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Error/bug on satan’s birthday event?

2021.10.16 08:45 imissbeef Error/bug on satan’s birthday event?

I’m wondering if there’s a bug or error regarding the points / the party cracker thingy on Satan’s bday event?
I spent 8 d-battles to unlock all stages. That’s extra 24 battles. So if my calculations are right… I should have around 996 (all 83 battles) + 288 (extra 24 battles) = 1284 points. And if I claim the 200 points reward from unlocking the 2-J stage, that should be 1484 points.
But after I unlocked all stages & claimed the 200 points reward, I only have 1088 points now. I didn’t pay too much attention when I was playing, I just noticed when I finished and wanted to do calculations to know how much points I’m missing for the 8000 points UR card. If there’s no bug, I’m missing 936 points 💀
On mammon’s birthday, I got around 1500 points the first day after claiming the 200 points reward. That makes me think that my calculations are right. If there’s anyone experiencing the same thing, please let me know. I’m considering dropping the event because 936 points missing is… too much.
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2021.10.16 08:45 code_hunter_cc Not a Valid Choice for Dynamic Select Field WTFORMS

I currently am creating a dynamic select field using WTFORMS, however it never submits and fails the validation with the following error.
Not a valid choice My Field is created like this:
area = SelectField() and in the view, i am grabbing the options from the db like so:
form = MytestForm()form.area.choices = [(a.id, a.name) for a in Area.objects.all()] It works however if i create static options.
Answer link : https://codehunter.cc/a/flask/not-a-valid-choice-for-dynamic-select-field-wtforms
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2021.10.16 08:45 trezebot [Pre-Match Thread] Juventus - Roma (Serie A) [17 October at 20:45]

Juventus vs. Roma
Date & Time Sunday 17 October 2021 at 20:45
Venue Juventus Stadium, Turin
Weather 9.1ºC, Overcast Clouds (Wind Speed: 1.68m/s, Humidity: 67%, Pressure: 1022hpa)
Our Recent Form (Recent first) WWWWW
Last Match Juventus - Chieri 7-0
Previous Encounters (Recent first) WDLWW
Last Encounter Juventus - Roma 2-0 (06 Feb 2021)
Historic Record Wins: 45, Draws: 29, Losses: 25
Referee Daniele Orsato
This is an automated post. If I've made a mistake, or you'd like to suggest a change, please message the mods.
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2021.10.16 08:45 ScruffyScholar Are there any QC issues with the latest MB(P)?

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2021.10.16 08:45 bowman_official What are we thinking resell will be on the first batch of steam decks?

When they start shipping in December I’m sure people are going to resell them at a mark up and I was wondering if anybody’s expecting them to be like crazy high mark ups. What do y’all think resell prices will be?
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2021.10.16 08:45 Amrmoh85 Amazing Moringa benefits — Thai Fitness

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2021.10.16 08:45 2sonik Picked up a UDM Pro SE the other night, regrets?

Animal instincts kicked in at a rare coincidence of vulnerability and availability. Did I do the wrong thing?
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2021.10.16 08:45 QuadLauncher A bad idea.

I’m a level 51. Completed 90% of the base game. Have the shield weave armor. Bla bla bla. I just started the Frozen Wilds expansion, I encountered my first enemy of the expansion, and attempted melee tank through it like I do most others. Bad. Bad idea.
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2021.10.16 08:45 Freezee13 Have materials filter

What do you guys think about a filter on the crafting stations, that filter out things you can make cuz you don't have the materials? I think it would be a nice QOL change. Thoughts?
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2021.10.16 08:45 martin_patrick "Beating The Odds" Guitar Original by Martin Patrick

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2021.10.16 08:45 tam_a_lamm G3SG1 | Sea Intruder (Glow in the Dark) | *More images to the Right!

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2021.10.16 08:45 1-800-WE-BUILD-ROADS Squid Game is the perfect analogy for why communism is horrible.

Squid Game is essentially a fiction about a group of poor struggling sub-working class people who are given the chance to play a game and win $38,000,000 USD worth of their Korean currency. They are taken to a hidden underground base where they are to an extent forced (with some exceptions) to play 6 death games and win all 6 of them for the money. It is completely about fairness without meritocracy, where everybody is equal and has the same chance to win the money. They are all fed very little by this communist-like faction that has kidnapped them, sometimes only being given a raw potato to eat or an egg. There are times when the players have special talents that allow them to perform much better in certain games only for them to be nullified. There is a surgeon who was able to help the guards harvest organs in return for information on the next game, he was killed by one of the top dogs to keep the game fair. There was a glass maker who could tell different types of glass apart by looking at them, which helped him in one of the games, so they sabotaged him by turning the lights off. The leaders pretend to play in the Squid Game too, but give themselves unfair advantages without the other players knowing so that they are not actually able to have bad things happen to them. And at the end of the day... Pretty much all of them died, with only a couple surviving!
It sounds so great on paper, fairness, being equal to others, everybody having the same opportunity to win no matter who they are, etc. etc., but when you truly examine the closer details it is terrifying. How does this not sound like an analogy for Communism? And the funniest part is, commies love this show.
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2021.10.16 08:45 iambarackobamaswife boofing

I wanf to try it ( i take anywhere between 2-4..5mg every so often) Would its absoed or would my my bowles have to be empty for it reach maximim BA?
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2021.10.16 08:45 GuyFromESPN8TheOcho What scene from a prior Halloween film would you like to see “paid homage” to in Halloween Ends ?

I got three:
(1) From H4: I would LOVE to see the scene where Loomis confronts Michael at Penny’s Service Station duplicated in Halloween Ends. But this time with Laurie confronting Michael from across the checkered courtyard in Smith’s Grove.
(2) From H1: We really need some solid daytime stalking scenes in the last film. I just need Michael to pop out from behind at least one hedge and I’m good.
(3) From H4: I would LOVE to see some sort of switcharoo moment take place similar to the moment in H4 where Michael is sitting in the rocking chair instead Deputy Logan. That moment where we find out that Deputy Logan is dead and it’s not him but Michael sitting in the rocking chair made my jaw drop when I was a kid and I would love for Michael to trick the audience one more time in the final movie.
Anyways, I know there will be people that think there are already too many of these moments in the new trilogy, but this is just for fun and I would love to hear what other moments people would love to see played out one more time in the next film.
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2021.10.16 08:45 Intrepid_Ad_4126 Hookup

kik: queeniekatie00
hangout: katiefernando00 at gmail dot com
i just want to have fun ☺️.
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2021.10.16 08:45 YanderMan This week in KDE: Plasma 25th anniversary edition

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2021.10.16 08:45 erer1243 Currently, it's October 16, 2021 at 02:45AM

Currently, it's October 16, 2021 at 02:45AM
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2021.10.16 08:44 KureonUTAU I tried OpenUTAU and it is actually a good software... What do you think?

I tried OpenUTAU and it is actually a good software... What do you think?
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2021.10.16 08:44 Artemys_Shorts Mes propositions de logos (inspirés par l'original)

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2021.10.16 08:44 AutoCrosspostBot Doggo doesn’t like this trade

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2021.10.16 08:44 iam-Beyoncealways Cutting and dying my hair at home!

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2021.10.16 08:44 LeonardLionLee Skippy Vs H3H3 was just privated by Jamari

Dude is probably shitting his pants after being exposed as an antisemite 😄 Footsoldiers united!
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2021.10.16 08:44 SadBoyGreed pics of zilla n sos i got at the la show

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2021.10.16 08:44 mistershan Diablo 2 character gone after system transfer…

I did a system transfer to my new SWOLED. I also have cloud saving. When I booted D2 up my character is gone. It only gives me the option for a new character. What gives?
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2021.10.16 08:44 HeStoleMyBalloons Kiké Hernández nearly overruns the ball and reacts.

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