when will we be able to get cases for the series 7 watches ?

2021.10.19 08:16 LoveWasTaken when will we be able to get cases for the series 7 watches ?

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2021.10.19 08:16 CapitalFamous4644 Paranoid about if this was illegal

Warning: Fucked up themes
22M right now Throwaway acc
A year ago, I stumbled upon a jerkoff sub. What this entails is basically men/women meeting up online through different communication apps to send pictures of attractive people (perhaps Porn/and other things they enjoy), sexualise and masturbate over them together.
As I was around 19/20 that time, I was more interested in women my age/younger. I would ask for "teens", expecting them to be 18-21. I wasn't into anything illegal and i would intentionally never do so. However, there were few various times where the guys there would send me photos of innocent POSSIBLY underaged teens. The photos sent were nothing illegal. It was just basic photos you can find on a google search. Some were younger which I never back interacted with. I never sent anything back that entailed anything underaged but I would never stop them. I just let them send it. I felt guilty that i should have blocked them but I never did. I was weirdly curious about people's depraved fantasies, sometimes even jokingly participating in the conversation even deep down to see if I'd be aroused. Never was. Felt very guilty but I kept telling myself that these were just weird innocent fantasies that people would never act on.
Until I stumbled upon two users. On the time of asking for "teens", i got messaged by a user. He asked me if I liked teens and innocently, I'd thought they would be 18+ adult "teen" and if not, it would be just be an olderish teenager in an innocent setting that i would have likely ignored or replied back "nice". However, they were pornographic videos (faces not shown).Now, I have told myself that these girls were 18+ (MAYBE TO SEEK REASSURANCE) but I can't shake the feeling that I unintentionally received CP. This happened twice. My heart absolutely dropped. Sometimes, I have anxiety about this and that i unwillingly/innocently accessed something that was really fucked up/ still scars me to this day. I wasn't looking for anything illegal.
After it happened, I deleted every app that I had. I never used them again. I know deep down, I'm not a monster and am not a P. These experiences were likely just my curiosity of depraved fantasies that people had. I felt guilty I never stopped them/blocked them sending pictures of younger teens in their 16s although the content sent was never illegal. However, last paragraph event happened.
I've gotten out of this thinking but sometimes, I'm paranoid that i am going to be locked away for good. Did i do anything bad?
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2021.10.19 08:16 ItzSteelTerror Grug

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2021.10.19 08:16 Neo772 Doing my part! 741: Filed a complaint vs DTCC, Citadel Sec and Co

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2021.10.19 08:16 Alexexec Yellow Supra

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2021.10.19 08:16 Gribble_Monk Question about Rune Knights in Eberron

So in Tasha’s there’s a fighter subclass all about runes. The class description talks a lot about Giants, and my experience between 3.5/Pathfinder and 5e makes me heavily associate any rune-themed thing as related to Giants.
Question is, would the giants in Xen’drik utilize runes similar to a rune knight? I’m currently planning a campaign set in Stormreach and the Xen’drik jungles and I feel like making several rune knight archetypes would be more interesting to interact with than your run of the mill giant stat blocks combat-wise and RP-wise, especially for the planned Giant NPCs in Stormreach. If not, I’ll probably just homebrew it into the campaign anyway but I like trying to have everything I come up with line up with established lore.
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2021.10.19 08:16 ConstructionNo9034 when dakblake give Miss.tea a make over

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2021.10.19 08:16 highestintheroom Does anyone know which newsboyz episode has Trevor and Zach doing the bit about Batman never swearing?

It was in a conversation they had about the snyder cut and I’ve tried to search on wkukplus but im struggling to find it
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2021.10.19 08:16 VariationRepulsive59 Mocking Rog

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2021.10.19 08:16 grimeyes Do guaranteed 4 star tickets expire?

Just wanted to know if I should keep these for the Re:Zero event
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2021.10.19 08:16 TheTromo hmmm

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2021.10.19 08:16 love_poison_ Priyanka Talukdar Tightest Hot Bod

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2021.10.19 08:16 pineapplesoda1e-3 AWS Lambda

What happens if i invoke Lambda function thats still in process.
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2021.10.19 08:16 Onisontahh Feel like I’m failing and too dumb to grasp the information?

So I’m taking this assembly language class and I’m embarrassed to say this but I’ve been chegging the code, looking up the hw assignments, and just doing everything I can just get by snd it’s catching up to me. I know it’s bad and wrong, but I just don’t have enough time to dedicate to learning a language, especially at the rate that they’re teaching us. I don’t understand how some people get it, but there are also other people who are not getting anything snd they just are doing the same thing as me.
In my other class I’m putting my best effort to succeed, I’m attending tutoring, I’m studying and re doing the hw’s, and it’s just so hard to grasp. It’s a circuits class and like they make it so hard to here people say it’s another weed out course. I just don’t have enough time, today I got up, went to work, did my lab with my partner while i was in a zoom class, snd then finished at 8. Came home and then ate, it’s now 11 o clock and I realized o forgot to do a hw assignment yesterday, and now I’m trying to do it.
If my life was school than maybe I could do it, but I’m having extreme doubts. What if I fail out, what if I just work retail for the rest of my life, what if I can never move out, what if I’m a failure, and the list goes on. I’m trying to ground myself but I think I’m going to have to sacrificed a class for my sanity.
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2021.10.19 08:16 Dangsta_03 My application for a cameraman for Gus Johnson

Hey Gus,
I noticed you haven’t replied to the 73 emails, or the Twitter, Instagram and TikTok DMs I sent you, so here is my application
My name is Daniel, I’m 18 and I currently live in Australia. Every time you want to shoot a video you probably will have to let me know in advance and also pay for my flight but I don’t think that you’ll mind much. I take pictures of my friends and also videos of my dog all the time so I’m borderline professional really. I shoot using my iPhone 6 and edit in iMovie, usually adding music that may or may not get you a copyright strike
Also I really like chips, or what you seem to call fries in the US, so anytime we shoot I will bring some.
I want to write more but I really need to pee.
Eddy if you’re reading this show this to gus thank youuuu
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2021.10.19 08:16 nowaythrowawayokyay Can't get you off my mind.

M, why do you stick out? Why can I remember what you were wearing the last time we talked when I know I couldn't do that for anyone else? Why do I find every excuse to be near you? Why does it seem like you're doing the same?
I look at the calendar mentally noting which days I'll see you. I'll wear gently tighter clothing, sometimes I see it catches you off guard. I look forward to them even though it's usually only a few minutes, and that's because we end up talking a bit to stretch it out.
I know you're awake when I'm able to get on here, but I doubt you use reddit. Why do I wish you'd see these so bad? Piece everything together and figure out that it's me talking to you.
I almost hinted at it a few times. Maybe toss it into a general statement disguised as me spilling gossip. A decent bit of the girls really do find you attractive. Would you jokingly ask if I was included it that? Would I have the balls to casually say yeah or would I get quiet and blush?
I know there's really no option for us. Maybe just one kiss. I know one kiss would never be enough. I'd always want more. Your hands running down the small of my back. Hearing your breath catch as I press my body against yours and gently bite your bottom lip. Until one of us gets a moment of clarity and stops.
I shouldn't even think of it. But in those rare moments we're alone it's all my mind is screaming. Tell him. "Accidentally" brush his leg or hand with your hand. Why do these stupid truck seats have to be so far apart?!
Until I see you again
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2021.10.19 08:16 AllenTSPL Question

Is Star Wars Battlefront 3 cancelled? Was there ever one in the making?
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2021.10.19 08:15 xnordfgdfgdfg Check this out, pretty funny

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2021.10.19 08:15 royalhighplayerqwq Trading my 2 shadows(both fr and full grown) for rh halos ,diamonds , robux , robux gc's

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2021.10.19 08:15 slwicky ok hummmm

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2021.10.19 08:15 soul_kate Every f time 🥺😰

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2021.10.19 08:15 Virtual_Respect8331 should i sell or keep them ?

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2021.10.19 08:15 Turtle456 Homöopathischer Arzneimittelhersteller bringt zuckerfreie Globuli auf den Markt

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2021.10.19 08:15 apocalypse_then El punt final al procediment, fet de tinta

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2021.10.19 08:15 NAVI_EN_ The Morning Show Season 3 - Renewals, Release Dates and More! • The Awesome One

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