17F i don’t work until 12 tmrw so i’ll be up late! does anyone want to chat or vc?

2021.10.16 07:30 vanillac0kezero 17F i don’t work until 12 tmrw so i’ll be up late! does anyone want to chat or vc?

i have a more in depth post about who i am on my page if you’re interested! but yeah i’m looking for some new people to talk too and get to know.
about me:i work at a bakery, i love reading, psychology, true crime, the gym etc.
so if you’re interested send me a paragraph about you and your age and hopefully i’ll find someone i click with!
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2021.10.16 07:30 CardiologistSad4464 Does this mean that naruto dodged protons?

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2021.10.16 07:30 Middle-Monk5786 New dating sub specifically for older singles. Check it out

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2021.10.16 07:30 skinny-wlatt Verns top shooter HH going back and forth with one of his oppositions producers instead of buying his son a matress

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2021.10.16 07:30 sauder656 upset with HfH nerf

Is anyone else upset with new HfH nerf? I've put a lot of resources into this team thinking they'd be the next emmarauders, but better.
I understand a lot of people have been upset with how strong they've been. Here's the thing, I invested BECAUSE how unfairly strong they are. I saw that as a competitive advantage where others saw the team as unfair play.
Why make a superior team if you're just going to nerf them? I could have saved T4s as well as gear if I knew where they would end up.
The game is already releasing a hard counter, why nerf them as well?
Probably mostly salty, but I feel like the crybabies on reddit got their way, and it only hurt those who play within the parameters (originally) given.
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2021.10.16 07:30 bosta111 From r/HolUp

I am going to answer this in reverse order and I am going to skip your center bullshittery. I am in college right now in my third semester (I got in when I was 17) I am currently in the "phi theta cappa" honor society and have 60% off of my tuition due to a scholarship.
Straw man arguments are idiotic and ultimately useless. I did not say that, nor was that the meaning. If you want to attack what I said, attack what I said. Don't make a straw man (that does not even convey the same meaning as I did) and attack that. You are doing the equivalent of making a statue and burning it down because it's offensive even though you made it.
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2021.10.16 07:30 failed_evolution Democrats Join Republicans To Sabotage The Left

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2021.10.16 07:30 HeavyMetalTrucker My 2002 650 with only 3k miles.

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2021.10.16 07:30 Some_SCP_Fan Some fanart I made, it’s based on the dread duckies from Dark Deception

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2021.10.16 07:30 celebsNameKate Shalom Harlow

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2021.10.16 07:30 nicole00_ Judge my accent by reading a passage

I am reading a passage. Please mention how my word and sentence stress and rhythm ... are. Am I understandable? Say my accent problem generally ... Thank you in advance... https://youtu.be/oNYCWpWoeYw
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2021.10.16 07:30 JosephStalin1953 i'm so touch starved

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2021.10.16 07:30 luckylikelizard PB&ME gone forever?

Does this come and go from the warehouse or is it likely gone forever? I know it's available online but I don't want a three pack and it's not such a good price online.
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2021.10.16 07:30 XyeAsterus PushX - Halloween Discount Event!

PushX - Spooky Spacelane Special - Halloween Discounts! Official Forum Thread Announcement:
It's that time New Eden! There's a chill in the air and the spacelanes are rife with ghosts, ghouls and black cat-alysts - spooky season is upon us! We know you'd rather be eating candycorn and decorating your pod to look like a Jack-O-Lantern, so let PushX handle your Halloween hauling this year with our Haulerfying Halloween Discounts!
Freaky Fast Freight - Rush Contracts So Quick You'll Scream Did that package just move by itself?

Spoochven Special - Devilish DSTs and Bloodcurdling Blockade Runners Shhhh, don't look now, but there's a blockade runner behind you...
Things That Go Jump in the Night Rhea-lly, I swear that JF wasn't there a second ago!
All of our deadly discounts are active on our calculator[link] now and will run through downtime, November 1st, 2021.
Thank you for your business; we look forward to hauling for you!
Fly Safe and Remember: Don't Move It; PUSH It.
-Xye Asterus
Corp Manager - Director
Push Industries
PushX Information and Links Screenshot Credit by Keiko Maira; Edited by Claina
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2021.10.16 07:30 Darkshreaders3 SCP-6067 - Recyclone

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2021.10.16 07:30 clownlin Help!

okay so i got my nostril and second lobe piercings done on the 23rd of september, my birthday. i’ve had both my septum and first lobes done and for both of those i used saline solution and they healed fine. for these new ones my piercer specifically said “i highly recommend surgical spirit to clean your new piercings you can get it at the pharmacy across the road for around £3” of course i was like okay cool because it was a professional giving me advice so i didn’t even question it. i’ve been using it since then but the past few days i’ve noticed the skin on my nose and around my piercing is EXTREMELY dry and flakey and it usually never is so, naturally, i googled wether or not it’s good to use surgical spirit. a lot of people are saying it’s bad but my piercer specifically recommended it and told me to use it. what’s your guys opinions?
side note: i noticed in the past few weeks (i tried to convince myself that it was okay and normal) that my two lobe piercings have been done really close together like they are touching and some of my earrings don’t even fit because of how close together they are. in one ear they are close together but there’s a very small gap but in my other ear they are literally touching.
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2021.10.16 07:30 matin619c GITEX global Dubai - Matt yarger will be part of panel at Dubai world trade centre next week, the event core sponsors are Dell and Intel.

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2021.10.16 07:30 OmitsWordsByAccident A) John is embarrassed of his real first name: Jonn. B) Papa John Mulaney? Marketing opportunity.

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2021.10.16 07:30 AutoNewspaperAdmin [JP] - Japan’s ruling camp nervous about opposition unity as election looms | The Japan Times

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2021.10.16 07:30 TsuShiReddit Question regarding SNAP applications.

So I work with my dad, landscaping, and I am trying to apply for SNAP benefits.
It says that I need to be an "able-bodied" person, working. Does landscaping count? It's not an official company or anything, we just make money doing yardwork together. Would I be able to put that or is that not acceptable?
I'm also worried if I put that without asking this, I'll be thrown in jail, and that's one thing I don't want.
Thank you!
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2021.10.16 07:30 jvn214 Why is the 'Cold War' called the Cold War?

Other than the Soviet Union and the USA not making it an official war why is it called that way? Why not just World War 3?
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2021.10.16 07:30 FaZe_poopy What’s a song/artist you hated at first but then really listened to and loved?

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2021.10.16 07:30 oniricsunset Approval during weekend?

Ok so I wonder if any approval happened during weekend?
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2021.10.16 07:30 Full-Fuel9074 Welcome to DR. Fegger! 🦍 Apes Come Together! 🦍 7% FEG Rewards! Next BSC gem! Apes Together Strong. NFTs, Giveaways, and So Much More!!

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LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x0d893f90794bdfc347c3c0a9876ae92b9b0ae47a
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2021.10.16 07:30 Glasscrack4 What's the best VST for multiple guitar sounds?

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