Would a Hive Mind FE be feasible?

2021.10.19 06:50 TiberiusMaximus1985 Would a Hive Mind FE be feasible?

I’m wondering if a biological Hive Mind FE would be feasible at all?
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2021.10.19 06:50 thecrownseason2 *pretty* sure i saw that elliot scammer guy over in newbury today. he was wearing a brown ish trench coat and looked pretty put together. y’all be safe out there

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2021.10.19 06:50 DOOM6136 Huge mail day! PM me any questions

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2021.10.19 06:50 yummybanchan Jihyo - light purple prom dress, the feels mv behind the scenes, slow mo

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2021.10.19 06:50 optimashprime_25 26 [M4R] Australia/Brisbane/Online - Continuing my assignments, help keep me sane?

Hello people, how's it going? :)
As with yesterday, I am continuing to work on some research assignments (Yes, they never end) and could do with a chat to keep me sane 🤣. I feel like I am fighting to keep hold of all of my brain cells, a fight that may not be going my way 😂. But, I shall persist and by the end of it, my brain shall be mush.
If you are interested in preserving my brain cells, we can talk about anything you like, I like meeting all kinds of people. I don't judge, just be nice to me and I'll be nice to you. As always, anyone is welcome to come and chat with me.
We can chat here, or I have several other platforms that we can use, just let me know what you prefer :)
If you wanna chat, send me some info about yourself and a conversation starter. Alternatively, there is a question game that we can play send me a number, and I'll answer it. If you don't like the question game, we can totally talk about other things.
Anyways, some quick facts about me.

Have a great day all :)

P.S. Blue/Bold text are hyperlinks, click them for goodness :)
P.S.S. I don't particularly like big groups. I kindly ask that you don't try to add me to them, I am not interested.
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2021.10.19 06:50 gorillaguangzhe Most X Apes are not registering their shares but we NEED them to!

If planet Short Hedge Funds shoots a missile at the 2021-GME Asteroid which is about to crash into and eradicate much of life on their planet, it would shatter into:
One largest piece Several very large pieces Dozens of large pieces Hundreds of medium sized pieces Thousands of small pieces Etc...
But when we look at the most recent DRSBOT Numbers (as of starting this post):
XXXXXX | 0 (but we know DFV has 200,000+) XXXXX | 1 XXXX | 49 XXX | 396 XX | 663 X | 225 ?!?!?!
There should be at least a thousand X positions registered!
Yes, I know that a lot of time as passed for people to increase their positions, but a lot of time has also passed for people to join this movement.
ta;dr It doesn't matter how many shares you have. YOU matter in this fight. DRS your shares!
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2021.10.19 06:50 EricSchC1fr Yes, Colin Powell Was Fully Vaccinated. He Was Also Seriously Immunocompromised. | Anti-vaxxers are having a field day with Powell’s death.

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2021.10.19 06:50 dragonfax No luck with the 5G mod.

Thought I'd try to breathe some life into my Moto Z3 to keep it around a little longer. The 5G mods are cheap now, sometimes $20. But I haven't had any luck with verizon getting it to work.
I went to the store, and they added a line for the attachment (apparently it needs one). And upgraded my plan to a 5G plan. But that didn't work and they told me to call for a technician. I called and the guy said I needed to have a 5G sim card, so he sent me one. That took a week to arrive, and when I put it in, it refused to activate. Another call with support and they got it to activate, but still no 5G.
I live in a place just littered with 5G including the Ultra Wide Band.
Any suggestions?
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2021.10.19 06:50 Waffleraider Jyoti Gondek elected Calgary Mayor, CBC link

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2021.10.19 06:50 Dsr1029 “You look like you got your shit together.”

This is a compliment I got from TWO separate people at work today, in a genuine and sweet manner 😂 My confidence has been through the roof since I quit drinking. I have people asking me what’s so different about me almost every day. Some VERY noticeable physical changes, and an overall change in my attitude towards everything. My problems are the same, but how i deal with them and view them has changed. I feel like I’m becoming the sill and witty old me i used to be before i fell in love with drinking. I really missed myself. I have the biggest grin on my face writing this before bed. Goodnight my friends. Be patient with your journey. Changes will happen. Happy will look good on you 👍
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2021.10.19 06:50 Best_Ad2953 #LifeStory_Of_NabiMuhammad जीवनी हजरत मुहम्मद पृष्ठ 307 से 315 हजरत मुहम्मद जी द्वारा मुसलमानों को कहा गया कि खून-खराबा मत करना, ब्याज तक भी नहीं लेना। क्या वर्तमान में मुसलमान भाई-बहन हज़रत मुहम्मद जी की बातें मानते हैं...? Last Prophet Sant Rampal Ji

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2021.10.19 06:50 duckdangerouss Finally got my new balance and this is how this arrived 😩

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2021.10.19 06:50 noncebasher Average janny can't take a joke

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2021.10.19 06:50 maleiacona my first oil painting!

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2021.10.19 06:50 james321232 goodnight everyone

I hope everything is going to be ok.
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2021.10.19 06:50 Nerwesta Hausse des prix : Leclerc va vendre ses carburants à prix coûtant jusqu’au 30 octobre

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2021.10.19 06:50 Formaldehead When DPS reports an attack, is the “Destination” port internal or external?

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2021.10.19 06:50 pancakes9163 The one day I dont have school

my sister wakes me up at 7 in the morning crying and begging for “rice”
because she had a dream about it im guess
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2021.10.19 06:50 alexaclova Hero Killer - Episode 26

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2021.10.19 06:50 Ashamed_Analysis_797 accessories

if i get swan glasses should i use it instead of black spikey coat? im a fruit main
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2021.10.19 06:50 DeclanGilsenan PYNK (Grimes Vocal Mix) 🌸🧠🕷🍰🧚🏻‍♀️🗡🍡🐇

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2021.10.19 06:50 ContentForager Itto ascension and talent farming materials (/r/GenshinImpactLeaks)

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2021.10.19 06:50 SnottyChunks Both great games

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2021.10.19 06:50 NotAnAppliance Kal V'Chomer

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2021.10.19 06:50 712588Kf Alrighty guys, I guess we’re making assumptions. Go go go!

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