either, so I just told him to CC her in future, and asked that he didn't mention to her that I said anything.
Clearly he did say something because about 30 minutes later, I get a text from Diane saying "Please don't get involved in my business ever again." It was at this moment he knew, he fucked up. I started apologizing profusely both over text and voicemail, but she (rightfully, if I'm being honest) told me that she doesn't want to talk to me and that I ruined her relationship with someone she has to work with and that is not what a friend does. She's totally right, and I am a massive idiot who ruined not only her relationship with her journal partner, but my own relationship with her, who as recently as 4 hours ago, thought I had a shot at dating her.
TL;DR - Tried to help the girl I like have less work, ended up ruining my relationship with her.
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2021.09.22 23:58 sunshineandzen Does this cantaloupe look like it’s almost ripe?

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2021.09.22 23:58 NogiKeyaHinaSakuzaka [Slope Club] Sakurazaka46's New Song is Amazing! - The Slope Podcast S3E38

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2021.09.22 23:58 theFellaGuy Dynamometers

Would anyone be able to recommend a good and cost effective way to objectively measure isometric muscle testing? I have seen the activforce 2 device, however, I am a small clinic and this is quite expensive for me to purchase at this stage. What are some cheaper alternatives please?
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2021.09.22 23:58 Hydrated_af_ Top 5 Largest positions ready to explode

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2021.09.22 23:58 SafeMoonXPost Well, looks like Jack Hines spilt the beans about what Operation Phoenix is months ago… [X-post from /r/SafeMoon]

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2021.09.22 23:58 Vengeful_Keith When in doubt, improvise

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2021.09.22 23:58 liberia_simp A modern Hyūga-class helicopter destroyer gets blipped back in time to Japanese coastal waters in 1945 just after the fall of Iwo Jima. Can they alone protect the home islands and take on the overwhelming American fleet?

Lets assume that the ship's entire crew is down to fight for the Japanese Empire
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2021.09.22 23:58 Vegeta_Bhau I'm scared

why is my reddit so slow is it me or reddit and that's not why I'm scared it's night I can't sleep I watched some scary askreddit tts type of videos help
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2021.09.22 23:58 Demosama Should i swap

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2021.09.22 23:58 SafeMoonXPost If my dude here is correct.Then Safemoon is undervalued at $1 TRILLION MC. [X-post from /r/SafeMoon]

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