How is cookie run kingdoms?

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2021.10.19 07:09 JugElias How is cookie run kingdoms?

Is the game good? I have heard a lot of mixed opinions about the game, but I wanted to know, it's f2p or it has a lot of predatory things?
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2021.10.19 07:09 gorays21 Eternals first reactions!

Eternals first reactions are here!
Erik Davis - Marvel’s #Eternals📷 is spectacularly weird & rich w/ a new MCU mythology that makes it feel separate from everything else. It’s honestly refreshing. There’s a bitter sweetness to the film that you feel in its sunset shots - a definite Chloé Zhao touch. It is soulful & thoughtful
Anthony Gagliardi - Chloé Zhao’s #Eternals📷 is absolutely fantastic, the cookie cutter Marvel template is thrown out the window and you’re given an enthralling experience, a must watch this year.
Scott Menzel - Eternals is Marvel’s version of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. A film that builds upon a cast of unknown characters and does so with great success. Chloé Zhao direction is superb. Easily one of the best looking Marvel films of all time. Insane post credits scenes too. #Eternals📷
Pnemiroff - #Eternals📷 is DENSE & I felt the weight of the exposition often. Movie’s at its best when the focus is on the Eternals recreating their family - the humor of it & the passion when they fight for each other and the things they love. Also, Angelina Jolie in the MCU is EVERYTHING.
Dial M - #Eternals📷 was my most anticipated MCU for good reason: Chloé Zhao absolutely delivered an epic movie that really is anchored by powerful performances from the whole cast. Standout characters for me are Sersi, Makkari, & Sprite. Wow… what a movie!
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2021.10.19 07:09 CanadianFutFan 3.5 hours of playing rivals in Div 6, Rank 2

2 wins, 4 draws, 5 losses by 1 or 2 goals, 1 blown out. It is like WL except with no hope of red cards. I love that my games are insanely competitive and I am getting better, but the lack of good rewards is a shame.
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2021.10.19 07:09 FellowHomelessMan Galaxy Z Flip 3 Trade In Deal

I currently have an iPhone XR which is up for upgrade and I saw that ATT has a deal for $1000 worth of credits for the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Does anyone know if I will get the full amount for my trade in of the XR? I also have the glitch where it shows the device as "Certified Preowned" and when I called about the issue, I was told by tech that there was nothing they can do and that I should go to a corporate store to upgrade. However, I believe the deal is only online as the local ATT store told me they no longer have the deal, even when I showed the woman it was still active on the website she refused to take my trade in or honor the deal...
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2021.10.19 07:09 topredditbot Capitalism never sleeps [r/BlackPeopleTwitter by u/jonredd901]

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2021.10.19 07:09 AmIWorthy_ Quitting Corporate Job to serve tables full time.

Hi everyone, this is my first post and I am on mobile for formatting sake.
I am currently working a full time corporate job for a defense manufacturer. I started a little less than a year ago, leaving my previous role at a bank. I am also working Friday-Sunday at a restaurant serving tables. I am desperate thinking of quitting my full time job and picking up serving full time.
I recently (2020) graduated with a finance degree and quickly realized this is not what I am good at nor what I would like to. I am a good server and make good money for the little I work.
My current job is driving me insane, i work 60 hour weeks with little to no training while given additional work every week. I have not made any friends, and I am not as smart or educated as everyone else as they are picking things up extremely fast and producing results that I am no where near. I truly feel like a fraud and am not sure how I got this job.
I don’t really know how to go forward. I know i should be patient but I really just wanna throw the towel in a do what I enjoy, while also freeing up my time during the day.
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2021.10.19 07:09 Separate_Tadpole1046 Caudata registration failure:-(((((

Hi everyone! I seek your advice: for the second time I try to register at and I'm getting banned for spam instead, although I literally don't post anything at all! I own an axolotl and I'm at the beginning of my journey, so obviously I'd like to get access to some information. Am I missing some important limitations, like only USA citizens can register or what? Can my vpn be at fault, cause I can't use the internet without it? Be grateful for any piece of information.
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2021.10.19 07:09 S0ulblighter116 What is it called in Military lingo when two foreign Special Forces (SAS, GIGN, Delta, Spetsnaz, etc) Collaborate to achieve a single goal?

This has been bothering me for a while, and I have asked many people who have been in the military, and they are stumped too.
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2021.10.19 07:09 Any-Guidance-7076 Could Anyone do a Test for Me on your Geek Vape Mods?

Could anyone do a test for me. I need to know how many seconds it takes, for your spice to be completely gone, from the mesh, when you hit the toke button. This would need to be done without the cover on, so you can see the spice gone.
Mine takes around 5 seconds. I'm wondering if it's too hot, because this should take 10 seconds correct? My spice is gone in 5 seconds, seems to be the same on both my mods.
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2021.10.19 07:09 expectedbetrayal If you get 5150’d as a veteran do we have to pay for the stay ?

Not saying that I want to or plan to be 5150’d but as I have been on a decline the last few months both my wife and friends have brought it up. I just want to know if it ever gets bad as to warrant going to inpatient that i am not gonna end up with a debt I just physically can’t repay
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2021.10.19 07:09 Unknown2315774 .

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2021.10.19 07:09 DiyGenerationCH You can't live without beauty.)

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2021.10.19 07:09 Shot_Ice7151 "RC PlEaSe PuSh ThE bIg ReD BuTtOn" Stop spamming this crap and TRUST his ACTIONS. This man is a beaut. He will not fail us. Stop being so impatient.

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2021.10.19 07:09 Zealousideal_Syrup36 Carrie review

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2021.10.19 07:09 Zewen_Senpai Jeanne Alter [Fate]

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2021.10.19 07:09 michael32r LF: Shiny event Toxtricity

I have the best buy codes and shinies I can offer. as well as breeding services
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2021.10.19 07:09 HeadOfSpectre Carrion Birds

I’ve been watching the birds near my house for almost thirty years now. They’re lovely creatures with beautiful songs. There’s something peaceful about watching them, something that sets my heart at ease.

I’ve documented the ones that I’ve seen over the years, taken care to learn a little bit about them such as what they like to eat. I’ve taken to setting up a nice little bird feeder for them to enjoy. I’ve kept the squirrels away from it and while the birds eat, I watch them. I make my notes. I baby them… It makes me happy. An old woman should do what makes her happy, shouldn’t she? Although of course… The new birds I’ve seen recently… What strange things they are… Their bodies are a beautiful shade of greyish blue. I’ve never seen their like before.

I’ve looked through the books, but I couldn’t find any birds that matched. Not even when I looked online. Such strange birds they are… Strange and lovely birds. I’ve been watching them for almost a month. I’ve been watching them very closely. Closely enough to notice that unlike the other birds, they never go to the feeder. They don’t eat the seed I’ve put out. How curious… I know that they must eat something, though. They’re nice, fat birds, gorging on something.

I’m not sure what… Meat, perhaps. Yes. It has to be meat. I noticed the blood on their feathers a few weeks back. I had thought I saw specks of red on them before, but they were never quite close enough for me to be sure. But lately it’s been all over their feathers. A dusting of red, caking them.

I suspected there must be a carcass nearby they were feeding on. Seed isn’t for every bird, after all. Some prefer meat and some are happy to eat whatever is already dead. Carrion birds, they’re called. Judging by the blood on them, they must have been having a feast indeed. Of course, a grand feast for them may not quite be the best thing for me… Dead animals attract all sorts of unpleasant things.

When you live out in the country like I do, you’re likely to run afoul of wildlife. Most are pleasant, like the birds. But others, scavengers might not be quite so friendly. A number of years ago, I had a neighbor who came across a bear in his backyard. Shortly afterward, I had new neighbors and their first order of business was to put up a taller fence.

I know better than to blame the bear for what happened. They’re skittish creatures who scare easily, and I know they’d rather run than fight. But under the wrong circumstances, they can send a man to his grave with one swipe of their paw… And I’d rather not meet one if I can help it.

With that in mind, after some weeks of seeing my new carrion birds enjoying their bountiful feast, I will confess that I began to worry. Whatever source of meat they’d found, it wasn’t going away. Normally I don’t concern myself with the business of dead things. Nature tends to those. But the idea of having something too close to my property for too long did not sit well with me. Of course, it wasn’t until after I actually saw a bear passing through my backyard that I decided something absolutely needed to be done.

The sighting was mundane. One day, I had been watching my birds when I had seen it. A black shape meandering out of the trees and across my yard. The bear did not stay for long and it was not the first time I had seen a bear on my property either. Every now and then, I’d catch one sneaking in to try and rummage through my garbage. They sniffed around my garage for a bit and after deciding there was no way in and that smashing their way in might be too much effort, they left to find something else to eat. It happens once or twice every week to somebody in my area.

But this bear was not interested in looking through my scraps, oh no. No, this bear made his way purposefully through my yard and back into the woods, walking in the same direction I had seen the carrion birds flying from. No doubt he could smell whatever rotten delicacy they were enjoying and wanted some for himself… That was all well and good for him, I suppose. But not for me.

I, of course, decided I needed to know what was out there, and a couple of days later, I put on a set of bear bells, loaded up my husband's old rifle, and stepped out into the forest to see it for myself. My late husband, Harold, taught me to shoot years ago. Self-defense, he called it. Best to know how to use a gun, out where we live. I may be in my sixties but I can still handle that rifle well enough. In a scrape, I don’t believe I could outright kill a bear or a wolf. But the sound alone sends them packing. Trust me. I’ve used it to scare off a few bears who got a little too interested in my garbage in the past.

I saw no bears while I was out, of course. If there were any, the noise I made would’ve turned them the other way. But I did see plenty of my carrion birds. They sat in their trees, feathers caked in red and watched me as I passed beneath them.

I was almost grateful for their company… The more of them I saw, the closer I knew I was to their banquet. The walk was a little bit further than I had anticipated it might be. My feet were tired by the fifteen minute mark, but the birds kept flying deeper into the woods. I wasn’t quite sure if I’d passed my property line yet… I didn’t see the markers that Harold had laid out years ago.

Honestly, I may just have turned back and decided that whatever was out there wasn’t worth the risk of getting lost if I hadn’t noticed the smell.

I’ve seen my share of dead animals and I know, although thankfully only vaguely, what death smells like. The stink of decaying flesh as nature reclaims it… That smell was on the wind, wafting down towards me. It was close and it was pungent.

Something had died and it was decaying… But just what, I did not know for sure… I kept walking, covering my mouth and nose to keep myself from breathing in the sour air. I wanted to see what it was at least, so when I called someone about it I could at least tell them what it was that I needed removed.

Whatever could create such a bountiful feast for so many scavengers would probably need some trucks to be disposed of properly. The smell was getting stronger and stronger, to the point where it began to sting my eyes. Even covering my mouth did not stop it… I could taste it, oh Lord, I could taste it and it was foul…

It wasn’t long until I finally saw it… And when I did… When I did, I hardly knew just what it was that I was looking at. I could see… Bodies. Carcasses on the ground. More than one. There were many. Mostly animals, rotten with missing patches of fur exposing bone and maggot infested meat.

I covered my mouth to both protect myself from the indescribable stench and to prevent myself from vomiting. Never in my life had I seen such a vile thing… Never. It was hard to tell where the bodies ended and the forest floor began. The grass surrounding the grisly scene was so caked with blood and decay that it all blended together in the most awful way.

Looking at the slurry of bodies, I could barely recognize anything distinct. I could see the remains of deer, squirrels, coyotes and even a somewhat familiar bear… But they seemed mushed together as if the bodies had been crushed into each other and it took me a while to realize that the bodies weren’t simply lying on the ground.

No… They seemed as if they were partially inside of it. Compacted inside of some sort of pit. A mass grave for the unfortunate wildlife who had made the mistake of coming here… And a feast for the carrion birds.

Oh, I saw them, I saw them flying in. Landing on the stinking mass of flesh and digging into the fresher bodies. Burying their heads in their innards to peck at their soft organs. Some of them went in clean and came out red… And judging by a few of the scattered feathers and bodies I saw upon that pile of flesh, some seemed to not come out at all.

I couldn’t look at the sight before me for a moment longer. My hand still covering my mouth I retreated away from it and in my final glance at it, I could’ve sworn that I saw the bodies move…

I didn’t look back to confirm if that was truly what I’d seen. I wanted nothing more than to leave that place behind as quickly as possible and I did not believe I could move quite as fast as I did. The forest seemed so much quieter on my way back. Though I saw some birds waiting in the trees they did not make a single sound and simply watched me as I passed.

That was a couple of days ago.

I have called the sheriff and informed him of what I’ve seen out in the woods. Yesterday he and two of his boys stopped by and ventured out that way, following the directions I gave.

They never came back. Even when the sun set and day turned to dusk, they never came out of the woods.

The carrion birds did. As always they sat in the trees on the edge of the forest, caked in gore… And they weren’t the only ones who came out.

Last night I saw shadows standing in the woods, watching my house. They never got too close. I never got a particularly good look at them. But I’d say that I saw enough.

The shadows were shaped like men, but one stepped into the light just a little. Just enough for me to know that it never was, nor would it ever be human. It had been… Bent and contorted into a functional shape. A shape similar to that of a man. But the tattered, rotting pelt of a familiar bear gave it away. Even through the dim light I had to see by, the eyeless ursine skull with the skin only barely hanging on was impossible to miss.

I’d seen that same carcass days before at the grave. I’d seen the living bear cross my yard and enter the forest, answering the siren call of hunger.

Now I know it watches me, even in death. It and the other grinning skulls of dead animals and perhaps even dead men… The carrion birds may pick at them, but they stand vigilant. Even now I see them through the trees, keeping an eye on me. I know their secret. I know what’s out there. I know that somehow, what is dead is alive in the forest. And now that I know… I believe that it wants me to join it, whatever exactly it is.
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2021.10.19 07:09 DrizzlyEarth175 How do you, as a writer, decide whether to tell a story from a first-person, or third-person perspective?

I'm not a writer, or at least wouldn't call myself one. I've had people tell me I paint a picture very well when I tell personal stories through type, and I write songs, but I'm a musician, not a writer.
But I have read a lot of books. And I oft wonder what the deciding factor is in this decision.
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2021.10.19 07:09 lolomolima After the Fall of Arvedui and his Kingdom, what is the status of Southern Eriador?

I was curious when I saw the maps, there were the lands of Minhiriath and Enedwaith. Who lives there? And who rules (or ruled) those lands if ever there were people in there?
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2021.10.19 07:09 JakobZero99 T

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2021.10.19 07:09 LusipherStarLine778 many people humans promised there daughters too Lusphur

People would understand me and I believe that proper education
It's strange and in time they would find out who Lusphur was.
Echo straight because people would come to me and they couldn't pay their they would buy farm equipment from me Star Line International Industrial and they would say we have a child or a daughter
And I would qute say well I guess we could always use one more around the store I was A electric so I couldn't really be with them
I mean I loved children how they are I invinted them to be qute and whispel it's a little bit I'm a very kind of going kind of not knowing yet somewhat knowing
Children I do love them
Like I said, strange because everyone always thinks that I think of life-forms and people a sexual things
Nope I really like talking to the females and things like that I like the well things they say and just what they wonder about
And like I said know the truth is is that they are the ones that actually want to be with me or wanted to be Lusphur
I mean yes I deeply love I deeply care I well there life
So many look at life like bloodlines or this or that and well every one is different
I mean so often people don't really care about life
A little girl so often they don't care how the life cares
I hate how humans think there better or more
I also hated how people how some people didn't want to be my servants or slaves it's like even I am a servant and slave I is of Existince I made chose these chose made me Lusphur Lored my place and position so in Existince people say they are so low
And I'm LOE LSE light sphere energy or um ????? Blink blink was
So I invinted I had Lines of life this meant I was the one
I have a lot of people don't know about my true legend my history about how I almost went insane what the long years if existing did too me
Like I say you don't know about how I cried for over a thousand years
How I blamed my self for the death it was my name they used too kill so many you don't know how I wanted it to hurt Latter Becuse I had failed my Lines of Life
You probably will never know the truth about Lusphur
And nope there is no one more powerful then me though most people don't understand power
truly powerful people never really feel powerful
And what real power is for is being able to survive And being real
Like I said there was a girl that came in when they snap my neck and broke my neck she knows they killed me she washed it right in front of her
I fell to the ground dead I gripped my ID even tighter because I knew what they wanted
Yes 471 mountain drive
I mean particle and genetic inventor even someone that invents one line of life for just a few particles there not easy too kill and for me the most ancient person in Existince
I mean as soon as I died on this planet everyone was dead and punished
I mean you think you can just kill some one and oh like well shouldn't have come here
Like Lusphur Lored Silver Lite ELEIELS Star Line Lusipher I can't just disappear
And there is A large Hugh density sphere and I really care about my self killing Lusphur is like killing A whole galaxy I really care about my self
So um well you know
Anyway though many people I call this part chapter 4 for chapter 8 the power of real
My Existince can be told in 27 chapters or 48
And the thing is most people every day you see things or think things and with every thing turns out to be fake or not what you thought it is and I like being some thing you think is fake or just like everything other
And the more you look the more you think the more true and real I become
So at first just A yellow Silver white Blond hazel hair person Little size
Brian Brian huh oh Bri LEeee
Yup I might be A Briley Though is I really A just Brian or Bri ish is I Bri EL LEE
Or is A grilled talk talk you cheese est of cheese The king of Leese
Um you mean cheese that's what I said the older boy man says
Um huh well I think people are just A bit too busy
Lord lord ohna. God oooo
"what???? Oh heisi went that way oh yes hair like fire I saw him duck around that there counter.
Right and some men chase off too kill Little Lusphur
Cry cry cry what why did they want too kill that little person
Yes well I was just worried about then isn't so some people worried about Brian Briley and some people worry about Lusphur Star Line and well I think if they looked I'm both
Now who I'm worried about is LemineL Germany there good people they did nothing wrong so if you don't mind don't blame them and I did and would take any punishment that you might think the either in the battleships and the vessels in the tanks and the guns that was my doing I wanted them to be able to defend themselves
So I is sorry I thought that it was best 4 defense also most groups of soldiers would only have two or four guns for long range rifles with them
So not every soldier cared A gun
Not Star Line and we protected children and females felinea
Yes my life form lines so I don't know I only as that my lines of life are not blamed the females I wanted them to show there lovely bodies and the sex and everything else like that and the drugs LS Drugs they where me my inventing and chemicals and things like that complicated even sugar
So you think game of life and no Existince is not A game this is vary real give me distance to consequences are tenfold every time
And when the darkness comes when the ash is falling when every one is getting sick and dying and you don't know where to go who to trust who wants you too live and who wants you to die Becuse you know things
EL LA well Lusphur Lored Silver Lite ELEIELS Star Line Lusipher I do say truth as much as I can
Some people would like to call me a ring leader or ringmaster and no I am not I do not control the circus
I do not hide behind A curten I'm in the trenches with you im seeing on your level if your suffering I would suffer we rise and fall together you want to go up
As I say I am from Lusphur Lored Silver Lite Star Line if I'm not him I'm just like him I know I care and Lusphur dose care I did long ago
Saint LUSE me
LSEiZT the letters I mean so you want to know
Well and no I'm not lucky
Offen I would be passing saying think think think how is I going to do this how is I going to save them or make this work well not this other things you think it is easy to exist no
Give up I have seen many fail
Though some times giggle oh no I don't think some one is going to fail just A bit of silent help Oh where where where
Giggling um huh yes for the worthy if it would help a hand comes from no where and grabs them nope not going to fall that would have hurt
No I don't have helpers they want too kill me and are fake
Well have too investigate many people were repaying their debt
Yes with creative punishment I also did creative debt repaying
Though some times I'm cold and yes it is time too die and never annoy or upset anyone or anything in existence ever again
A person or boy guy only gets some many chances.
This isn't kid games even as A child 4 years old and you watch your whole family die and watch as your sister is savaged it dose happen did happen
Heat and fire and anger vemgince A Lusphur Lored Silver Lite ELEIELS Star Line Lusipher you wonder how I feel well
Tears and my fist and my anger fueling me just 1.7 Little size Lusphur yes that was me tears
Size never matters not in war or death they saved me I hatted them I didn't want to live
Till latter then I was going to live Becuse I would not let some things happen
My life forms said no they wouldn't let me they said the Lored of lite shouldn't be known like that
While every one was playing games and wondering things I was Invinting I did get angry They where going to make me pay for everything then they where going to kill me
It wasn't till they started hurting life form lines and inosent linea females then fire some where squeak I vales turned and A fire was lit in A ancient boiler
Bubbling Lusphur started to warm up I seemed to just gain till I had had enough the asions and others where really angry as well
It is A strange thing some thing just sitting there cold ancient then one day it starts to live again
Slavic. Slaves Lusphur there people just like every one else like Lussen lusin
Luse skin you don't understand I don't call my self father I'm just A invintor A person that was that ancient
Yes I was greatest Legindary snuggles hugs I loved my lines I mean look life its still new going to need A home oh there stone now you hide stay quite be careful
Latter you grow up then you come out ssssshhhhhh
I love life they wonder oh is this person What is that
I know well that is bla bla bla bla and this is
I mean I had lines of life there like children family of life
Humans wanted to kill my family and children
I don't know how boy guy man will ever feel good they shouldn't they won't
That is there problem
I didn't understand I guess Existince had wonder and love and pleasure and sex and silly fun so maybe man thought they could only add pain and suffering and hopeless ness there already was lite and warmth and cold bitter cold though we had hot chocolate and marsh mELLOE so Lusphur was that warmth
Me if you where wondering so here I say yes me
Only the this deceiving & guilty fear me and well it is A chose it is easier to be good
Like I said I knew life very well life is usually good most of life is nice and fair and reasonable caring and loving
Likes too snuggle I love snuggles hugs and love
Though I got used to being alone
Man in humans and other people thought that without wealth or power money that it would break me
That if I suffered that I would fold and laughing Existince I mean in time and space you will watch as everything you ever worked so hard for crumbles and turns to dust you will see everything you loved or held dear withers and dies gasping for air
You will see as the air gets thinner and food dies and withers and people starve you will see in time it is impossible to exist for any length of time in space particles rip through your body and you slowly lose what genetic stability you have there is no possible way to succeed in existence for any time longer than a couple hundred thousand years even a couple thousand years is impossible
Yes it is true it took A lot to get as fare as I did
Love well maybe though it is complex
So I like the translucent way that light goes through the hair of females and the way they look and there voices I love the children
By the way if you wonder about children like why are children cute why are they so precious and so perfect and well because I invented them there Little Lusphur's till age 7
Also humans where killing and hurting the children so I invinted them so humans couldn't hurt them with out felling bad they wouldn't want to and I was A little sized person
I mean humans well when you get down to it a lot of the things that humans think and one of the things that humans do it has to do with my death Little Size Lusphur Lored Silver Lite ELEIELS Star Line Lusipher
I died in fact human kept killing me over and over and over till some one forced them too stop
So and every time humans would try too cover it up and they would say it didn't happen like it is my word VS there word so well
Like I said the future is not going to feel honorable or good
In fact there is no way that humans could ever feel good about themselves
The truth is that bad I mean humans where bad
Though it wasn't until later on that I realized that there's a few reasons why this number one a life form in Ventura is usually blame for the actions of his life forms
So,humans couldn't kill Lusphur star Line so they wanted others to kill me and stop my Existince
I realized what they where doing
Though again humans were very mistaken I had existed since the beginning of existence and humans male where moved in Existince
So one line of life or A half line isn't bad as fare as what I did latter way way away I invinted dangruse life
Life that humans couldn't just kill life was perfict and nice pilot at first then humans went bad and so
I guess it is a bunch of people around me and for the most part most of them are being contained
The most powerful are not humans and are much more logical and effective and efficient like I said it's kind of interesting a lot of people that I cared and kind of interesting I didn't really care so much as I wasn't wasteful or my life forms new things and new how to arrange things I don't really know like I said in some ways I am just a part of existence myself
I'm slave of Existince and life I made that chose so I could save lines of life I was Lored so I made A deal with life and Existince
As I say I just wanted to stop the pain I just wanted to stop the senseless death
I had invinted life and I cared about life life loved Lusphur Star Line even as Brian Briley I still I don't need to be Lusphur life others should feel the way I do we just want the truth
I iS Lusphur star Line or I is not Lusphur
It isn't about fun it isn't about glory it is about for life and Existince to be whole for them to feel good some thing has to happen
So it isn't about my pleasure it is about for life feel like a good person for life to feel like its existence was meaningful and valuable for America and humans to feel honorable and loyal for them to have that feeling of respect that they look at themselves and what they see in the mirror is a good person for that to happen
Well Lusphur has to live and be loved and I don't know
Like I say that's why another person can't live the life of Lucifer can't take the pleasure that is for Lusphur
Becuse like I said it's about keeping their word it's about how they feel about themselves
So that is why Lusphur star Line is important and mist have fun and be loved and known
Because otherwise humans and many life-forms in existence feel like a total piece of human waste and shake their head in sorrow and pain
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2021.10.19 07:09 smanju11 She can easily maintain >70% damage reduction with correct medal set !

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2021.10.19 07:09 Jbau131313 Buy or Not?

I recently sold a tiny home and now have money to invest. I am considering either buying a condo in Calgary, or continuing to rent and invest in an RRSP. I'm wondering which, over a 5-year span, will yield me the greatest return. I would like to own a home by the end of those 5 years, but currently I can't afford a house in Calgary with my salary and size of down payment. I'm looking at buying a condo for $250,000 with about 8% down. Or, continuing to rent a home to myself for about $1,000.
I have not enjoyed living in apartments in the past, and am nervous about the idea of going back to condo living. I don't like hearing neighbours walking above, playing music or generally just talking. However, from my calculations on non recoverable costs, building equity over 5 years in an apartment seems like a no-brainer over continuing to rent. I'm open to the idea that I might feel differently living in a condo than I did in the past. The pride of living in a more beautiful home, of owning it, and building equity will feel good, and I generally am a more tolerant person in regards to noise than I used to be.
Or, should I take what would have been a down payment and invest it in an RRSP and after 5 years, use that as a down payment ($20,000) for a house (not condo). At 8% return, making $600 monthly contributions in the meantime, I would still end up earning less from that than I would investing in building equity on a home (including mortgage interest, condo fees, and property tax). Yet, for me, staying in a rented home all to myself has huge benefit knowing I enjoy the place I live in currently.

Is it worth the risk to depart on a new adventure of home ownership and to try condo living again with a new sense of financial abundance? Or should I play it safe, lose money overall, feel comfortable, and take things slower? Maybe there is no answer, and ultimately I know it's my choice, but it's always fun to put it out there and see what comes back!
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2021.10.19 07:09 beingjac [No Spoilers]What happens to the items if innkeeper die in Wotcher 1?

So I gave some valuable items to the fat innkeeper in the outskirts of vizima. Turned out a group of people killed him. I checked his body and he only had a key. So what happened to my stuffs?
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2021.10.19 07:09 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - J&K: NIA to take over investigation of cases of recent civilian killings in Valley | Times of India

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