2021.10.19 08:25 GrizzKnox Chillin

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2021.10.19 08:25 dummymccat tight muscles

does anyone know what causes a weird pulling sensation in the sides of the legs? can’t tell if i’ve got a pinched nerve or if my muscles are just tight because of eds. it feels like a muscle is being tugged on from the side of my calf all the way up my hamstring, and only on one side. also been experiencing worse strong buzzing (not tingling) when sitting down. i’m used to having weird muscle sensations and my joints doing wacky stuff but this has been new for me. should i see a chiropractor or something?
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2021.10.19 08:25 ShvmSngh Sukuna Jujutsu Kaisen Digital Artwork

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2021.10.19 08:25 Gnut92 Advice on VicPol recruitment process

Hi all,
I'm hoping to find someone who can give me advice on the Victoria Police recruitment process.
I am hoping to apply for a position with VicPol, but I have a few penalty infringement notices issued while I was driving. In total, I have been issued 6 PINs in five years.
I have filled out my Volunterary disclosure form, and have been told that due to my traffic infringements, I won't be eligible until 7 years after my Victorian licence was issued (2024). I'm just wondering if anyone knows where the 7 year exclusion has come from, even though I don't have more than 7 current demerit points on my licence, as stipulated by the good character and reputation section of the eligibility criteria?
Does anyone know of any other recourse I can take to attempt to get my foot in the door?
Thanks for reading, hopefully someone can shed some light on the two questions I have.
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2021.10.19 08:25 reddit_feed_bot Free Range: Free Range by Bill Whitehead for Tue, 19 Oct 2021

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2021.10.19 08:25 RevolutionaryMath979 Oh sweetie, honey, no.

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2021.10.19 08:25 originalclaire My snek Linda is a model.

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2021.10.19 08:25 HalfthemanMarco Red Brawler Feedback: In Need of Changes But Still Fun

The Brawler is the newest class in Lotro, and I'd classify it as the love child between wardens and champions, a melee based combo class with a secondary resource that can be spent to use higher tier skills. I've recently leveled on on the Treebeard server to level 50 (the maximum on the server) with a playtime sitting around 36 hours. A few factors on Treebeard specifically (the only server to not feature the new LI revamp, at level 50, the difficulty options in which I played on Hard until 50 and turned it off, etc.) may have some factors in my feedback, but I'll try to limit that as much as I can or infer to other knowledge when available. I'm gonna format this in a "Good/Bad/ugly" kind of way, feel free to chime in with personal feedback and here we go :)

Editors note: Coming back through, this post sounds pretty harsh. That is in no way the intention. I want what is best for this class and I know the devs do too. There are no insults towards anyone and I'm simply stating my issues with the class (which are more than a few) and offer solutions to make it better.


  1. Gameplay Loop/Rotation: The main mechanic a brawler has to keep in mind when fighting is their inner strength buffs. Any damaging skill the brawler has that is not one of their setup attacks is classified as a quick, balanced, or heavy attack. Using one of these skills will upgrade a different inner strength buff in relation to which type of attack you used. This gives what could be a very generic "punch things until they die" class a sense of fluidity and purpose to using your skills. This is easily my favorite part of the class.
  2. Aesthetic/Immersion: When you play a brawler, you feel like a chad. Orcs? They got teeth knock em out. Wolves? Head butt em. Birds? Head butt em (I love the headbutt). Cargul? Knee em in the chin. The titles you get from the Brawler class quests are some of my favorite, they make me chuckle. Battle Gauntlets look so cool. It's hard to exactly convey how it makes you feel to play a brawler, but it's unmistakable that when I play the Brawler I know what I'm getting into, and it involves a lot of fists and/or heads. Also the throw cup move is pretty funny.
  1. Sound Design: This may be nit picky, but as punchy as the Brawler FEELS, it doesn't really SOUND that way. Idk how hard it'd be to update some of these sounds (head butt sounds great don't touch it) but it'd be really nice if we could get some "punchier" sounds.
  2. AoE Skills Having 3 Targets at Default: Compared to the elder classes of Warden and Champion, Brawler has a MUCH harder time dealing with groups. Giving their single target damage isn't much to write home about (I'll get there), their aoe potential being not great at default does feel kind of strange. In the yellow tree there is an option to increase this to 6 targets, but even that still puts it behind some other classes default while being down 3 skill points.
  3. Too Much Emphasis on Cooldowns: Compared to other classes, the Brawler has A LOT of cooldown skills that are vital to your success. At level 50 I count 6 cooldown skills (30, 40, 60, 75 2 at 3 minutes). This can make general questing/mobbing feel kinda sluggish and slow when you are popping a ton of cooldowns instead of using damaging abilities. One suggestion I have to remedy this is to combine quick feint and get serious, both of which are damage buffs that restore mettle. Not sure why we need 2 of them when they are so similar and can just be lumped together. This will also help with some other issues down the line.
  4. General Sluggish Feeling: A lot of factors combine into this, too many cooldowns I just mentioned right before, many of which have decently long animations that can't be canceled which is even less time punching stuff in the face on the punch stuff in the face class and a general lack of flow between abilities. A few of the other issues/solutions I recommend will factor into this but this but some potential smoothing out of animations could also help.
  5. Set-up Attacks Are Very Weak: If you are doing an optimal rotation, your setup attacks make up 50 percent of all attacks you do, and given the damage rolls they can be weaker than auto attacks. This contributes heavily to the sluggish feeling imo, and a general damage boost to these attacks would help make combat flow much smoother.
  6. Lack of Movement Speed Buffing Skill: Brawlers run at people and punch them, not being able to run fast into punching feels not great. The sprint skill red tree guardian has that increases damage, gives a guaranteed crit, knocks down enemies hit, and gives melee damage would fit SO PERFECTLY into Brawler, please give us one of these.
  1. Poor DPS Compared to Other Classes: This is a big one. A Brawlers main role is DPS, and it's frankly not good at it. On top of everything I mentioned in the bad section, most skills just simply lack the damage numbers. Even at level 50 with no increased difficulty selected, some mob encounters slug along compared to how other classes would do. On Guard I can press two buttons and do a guaranteed 10-15k damage with a relatively low cooldown. I can aoe groups of 7-8 down in two skills without having to use 3 cooldowns with long animations beforehand to do it. On Hunter I can kill 4 enemies from range before they even touch me, on champ/warden I can aoe entire maps in seconds while also doing very good single target damage. Brawlers don't have nearly as much aoe and their single target damage is pretty pooinconsistent. Brawlers just need a damage buff, they are easily the weakest of the damage focused classes. On a side note I've done a few group instances on red Brawler and MAN do I feel completely useless lol. I can give everyone 20% attack duration for 30 seconds which is cool but when it comes to just doing damage it's ROUGH compared to other classes in a group.
  2. Finesse Inner Strength is Useless: The second inner strength you unlock grants you finesse, and it didn't take long for me to figure out how useless that is. When leveling I had crafted gear the whole time and was at finesse cap anyway so it was 100% useless to get finesse. If I didn't have crafted gear, the amount of finesse wouldn't have been enough to get me to cap, so enemies would still BPE my stuff, making that practically worthless as well. In any end game scenario, you are gonna cap your finesse through gear on a damage class, making that once again useless. It made me not use the skills that gave me the finesse buff since why would I do that when I could get the damage/crit from the other two? This should just be flat out changed to -attack duration, it would be a very useful change that would help the class feel clunky without having to use yet another long cooldown with a decently long animation.
Bugs That I've Noticed
  1. Sometimes Inner Strengths don't tier up for some reason: Not sure exactly what causes it or why but yeah I've noticed sometimes it just decided to not tier up. Usually happens at max stacks of that inner strength.
  2. The Cap Stone Skill "Battle Fury" Does Not Apply to Already Acquired Mettle. The skill states that the bonus damage you get from mettle is increased for a short duration and gives you 3 mettle. If you cast this skill while already having some Mettle, it will not apply to that Mettle.
  3. The Bonus Dextrous Hook Damage From the Trait in Your Skill Tree Does Not Apply to the Description of the Skill, Unsure if it Does Not Affect Damage or Not.
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2021.10.19 08:25 Rajajikiaayegibaraat Ekta Rai (new)

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2021.10.19 08:25 midnightIEsurfer Her real life form????

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2021.10.19 08:25 Nathansbud Item Discussion #98: Sharp Key

Welcome to Repentance Daily Discussions! Feel free to leave your opinion on today's item—pun intended—of discussion down below!
Suggestions, Archive, Schedule
Item Discussion
How do you do, fellow dorks? Hope everybody's week is off to a great start—I believe I have stayed up slightly too late, so will be headed to sleep very soon. Before I go, though, we've got an Item Discussion to introduce. And heck, what an item it is! #98, and we're talking about an item which honestly doesn't get enough respect around these 'ere parts. I myself have sorta slept on this bad boy, but reading that wiki page is making me re-evaluate my past decisions. Yes, we're talking Sharp Key—let's get to it!
Sharp Key Open your enemies
• On pickup, grants 5 keys
• Activating Sharp Key causes Isaac to lift a key, which is fired as a piercing projectile after pressing any directional input
• Sharp Key projectiles damage enemies for 5 x Damage + 30, open locked doors and chests they come into contact to, and break the first rock they come into contact with (including Key Blocks)
• Enemies killed by Sharp Key have a chance to spawn the contents of any possible chest contents, including items, though only chests which can spawn naturally (i.e. no Old Chest or Mom's Chest contents)
• Sharp Key follows the same unlocking rules as Dad's Key, meaning Secret Rooms, Alt Path doors, and Mega Satan are all accessible using it (though Red Key rooms, Boss Rush, and Hush are not); Boss Challenge Rooms cannot be opened, despite Dad's Key being able to
• Doors will be opened in one thrown key, even if they require multiple keys or bombs to open
• Thrown keys can destroy Angel statues, but not fire places, Stoneys, or Shopkeepers
• Thrown keys will retain Isaac's teastatus effects, but are unaffected by items that replace Isaac's tears (such as Dr. Fetus Dr. Fetus, Brimstone Brimstone, or Mom's Knife Mom's Knife)
Active Item: Unlimited Use
Pools: Shop, Greed Shop
Metadata: Quality 1, ID 623, Available to Tainted Lost
Wiki Link
Post Collection (New Reddit)
Previous Thread: Tinytoma
Leave your opinions, experiences, and suggestions (for the item or the Discussion series as a whole) down below!
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2021.10.19 08:25 DieFurrycon Help! What is a word to describe "prune overpopulation", similar to kill.

I've seen it, just can't remember it now.
It's a single word, meant to describe "prune or killing the life that overpopulation to contain the situation", used to describe people or species.
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2021.10.19 08:25 iamyuandheismi Guys who has loads of commons,uncommons,rares and legs? im gonna offer bio blade

im not going first ofc. i have proof on my yt, if you have proof thenu can always show me :)
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2021.10.19 08:25 TheWizardOfPAWG HOW IS THIS REAL????

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2021.10.19 08:25 feline_b_0128x Pop up if ur around my age x

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2021.10.19 08:25 Ame_Kuma Halloween Hakaba [30 x30] [OC] [Hand Drawn]

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2021.10.19 08:25 Natural-Leg-979 हजरत मुहम्मद जी व उनके 1 लाख 80 हजार अनुयायी शाकाहारी थे। हजरत मुहम्मद जी ने मुस्लमानों को यह आदेश दिया था कि कभी भी "खून खराबे व ब्याज के करीब ना फटकना" (प्रमाण- पुस्तक जीवनी हजरत मुहम्मद, सल्लाहु अलैहि वसल्लम, पृष्ठ 307) Last Prophet Sant Rampal Ji

हजरत मुहम्मद जी व उनके 1 लाख 80 हजार अनुयायी शाकाहारी थे। हजरत मुहम्मद जी ने मुस्लमानों को यह आदेश दिया था कि कभी भी submitted by Natural-Leg-979 to SaintRampalJi [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 08:25 moymoya My host has a fraudulent listing

TLDR: I booked an Airbnb with 4.8 stars and 101 reviews in Toronto. Space was dirty and grossly under-furnished, so I grew suspicious. Ended up discovering a discrepancy with listing address and building completion date (host had reviews from 2019 but building occupancy began Q4 2020). Informed Airbnb while in the unit, and host asked me to leave in retaliation. He said he was going to cancel so I can get refunded, but he never did. Reservation is still active, and Airbnb is not willing to issue a refund. Can anyone provide guidance for possible resolution? — My host asked me leave an Airbnb listing I booked for a month long stay.
When I checked in, the property was very dirty, furniture was in poor condition. The unit was grossly under furnished (host didn’t even have a pot to boil pasta, nor mugs for tea). I alerted him right away, he was very responsive, and acknowledged that many things were lacking in the unit. I did not notify Airbnb at first, because the host assured throughout my stay that the issues would be promptly resolved.
On my fourth night, my suspicions grew because I found myself having to buy necessities for the space. I couldn’t comprehend how the unit had received 101 reviews, a 4.8 rating and none of the reviews indicated the unit was under-furnished. I ended up discovering that:

  1. The listed address on the property page is not the one I was staying at (host communicated address over message)
  2. The building in which I was staying was completed in Q4 of 2020, but most reviews for his property date back to 2019.
I decided to inform Airbnb. They contacted him, and he ended up asking me to leave the property, but assured me he would be refunding unused nights as soon as I left. He didn’t. It’s been 10 days.
Airbnb helped me find another booking and told me they’d pay a portion of hotel costs and that I shouldn’t worry, that I would get my money back.
The morning after I checked out, I was told that it was at the discretion of the host whether I would receive my refund, because I didn’t notify Airbnb within 24 hours of checking in to the unit. Airbnb doesn’t have a policy protecting guests in situations like this. They indirectly empower hosts to ask guests to leave and still retain guest funds for services not rendered, if an issue is reported after 24hrs of checking in. The agent asked the host to cancel, and he refused, despite his initial verbal assurance that he would.
My issue is this: I was asked by the host, to leave the property and I obliged. I have not done anything that violates the host’s rules, nor Airbnb’s policies. I paid all fees upfront, even had out of pocket expenses, paid for a hotel and parking, dealt with having to move my belongings into a car and having to search for a new booking on short notice.
There was a breach of trust — a user was clearly able to find a loophole on the platform and was able to upload new pictures onto another listing’s details, thus preying on unsuspecting customers reliance on and trust in Airbnb’s reviews, and listing accuracy. Airbnb is remaining firm on its 24h policy, and unwilling to issue a refund.
Does anyone have a similar Experience? Can someone help navigate so I can at least get some of my money back? It’s been a nightmare and I am getting desperate 🤧
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2021.10.19 08:25 outilmary Dimbokro - Nous livrons Groupe Electrogene à Dimbokro. Importation pour Dimbokro Cote d'Ivoire #Groupe #Electrogene #GroupeElectrogene #Dimbokro #Cote d'Ivoire

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2021.10.19 08:25 AutoNewspaperAdmin [AU] - Labor dissidents mull appeal after court supports branch takeover | Sydney Morning Herald

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2021.10.19 08:25 undercoverautie Where would you cut to prop?

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2021.10.19 08:25 Myeonmeows How’s mount holyoke in terms of aid

MHC is my ed school but I’ve been hearing that they are bad with aid :( My efc is around 15-20k/year
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2021.10.19 08:25 Nearby_Peak_3515 !! Can Someone Please Help?! What am I looking at ?!! I have this located directly outside behind my apartment building .

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2021.10.19 08:25 AutoNewspaperAdmin [AU] - Third jab crucial to keeping Queensland safe on the road to reopening | Sydney Morning Herald

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2021.10.19 08:25 bigtransitio0 Can someone please recommend some good magic school manhwa?

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