Looking to buy oculus quest 2 for my daughter for Christmas, a couple questions…

[It is nighttime in Surrey, we see an owl on the street sign "PRIVET DRIVE" and the camera pans to the street with very identical looking brown bricked houses. The owl flies away and an elderly man with crimson robes and a long silvery white beard named Albus Dumbledore walks out of a forest near the street, past a tabby cat standing next to what looks like a shed. He takes out his deluminator ... I got it the next Thursday. I have played on it for a few hours and it does even more than I expected. The gaming is fantastic. Doesn't run hot even while playing VR. I used my Oculus Quest 2 with "Virtural desktop" app to play Skyrim VR and it was stunning. Obviously it is not high end VR experience but entry-level VR works great on this PC. Bought this for my son for Christmas. Was a huge hit and he really loves it. He's a 3 sport athlete in high school and not an apple fan. This watch was a great alternative and has every feature he wanted and needed and at the black friday sales price, money saved was a huge bonus. The JBL Flip 5 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers available right now and it’s always a hit around Christmas time. It can connect to up to 2 smartphones or tablets at a single time and ... Disclaimer. Apple is my #2 position in my investments after Tesla. I also am invested in Apple competitors, Qualcomm, Snap, Microsoft, Amazon, and about 50 other companies in a diverse portfolio. That said, I’m very bullish about Apple and expect it to be a lot bigger by 2030 than it is today, because of this strategical shift underway. Clyde Donovan, formerly Clyde Goodman and Clyde Harris, is one of the boys' classmates. His birthday is April 10, as seen on his Facebook profile page in "You Have 0 Friends". In "Crack Baby Athletic Association", it is revealed that Clyde's mother is Dutch, and as such, he has at least some Dutch ancestry. Clyde is a member of Craig's Gang. Clyde Donovan is a regular member of Craig's Gang ... Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review: Left behind At Microsoft's annual Surface event, it launched a brand new, Surface Pro 7, with a couple of small updates to highly-popular 2-in-1. Though the more expensive Surface Pro X has many of the updates people have anticipated, the Surface Pro 7 has Time stamped video showing a comparison of graphics on Rift vs Quest. Custom map support is built-in. Unlike the broken promise of native custom song support on the Quest version of Beat Saber (made back in May 2019), the PC version of Beat Saber has custom song support built in. No hacking or modding is required if this is the only thing you desire Beat Saber for. The content you're looking for is no longer available. No Longer Available. Spencer Platt/Getty Images. Vanessa Yurkevich, CNN. The content you're looking for is no longer available. No Longer Available. SOPA Images. By Ramishah Maruf, CNN Business. Southwest canceled more than 2,000 weekend flights and the disruption ...

2021.10.19 08:11 fluxexitss Looking to buy oculus quest 2 for my daughter for Christmas, a couple questions…

So, we used to have the psvr but it broke, and my daughter loved it. She’s had a hard year so I’d like to get her something nice. We have a decent gaming pc, it’s an Alienware aurora R7 (I know it’s not required, but I do want to use the link to get steam games) and I have an ok grasp on setting up pc’s, consoles and such… is the quest difficult to set up? We have a medium amount of room in our living room… does it require a lot of room? I’m asking all of there’s questions in contrast to the psvr. Are there any glaring cons to the quest? Is there a vr that is preferred for a similar price? Thank you, any and all advice is welcome.
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2021.10.19 08:11 Schmidtis_Blog Google Pixel 6 und Pixel 6 Pro: Die ersten Hands-On Bilder sind da - Schmidtis Blog

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2021.10.19 08:11 bogeymanskunk गर्लफ्रेंड की शादी

कल गर्लफ्रेंड की शादी थी,
रोते-रोते उसने कार्ड दिया था,
मैं रिसेप्शन में जा पहुँचा !
वहाँ गेट पर उसके पापा मिले!
मुझे देख वो हीरोपंती फ़िल्म के प्रकाश राज के जैसे थोड़ा सकपका गए,
उन्हें लगा शायद मैं कुछ ऐसी-वैसी हरकत न कर दूँ,
उनकी बेटी की शादी में कुछ ख़लल पड़े!
उनके चेहरे की रंगत देख मैं समझ गया
उनके पाँव छूकर कहा,
"आप बेफ़िक्र रहें,मैं सिर्फ़ बधाई दे चला जाऊँगा!"
स्टेज़ पर जा कर मैंने बनावटी मुस्कान वाली शक़्ल बनाई,
गम छुपाया
और अपनी गर्लफ्रेंड
और उसके पति को विश किया,
फिर वापस जाने के लिए गेट की तरफ बढ़ गया!
अचानक उसके पापा ने मेरा हाथ पकड़ा
और मुझे वहाँ से साईड ले जा के बोले,
"तुमसे अच्छा लड़का नहीं मिलता बेटा,
लेकिन क्या करें जात समाज के बंधन।
तुम तो समझदार हो बेटा,
तुम्हें खोने का दुःख मुझे, और मेरे परिवार को हमेशा रहेगा।।"
इतना कहते हुए उनका गला भर आया,वो रोने लगे!
मैंने उन्हें कहा, "देखिए अंकल!
जो हुआ,
अब उसे बदल नहीं सकते,
फिर ये आँसू बहाने का क्या मतलब?
तो जाने दीजिए इन बातों को!!!
लेकिन ध्यान रखिए अगले महीनें को
हमारे यहाँ विधानसभा के लिए मतदान है,
और एक बार फिर
हमें योगीजी को दोबारा मुख्यमंत्री पद पर बैठने का मौका देना है।
आपने जात पात के चक्कर में
मुझ जैसे होनहार को खो दिया चलता है,
लेकिन इस बार योगीजी को खो दोगे तो फिर जीवन भर पछताना पड़ेगा।
सो प्लीज़.....
VOTE_for ...YOGI JI.......!! 🚩🚩🙏🏼🙏🏼
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2021.10.19 08:11 Empty_Support8876 Bass house artists

I would appreciate suggestions for good bass house artists!!! 🥰
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2021.10.19 08:11 Thembatterry My planet

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2021.10.19 08:11 Poseidon8264 Which scenario would give us the best chance of survival? One alien race attacking us, two alien races attacking us but they're both enemies or an alien race being allies with us, but five allied alien raves attack us?

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2021.10.19 08:11 PsychicDelilah eight

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2021.10.19 08:11 Peherre The Atacama Giant is an anthropomorphic geoglyph in the Atacama Desert, Chile. It is the largest prehistoric anthropomorphic figure in the world with a length of 119 metres, and was made between 1000-1400 CE. The figure was an early astronomical calendar used for predicting the weather [1080x1310]

The Atacama Giant is an anthropomorphic geoglyph in the Atacama Desert, Chile. It is the largest prehistoric anthropomorphic figure in the world with a length of 119 metres, and was made between 1000-1400 CE. The figure was an early astronomical calendar used for predicting the weather [1080x1310] submitted by Peherre to chile [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 08:11 arslanshan Paper Flower Wall Hanging | Easy Wall Decor Ideas| Paper Craft Easy

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2021.10.19 08:11 SoulShadow1743 Something watches me while I sleep

Hello, this is my first post on this subreddit to help me figure out this phenomenon. I am legitimately terrified and I honestly don't know what to do.
I do believe in the paranormal and ghosts and demons and all of those things. I just always been very skeptical. I watch a lot of scary stuff on YouTube but chalk it up to strings attached to props, photoshop, editing, etc. I always loved watching scary stuff ever since I was a kid. I would watch Courage the Cowardly Dog on Cartoon Network/Boomerang. I would watch almost every episode of Goosebumps and read almost all of the books (until it got too much for me). And I would always watch those "Top 10 Creepy" whatever. I still do to get entertainment as I rarely get actually scared by them. These videos are always fake which is why I am skeptical of real ghost stuff. But now, I'm starting to rethink my skepticism.
I am always home alone during the day. My parents are at work and my sister goes to school. I am doing college online, so I just chill with my dog in the living room. I usually stay up late playing games or listening to music so I try to get some sleep on my recliner. And if I don't get enough sleep, I sleep during the night. But it has been getting harder to do that.
Someone watches me fall asleep. Something watches me close my eyes and drift off into my dreams. It appears in the corner of my eye each time I'm about to fall asleep.
A shape swallowed by darkness. With empty, shallow sockets where eyes should be. A gaping mouth, almost unhinged from its face. A decaying corpse that looms overs wherever I sleep.
It watches me from a far. When I go to sleep on my recliner, it watches me from the distant halfway, half covered by the wall. When I go to sleep, it watches me from the corner of my room. Standing there. Staring. It stands there and never moves until I fully wake up.
I can never see it when I fully open my eyes. Nothing happens whenever I'm awake or anything. The only unusual thing that happens is the noise my house makes ever since we moved in. Nothing paranormal or anything. But I am starting to suspect that some stuff that happens in this house is because of that thing.
This has only started last 2 or 3 days ago. I'm not sure if it has been here before and I didn't notice it. I don't know if my mind is playing tricks on me. I just know that it's there. And it won't go away.
I don't want to tell my parents because then they'll be concerned about me. Whether if I'm hallucinating or not. But I know I'm not. I know what I see. I can feel it's presence staring at me.
What should I do? Am I actually hallucinating? Or is it something paranormal? I'm fucking scared and I don't want to sleep tonight.
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2021.10.19 08:11 PARAGON_Vayne Is this accurate ? 🤡🗡

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2021.10.19 08:11 Belkan-Ace115 I

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2021.10.19 08:11 killerk9zz How should I go about learning unreal engine 5? As a complete beginner, or should I just use unity?

I’ve been dying to give making a game a crack
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2021.10.19 08:11 Known_Celery_5083 Something's seriously wrong with Gon here

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2021.10.19 08:11 East_Ad_5341 Raloxifene helped the hard mass of my gyno, but still poofy??

It’s been a while since I’ve taken mk677 so idk if it could even be prolactin based gyno. Any suggestions?
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2021.10.19 08:11 NOOPS__SPO Good morning to our newest delegators! Welcome to NOOPS pool. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or just to say hello!

Good morning to our newest delegators! Welcome to NOOPS pool. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or just to say hello!
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2021.10.19 08:11 nontdevil How to change videos in video_player?

I want to be able to change the video that the video_player is playing (in real time). How would I do that? I've looked around and I don't seem to quite get how to do it.
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2021.10.19 08:11 Tatermaniac A few demoknight weapon ideas i came up with, idk if they are allowed here or not

1: The Immortals Edge (melee)
(=) This weapon deploys and holsters slower, has a longer attack range and deals no random critical hits
(+) You get one soul for each kill, like the eyelanders heads
(+) On death: If you have 2 or more souls, use up 2 of them to be revived automatically with half of your max health and 1 second of damage and knockback immunity
(-) -25 max health
(-) additional 25 less max health for each time you revive (min. 100)
(?) Getting killed by the eyelander or any other head collecting sword will still result in revivial, but all additional souls you still have after you revive will be taken by the person who killed you

So the idea with this weapon is that it lets you survive for longer, but the more you use the revival ability, the lower your max health goes, until you can be one-shot by a grenade or rocket. I think if you get revived, it will still count as a kill for things like the bazaar bargain, airstrike and killstreak weapons

  1. Hermes Booties (Primary)
(+) 20% speed boost on wearer
(+) 10% Extra Melee attack speed
(+) Attacking with a melee weapon will launch a spherical projectile that deals 50 base damage with damage fall-off to 20 damage and ramp-up up to 80 damage. This Projectile can only be launched every 0.5 seconds. However, for 2 seconds after finishing a shield charge, this cooldown is completely removed and you can launch them as fast as you can attack
(-) Shield bash deals no damage or knockback
(-) Projectile will not be launched if your melee weapon hits an enemy or a wall
(-) Projectile deals self damage and knockback

So if you cant tell from the name and description, this weapon is a terraria reference. Some of the melee weapons in terraria will launch projectiles when they're swung. This weapon (not really a weapon but w/e) could help with demoknight being countered by pyro and sentries. obviously its not as good against sentries as a good old-fashioned grenade launcher, but if you're playing pure demoknight its the best option

  1. The Charging Ram (Shield)
(+) Charge does not stop on impact with enemy
(+) Much bigger knockback on shield bash
(+) More shield bash damage (maybe the same level as splendid screen, or slightly lower)
(+) After charge, your charge meter is increased based on how much bash damage you did (idk how much, maybe 2 damage per % of the meter)
(=) Enemies that are knocked back by shield bash are sent randomly left and right, instead of straight forward
(-) Less shield resistances (maybe somewhere between the tide turner and splendid screen)
(-) Shield charge takes 16 seconds to charge (as oppose to 8 for splendid screen and 12 for the other two)
(-) Drastically reduced turn control (basically, if you arent using the ali babas booties or bootlegger, you can turn at all)

So the idea of this shield is to charge into a large group of enemies and deal tonnes of damage. This would be good for a demoknight thats more based on shield bashing as oppose to melee attacking. I have no idea if this is unbalanced as hell or completely useless, or if its actually balanced (i doubt it). I was thinking of adding a stat that made the charge last longer, but idk if that would be balanced or if it would make it too powerful.

  1. The Trimper
(+) Full turn control on charge
(+) Shield meter recharges in only 6 seconds
(+) No fall damage for 5 seconds after ending a charge
(+) 1 second increased charge time
(-) No resistances
(-) No shield bash damage
(-) No crits or mini-crits on shield charge

So this one is meant to be kinda like the rocket jumper and sticky jumper, but for demoknight trimping. It is completely trash, but thats kinda the point. It's not meant to be used seriously, but I'm sure if it existed someone would make a TrollKnight loadout or something

  1. Ninja sword (not a real name but i cant think of a name for this and this is the best way to describe this)
(=) This weapon deploys and holsters slower, has a larger melee range, and cannot deal random crits
(+) Shield charge is completely silent (demoman doesnt scream and no charge sound, also colliding with a wall would make a quieter sound
(+) Killing enemies will collect heads like the eyelander
(+) Kills will not be broadcasted, and the killed players will not scream (but ragdolls will still be there so its less sneaky than the YER) (Hit sound might also be quieter but idk if that would make enough of a difference)
(+) Pressing the reload key will use one head and throw an orb projectile, this projectile will go through teammates and enemy players and on contact with a surface will teleport the demoknight there (the orb will be slightly slower than a soldiers default rockets and will have an arc that is somewhere between the jarate/mad milk and a fully charged huntsman arrow)
(+) +25/50% charge meter on kill (idk if 25 or 50% would be more balanced)
(-) -50% shield bash damage
(-) Decreased melee range (still longer than the stock, but not as long as the other demoknight swords)
(-) Holstering without getting a kill first will cause you to lose all your heads (to encourage pure demoknight more but still letting it work with hybridknight if your good enough, unlike a certain sword (looking at your Persian Persuader))

So this weapon is meant to be more of a sneaky demoknight but not really. It can definitely let you be expected less, but your not going to be infiltrating an enemy base with this alone. I kinda just wanted a weapon that could consume swords like ammo and just went with the "sneaky" theme for the rest of it

So thats all, constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged, and i hope i didnt bore you with my walls of text. Tell me what you think of these in the comments if you'd like.

Oh also valve if you're reading this... fix hitreg. please
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2021.10.19 08:11 unsolicitedchickpics Flawless

In my last post i vented my frustrations with crucible and asked for tips. Well they worked! Ive gone flawless for the first time ever and its thanks to the friendly people who gave me advice on pvp!
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2021.10.19 08:11 klexys Shogoki themed macro pad and stickers

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2021.10.19 08:11 anthonpetrov Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Legitcheck

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2021.10.19 08:11 georgesk196 End of Service Remuneration

Gratuity payment at the end of employment service is a payment made in a lump sum to the employee for the services provided exceeding one year period. Gratuity reimbursement is a liability to the employer which accumulates as the employee service over a year. In UAE under Federal Law Number 8 of 1980, Article 132 states the employee who has exceeded a service of more than a year, is entitled to gratuity lumpsum at the end of service. Days of nonattendance from work deprived of pay are not involved in gratuity. If the employee terminates his contract before he has served for at least one year, he shall not be entitled to any gratuity pay. Therefore, the calculation of gratuity will depend on the fraction of years served in a company based on the basic salary which does not include accommodation, transportation, utilities, etc. The gratuity is twenty-one days’ (21) basic pay for each year of the first five years of service, thirty days’ (30) basic pay for each additional year, provided that the entire total remuneration shall not exceed two (2) years pay. In case the employee owes any amount to the employer, the employer will be entitled to deduct it from the gratuity pay of an employee. For any legal clarifications on the same, it is always advisable to seek the assistance of good labor lawyers for the same.
The gratuity pay is only for foreign nationals working in UAE since the UAE nationals are entitled to the compulsory national pension plan. Furthermore, the gratuity pay will be decided on the formation of the contract if it’s a limited or unlimited term contract where an employee agrees to the term set forth therein. If the employee resigns before the contract ends, he shall violate labor law and be banned limiting labor rights and compensation paid by the employer. Nevertheless, an unlimited contract does not include an end of service clause. Nevertheless, a notice of termination is mandatory at the end of service from either employer or employee.
Calculation of UAE Gratuity Pay under Limited Contract Every employee at the end of service that exceeds one year will be entitled to gratuity pay. The days where payment is not made to the employee for his absence should not be included in calculating the end of service remuneration. Moreover, if the employee leaves his work before the end of one year period he shall not be paid any remuneration as per Article 138 which states that if the employee in terms of limited contract resigns from his duties before the end of the year he shall not be paid any gratuity unless the term of service by the employee exceeds 5 years.
If the employee has served for a period of 5 years, he shall be entitled to 21 days of work gratuity for each following year till 5. For example, if the salary is 10,000 your daily wage will be AED 333.30 which will be multiplied by 21 days that is AED 6,936. This figure will further be multiplied by the number of years served from five.
If the employee has served the company exceeding 5 years period, he shall be entitled to full gratuity pay of 30 days worked till the five years. For example, the daily wage being AED 333.30 will be multiplied by 30 which is AED 9,999 entitled to five years. Nevertheless, the total amount should not exceed two years of the total salary of an employee.
Calculation of UAE Gratuity Pay under Unlimited Contract In the occurrence of the termination of the contract under the unlimited contract upon resignation by an employee, the employee will be entitled to gratuity as per Article 137. Nevertheless, it will not be applicable if the employee resigns before completion of one year period. If the employee services exceed one year and not more than 3 years period, he shall be entitled to a gratuity pay of 1/3 of 21 days basic salary for end of service remuneration. For example, if the figure of 21 days period is AED 6,999, only 1/3 of the total will be paid that is AED 2,333.
If the employee exceeds the service for more than 3 years period and not less than five years, the employee will be entitled to a gratuity of 2/3 of 21 days basic salary. For example, if the figure of 21 days period is AED 6,999, only 2/3 of the total will be paid which is AED 4,666. If the employee service exceeds five years, he shall be entitled to full gratuity pay of 21 days of basic salary.
In the occurrence of the termination of the contract under the unlimited contract upon by an employer. The employee will be entitled to gratuity pay. Nevertheless, if the service does not exceed one year, the employee will be not be entitled to any gratuity pay. If the employee exceeds the service for more than one year and not exceeding the five years, he shall be entitled to the 21 days basic salary for each year served during the five years. If the employee has service that exceeds more than five years period, he shall be entitled to a gratuity pay of 30 days basic salary for every extra year served over five years.
As per Article 139, the employer is not entitled to pay any gratuity to an employee if the following situation takes place. If the employer dismisses the employee contract under Article 120 which states If the employee provides any fake documentation with regards to his identity if the employment contract is on a probation period and termination took place within that period if the employee is in violation of any safety measures of the company set forth, which will be instructed to the employee either in writing or orally if the normal duties are not being conducted ordinarily and such notice of warning is provided if any secret information of the company is let out without legal permission from good law firms, or if the employee is found in consumption of any drugs on the workplace if the employee in course of his employment commits an assault if the employee is absent from the work for more than 21 days without a legal excuse.
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2021.10.19 08:11 avivi_ bad education

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2021.10.19 08:11 arslanshan Paper Flower Wall Hanging | Easy Wall Decor Ideas| Paper Craft Easy

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2021.10.19 08:11 inkwoods Christmas gift for younger family member (yeah, planning really early)

(I’m getting holiday shopping out of the way before the holidays really happen because I’ll be busy with work)
Looking for something for a 13 year old boy who doesn’t seem to have much attachment to material goods?
He spends most of his free time on the computer either watching funny youtube vids, playing video games, or learning about coding. He’s pretty picky with electronics accessories and while he does enjoy a good old funny gift, they tend to go forgotten within a week. I want to get him something useful and fun, but I can’t really remember what sort of stuff I would have loved at 13. Any ideas? He has pretty much every basic item he might need, so things like headphones or a nice charging cord are out.
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