Help with Collections on Credit Report

2021.10.19 06:56 shinetea Help with Collections on Credit Report

Hello everyone, I'm turning to personalfinancecanada in hopes for some advice from the many knowledgeable folks on this subreddit.
Early this year, I started getting calls from a collections agency informing me of outstanding debt. I initially wrote it off as a scam and just ignored the calls since I am quite vigilant about paying off anything I purchase immediately but a few months later I received a letter in the mail outlining the debt in writing. The letter had the wrong first name but the last name was correct and the agency seemed to be a real collections company. They also reported the collection to the credit unions so it's now on my report.
As I had no knowledge of this debt, I called their phone line (I know, horrible idea) and told them that they have the wrong person and even the name was incorrect. They then started rattling off all of my previous addresses in the last decade or so and I was speechless. I asked them to send me proof of the debt and gave them my email address (again bad idea).
They sent a follow up with a document that showed that something was purchased under my name but sent to the apartment building I lived in a few years ago (while I was living there) with no unit number. They sent it in an encrypted email that expired in 48 hours and I saved the document but my laptop crashed shortly after so I lost the file. Now they have my correct first name and I lost documentation that could have potentially helped.
This is now coming up because I was hoping to seek approval for a mortgage but I have this collection on my credit report. I filed disputes with two credit unions but I'm not too hopeful of the results considering that they seem to have all of my personal information despite this debt not being mine. I'm lost and I don't know what to do to get this removed. Are there any other steps I can take to prove this isn't mine?
Tl;dr: I have a collections on my credit report for a debt that I never incurred but the collections agency has all of my personal information and now I'm lost.
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2021.10.19 06:56 judojosh I love Gouda, what should I try next?

I am looking for some new cheeses to try. I am no where near a hobbyist in this area. Totally clueless when it comes to different kinds. All I know is I really like Gouda.
So what should I try next?
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2021.10.19 06:56 ChazGower [Young Animal] 2011.11.25 SKE48

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2021.10.19 06:56 HistoricalWerewolf86 After several veiny logs stacking i finally unlocked W1 shop, colosseum

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2021.10.19 06:56 Delicious_Tip3260 Trying this again. M25 cannot sleep would love someone to talk with.

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2021.10.19 06:56 Venom_Provider A dumb question regarding wifi

Hi, i know this is probably gonna be a really dumb question but i need to get my mind rested before doing it as i rather ask then lose my account,
So i am planning to grind rs3 during college breaks by using the college public wifi will that in any way make my rs account at risk? I do have the 2fa mobile authentication on.
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2021.10.19 06:56 alexaclova The Makeup Remover - Episode 109

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2021.10.19 06:56 Law_of_1 100 reasons to look into Flat Earth

1) lack of physically measurable curvature
2) Objects being seen past the curve calculations all over the world.
3) Large bodies of water at rest always seek and maintain their own level. Oceans do not bend in real life & 70% of Earth's surface is level water.
4) Periscopes being able to see too far.
5) Reflections of the moon or sun on lakes and oceans are never curved.
6) mass attracting mass not being able to be recreated,
7) Gravity is still theory
8.) lack of detectable spin,
9) the impossibility of flight on a spinning ball (no adjustments for constant ground speed
changes or ground spin direction changes or curvature)
10) lack of flights over Antarctica.
11) lack of north to south circumnavigation.
12) lack of the ability to track planes over southern hemisphere oceans.
13) The Antarctic Treaty
14) Operation High Jump.
15) Operation Fish Bow
16) Leaked Footage of Astronauts faking a spherical Earth (Search for the documentary "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon" to see it).
17) The space shuttle uses a rocket engine to land when it should be gliding.
18) Neil Armstrong's Speech, "There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of the truth's protective layers."
19) Astronauts can't keep their stories straight about whether they see stars in space.
20) We went to the moon 50 years ago on calculator tech but haven't been back.
21) Van Allen Belts have now been discovered so moon landings were not possible.
22) The nature of the Astronauts interviews after the moon landings (their behaviomood seems more akin to what I'd expect at a funeral as opposed to what I'd expect from 3 men who just got home from one of the biggest accomplishments in human history).
23) NASA conveniently lost thousands of reels of the original footage that could prove the moon landings.
24) lack of 24 hour views of the entire spinning ball.
25) Challenger Astronauts being found alive.
26) lack of motivation to go back to the moon.
27) promises of private space programs never being fulfilled.
28) rocket launch footage always shows rockets curving back down towards the ocean rather than leaving Earth to space.
29) clouds movements on a spinning ball should be able to be measured at different rates of speed relative to the sun at different latitudes on a spinning ball.
30) impossible devices being able to shoot over 200 miles in a straight line such as the Navy's rail gun.
31) toilets don't actually spin backwards in opposite hemispheres.
32) perfect circle star trails should not occur on a ball that is performing 4 different motions at the same time with the slowest being rotation speed.
33) the moon may put off cool light.
34) the moon only effects the oceans and somehow leaves other large bodies of water alone when it comes to gravitational pull and the tides.
35) lack of real pics of the Earth.
36) lack of pics of Satellites in orbit.
37) Satellites may be ground based.
38) Arthur C. Clark a Freemason Science fiction author may be responsible for the idea of satellites as he wrote about them well before they existed.
39) the horizon always rises to the observer at the highest heights that we can reach with high altitude balloons.
40) we see the same stars at opposite sides of the sun when we are supposed to be facing the opposite direction during opposite seasons,
41) the sun is closer to Earth in the winter in the heliocentric model,
42) there is no stellar parallax,
43) falling and shooting stars never come up from the horizon,
44) night and day has been filmed at the same time by one camera by panning from left to right.
45) there are eclipses where the shadow comes from the wrong direction on the moon while the sun is in the sky,
46) seasons make better sense on a flat model.
47) crepuscular sun rays suggest a close sun and cannot be explained away with perspective.
48) we shouldn't be able to ever see Venus or Mercury at night.
49) the Michelson Morley experiment.
50) the Aries Failure experiment.
51) the Bedford Level experiment.
52) A cannon shot straight up in the air will always fall straight back down.
53) clouds above our heads curve way too fast to the horizon in every direction which proves perspective is the cause of this illusion.
54) the moons terminator illusion fits a flat Earth model.
55) Antarctic web cam (8 hours are cut from all web-cams) and other footage of a 24 hour sun there are always edited.
56) Earth pics are never pear shaped as Science claims the Earth is.
57) Gyroscopes do not detect curve or spin.
58) An Atmosphere cannot exist within a vacuum while automatically spinning with the Earth as an enclosed system.
59) Anomalies in Mars Rover footage and evidence that it is faked on Earth.
60) Communication with Equipment said to be in space is not plausible and the battery technology used is unlikely to last as long as we are told it is or to even work at all in those conditions.
61) Wind patterns work perfectly on a flat earth and are very erratic on a ball.
62) Bubbles in space on NASA spacewalk footage.
63) Harnesses being used on interior ISS shots.
64) Rockets may not even work in a vacuum.
65) There is evidence that the Hubble telescope never existed.
66) In thousands of hours of space footage no Astronaut ever pans their camera 360 degrees when humans would naturally want to show their surroundings in space.
67) Most big name space programs worldwide have the same vector symbolism in their logo which suggests that they are connected.
68) The flat earth society seems to have been created as a disinformation campaign to misrepresent actual Flat Earth views intentionally to make it seem ridiculous. Why create this if there is no truth to Flat Earth?
69) Stars can be seen through the moon during certain eclipses.
70) NASA is one of the largest consumers of helium in the world and they launch Satellites on helium balloons which should be a red flag... That Helium sure isn't just for cooling systems.
71) Water could not possibly flow both uphill and downhill at the same time as it would have to an a curved ball like surface regardless of gravity.
72) If the Earth were a spinning ball the forces from the spin would very greatly from the poles to the equator.
73) If spaceflights to the ISS were real an Astronaut would have filmed his or her entire trip to the ISS by now on their cell phone which we all carry, in fact you will never see Astronauts boarding the ISS.
74) Man-made Equipment and Metals put in Space such as the ISS or Sats would most likely melt due to the excessive heat from the sun and the extreme cold weather would also cause problems.
75) Now 'dummy' Americans are supposed to believe that there is a 'dummy' Astronaut in a Car literally floating around the Earth, and I think they are actually buying it. This is what they accept rather then the Mars Mission promised decades ago LOL
76) Operation paperclip suggests that NASA was formed by NAZI Rocket Scientists which were masters at propaganda and mind control.
77) NASAs EPIC footage shows little to no cloud movements or morphing yet Japan's Himiwari Footage show clouds morphing very quickly. Who's lying?? Both?? That's 100% proof of deception.
78) Millions of mile Internet capability through 'space' is highly implausible and most likely impossible. My cell reception still sucks.
79) NASAs images of the Earth from the moon can be proven to have been cloned or spliced together and downloaded right from their own website and analyzed at home on a personal computer in Photo-shop.
80) No photos of our solar system even when we supposedly have sent satellites millions of miles into the Galaxy and have taken the faked NASA EPIC footage from one, why not just zoom out and take a pic and show us the whole solar system?? A clue, they can't fake or they would.
81) Scuba Tank caught on an Astronaut in spacewalk footage.
82) NASA and Obama now admit we cant leave low earth orbit.
83) The North Star never moves and the constellations have never changed,
84) Astronaut almost drowning in "space."
85) Gravity is strong enough to hold the oceans on Earth and aircraft carriers upside down to the earth yet birds and butterflies fly with ease.
86) It took Captain Cook 3 years and 60,000 miles to circumnavigate Antarctica.
87) 99% of communication is by Undersea cables.
88) Undersea cables never cross from Southern Continent to Southern Continent.
89) Sun dogs and sun halos suggest that there "could" be a dome overhead although this is an assumption.
90) Astrolabes have predicted star movements and have been used for navigating for thousands of years.
91) Auguste Piccard the first man to reach the stratosphere said the earth is flat.
92) Our own senses tell us that the earth is flat and stationary.
93) Every ancient cosmology has turned out wrong, what makes us believe that we are the only ones who have gotten it correct?
94) Operation Deep Freeze.
95) Laser Tests confirm a flat earth.
96) A recent mirror reflection test of over 13 miles of water proves the Earth lacks curvature.
97) NASAs Moon rocks turned out to be fake.
98) A Submarine would have to constantly correct the nose down to remain under water.
99) Foucault pendulums are driven by finely tuned electric motors.
100) The ISS "live' feed is either looping footage or it cuts out once every hour and they wont show the dark side of the Earth, yet night footage has been released separate from the so called 'live" feed. Even worse people pathetically do not even question these obvious and glaring discrepancies.
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2021.10.19 06:56 SilentWarrior61 Game Not Responding

I have been searching online for hours and found one thread from three months ago and i just need help. My PC isn’t great but it plays the game on Ultra and i get like 90fps -gtx 1060 -i5 7600 the game runs totally fine but at the most random moments the game just freezes. it seems to happen when i’m shooting because the audio for shooting just plays super loud until i end task to close the game. only to open it back up and restart the whole level over again. it always seems to happen closer to the end of the mission.
i really like this game and i want to play but it’s hard to be stuck doing the same mission over and over again.
if anyone can help or give advice that would be amazing 🥺
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2021.10.19 06:56 MFADER Why I Don't Quit, and Meaningful Work

One thing that I've been seriously mulling over more since finding this wonderful sub a week or two ago, is why the fuck I haven't quit yet. I think I've pored over my history and self well enough to provide an answer at this point.
I love my job, but not more than my free time. I love my job, but not more than larger goals. I love my job, because it feels like MY job.
I work in state government, and am a front facing position during this pandemic. I get to work from home now thanks to telework options, but I see you. I hear you, every day. I literally feel your suffering. It's my job. It's my job to feel this suffering by proxy, because it's a way for me to re-organize and heal my own trauma. I've been homeless. I've been addicted. I've been employed and too poor for a hot meal. I've done backbreaking labor for a decade, and I've done office jobs on either end of that experience. I've worked meaningless off schedules doing shit jobs no one gave two thoughts towards, like delivering clean laundry for hospitals, selling you weed, the guy who grew your weed, the guy who wrote your school papers, who served you food, who sang karaoke with you on a Tuesday night cause no one else had the day off.
None of those things really stuck for me. I didn't really think any one of those things would be what I did for a living forever. This one might be, and that's hard to find. I get to help people, who are or were just like me. I have never felt a more meaningful work. This is what I would like to do, and for the express purpose of working to make it so that I do not have a job when I am done fixing it. That's meaningful work. It's work you can COMPELTE.
I got the job right before the pandemic hit. This last year or two, while still fucking wild, weren't really any more weird or wild than a few of my other years, and honestly, once this new steady income, reliable benefits, and day to day routine started, I noticed something.
This system. Is. HORSESHIT. You're absolutely right. Don't take that fucking job.
I talk to folks every day. "I've been with them for 5 years, I manage 3 stores, and I'm making 18/hr, I have 2 (or more) kids. I need help. What's available?"
"I know I was in the hospital while I broke my back and recovered for two years, but I'm looking for work. I promise, I'm looking".
"I need a translator, Korean. Yes, hello, this is interpreter xXXXXx, please use short, complete sentences. Yes, I am calling because I do not understand. I had medical benefits, and then I retired, and now I have no coverage. Why have my benefits changed? I don't understand, I work all my life, no change, and now, I have no help? Please, I'm scared, I don't understand"
"The VA said I'm only 50% disabled. I don't have a pension otherwise."
"I'm trying to get disability benefits. I already have the parking placard, they know I'm disabled. I've been fighting for this for 8 years. Can you help?"
Holy fucking shit, NONE OF THIS would be happening in ANY country that had; Universal Medical, Universal Education, Universal Income, or Universal Giving Two Fucks About Each Other.
We need to start planning how to get ACTUAL political power. We should ACTUALLY move to low population states, those of that can telework and sponsor others, and ACTUALLY vote ourselves into place. I don't see how we fix this otherwise. I really, really don't. It's all well and good if we're paid more, but that won't matter if we keep creating all these endless problems for ourselves.
That's how we go full antiwork. We treat it like a heist. "Just one more job, Jimmy, this'll cover the whole thing and then some!"
We really could do it though.
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2021.10.19 06:56 Zoexycian Finally a Furry Skin for Human Champions

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2021.10.19 06:56 noknownotell Should I miss work to catch up in school?

I’m in my last year of college, and have to take a heavier load of classes than normal, 16 credits. These classes all have a really heavy homework load because we don’t use class time as work time. I also work as a barista at a famous coffee chain that starts with an S. I work at an incredibly stressful store. When Im not at school, Im at work and it’s honestly getting in the way of doing the huge amount of homework I have. I have zero time during the week to do homework because I’m scheduled to work! (Side note: I know working is a privilege. Please don’t come for me). During the weekends I try to do all the HW I can but I also have to tend to my elderly mother and do chores around my apartment like the laundry pile that was fucking massive, for example.
Anyways i’ve been slowing falling behind and at this point I have so much to do it will probably take a whole day just to get caught up. I’ve already called out sick twice since working here and I’m afraid I’ll be fired, but I feel like I need to put school first, especially because I can graduate in 3 terms if I do well. I also have a significant amount in savings so it’s not like I’m working or I’ll be on the street. Tomorrow is the only day I would have a significant chunk of time because the rest of the week is school and the due dates for what I need to be caught up on. Please help me decide what to do!
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2021.10.19 06:56 Spidxrcore What are the reasons that loneliness and solitude are increasing rapidly around the world?

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2021.10.19 06:56 LilyMcAllister 39% OFF! Amazon's Choice [Amazon] Dole Fruit Bowls Mandarin Oranges in Fruit Juice, Healthy Snack, 107 ml, 4 Cups

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2021.10.19 06:56 bot_neen Inician festejo a San Judas Tadeo y se estrenan con ¡Monumental imagen!

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2021.10.19 06:56 leigh912198972 Would like to donate clothes to somewhere where people will actually receive and hopefully use them

Thoughts? There has to be a better way than just dropping the bags off at the nearest tent city (or Goodwill, since I just don’t think those in need go there but I could be wrong)
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2021.10.19 06:56 NothinInMyPocket Why does my crotch funk smell like cheddar cheese? I shower regularly.

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2021.10.19 06:56 tativeg1 How are my soles?

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2021.10.19 06:56 LanaDelSpray666 Ryan Hewitt mixing new album?

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2021.10.19 06:56 Laser20145 ELI5:How do casinos detect slot machine tampering?

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2021.10.19 06:56 begooooooonethot Problema subiectului III la BAC

Distribuie acest eveniment dacă vrei o schimbare!
Subiectul III la română are un singur scop: ca noi să TOCIM inutil eseurile unor profesori. Nu rămânem cu nimic dupa ce am învățat pe de rost zeci de pagini, deoarece se uită tot in următoarele săptămâni. Singurii care au de câștigat de aici sunt editurile și autorii cărților de argumentări.
Înțelegem de ce este necesar să cunoaștem literatura română, ba chiar unele cărți pot fi interesante și relevante timpului în care trăim, totuși nu putem simți decât ură față de aceste cărți din cauza modului în care ne sunt prezentate. Nu e de mirare că România este PE ULTIMUL LOC LA CITIT in Europa, deoarece apare un sentiment de dispreț total față de lectură încă din liceu.
Sunt zeci de pagini ce trebuie învățate mecanic pentru o notă cât mai mare, fară ca noi să înțelegem măcar eseul învățat, plin de cuvinte pompoase inserate acolo de profesori cu scopul de a-și etala vocabularul bogat. Nu este nici vina lor, încearcă să ne asigure punctaj maxim în bac, dar dacă cineva chiar ar încerca să își exprime opinia nu ar avea nicio șansă la o notă bună, mai ales dacă lucrarea acestuia ajunge într-un set de teste cu eseuri memorate la care ai nevoie de un dex lângă tine pentru a înțelege măcar cuvintele.
Nu este de mirare nici faptul ca suntem codași la testele PISA. 44% din elevii ce au susținut aceste teste sunt analfabeți funcționali. Nu înțeleg ceea ce citesc, nu pentru că ar fi proști, ci din cauza faptului că nu au fost obișnuiți sau puși măcar să înțeleaga cu adevărat un text.
Soluția? Este simplu, înlocuirea subiectului III la proba la limba și literatura română. Ar putea fi un text la prima vedere pe care sa îl încadrăm într-un curent și să ne exprimăm opinia legată de acesta. O altă soluție ar putea fi să primim subiecte de gramatică, deoarece sunt probleme grave la nivel național din acest punct de vedere.
Soluții sunt destule, trebuie doar să existe voință. Avem nevoie de cât mai multe persoane să ne susțină prin SHARE. Vrem ca acest eveniment sa ajungă la cât mai mulți oameni pentru a putea schimba ceva. Dacă te-ai săturat de o structură invechită la bac, distribuie acest eveniment în cât mai multe locuri!
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2021.10.19 06:56 level1techsbot Level1Techs - Level1 News October 19 2021: Good Privacy Makes Good Neighbors

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2021.10.19 06:56 AwktheWalk Onision is weird

I don't understand how this dude got youtube famous. He complains about everyone and every thing as if he's still doing puberty. It seems that no matter what there is stuff about this dude. What is up with that?
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2021.10.19 06:56 Davidbarber13 🤕🤣

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2021.10.19 06:56 CatThatWatchesLWIAY made a poster of my cat Henry for halloween this year!

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