Is floss a code word for something?

Listerine was invented 135 years ago, first as a surgical antiseptic, but also as a cure for gonorrhea (don’t try that at home). An article from 1888 recommends Listerine "for sweaty feet, and ... MentalFlossVideo on YouTube @mental_floss on Instagram @mental_floss on Instagram @mental_floss on Twitter. ... 15 Famous Companies That Originally Sold Something Else. BY Ethan Trex. August 20, 2013. Flossing is something we all plan to do, but often don't. The good news is there's a simpler and quicker alternative – a water flosser. The AirFloss uses bursts of air and water to clean between your teeth, without the hassle of regular floss.

2021.10.19 07:04 xoxobenji Is floss a code word for something?

I feel like in each episode there’s always someone looking for “floss” is it a code word for cigarettes? Or do the contestants just really care about their dental health? Lol
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2021.10.19 07:04 DoubleTFan Does Dog Blood improve?

I started reading this book by David Moody even though it sounds like a 28 Days Later knockoff where the rage zombies are literally called "haters." During the epilogue the prose was both very generic about the setup and also inconsistent, both claiming that it was immediately "everyone for himself" and then claiming that the non-haters gradually found themselves needing to change their overall strategy with no elucidation or explanation on the transition. Struck me as sloppy, half-assed writing. Is that characteristic of the whole book?
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2021.10.19 07:04 Downtown_Point_9598 How much is neon crow worth?

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2021.10.19 07:04 Adrasto C'era una volta una bevanda chiamata... Radithor!

Tra il 1918 e il 1928 nel New Jersey fu prodotta una bevanda molto popolare chiamata Radithor. Secondo il suo produttore la bevanda curava diverse malattie, inclusa l'impotenza. Radithor consisteva di acqua distillata e radio. In altre parole, conteneva letteralmente radiazioni. Fu ritirato dal mercato intorno al 1932, dopo aver ucciso un tizio chiamato Ebenezer McBurney Byers, un ricco industriale che aveva iniziato a prenderlo nel 1927, bevendone qualcosa tipo 1.400 bottiglie in 5 anni. Quando morì, il corpo di Byers era così radioattivo che dovette essere sepolto in una bara rivestita di piombo. Il creatore di Radithor, un tizio chiamato William J. Bailey, ricevette l'ordine di smettere di vendere il prodotto. Negli anni successivi commercializzó una cintura radioattiva, un fermacarte radioattivo e un meccanismo che pretendeva di rendere radioattiva l'acqua.
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2021.10.19 07:04 EMB_59932 I hope I can get y’all’s help :)

So I reversed into a car, my fault. I have insurance but he doesn’t. How does he claim against my insurance if he doesn’t have any? I don’t really know how this works.
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2021.10.19 07:04 aolsux00 Is the Samsung Q7DT from Costco a good TV? I was thinking about buying it for my dad as a Bday gift

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2021.10.19 07:04 Coeruleum1 Is Multiclassing Super Slow?

Hello, I’m considering doing two levels into sorcerer as a warlock for the Font of Magic feature, will this make getting new warlock class features and spells just feel horribly slow, or is it worth it since I’ve heard people multiclass all the time? Thanks!
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2021.10.19 07:04 lumosdraconis Full promo image from the manhua for the second anniversary!

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2021.10.19 07:04 epooqeo With all the money she has, why doesn’t she fix her hair?

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2021.10.19 07:04 Wottm My first pixel art

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2021.10.19 07:04 Lost_Starship All Lives Matter – Except Not All Lives

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2021.10.19 07:04 BBZak What was tonight's update all about?

Just got done with an 817.42 MB update, been looking around but I haven't seen anything about it. Anybody know what it fixed/changed?
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2021.10.19 07:04 Numerous-Pineapple84 Hype

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2021.10.19 07:04 johnnyswunk Bonus 1 (break the targets) with every character under 1 min each! SSB64

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2021.10.19 07:04 Next_Red_X How heavy is Darden’s workload?

Applied to Darden. It’s well known that between the case method and all, Darden has a very high course load. My question is, how heavy is it? Is it a 50-60 hours a week commitment to lecture and HW, or more/less?
While I’m not looking to coast by in an MBA program, I still want time to chill and hang out with my peers and all.
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2021.10.19 07:04 lilpoppyKZ What y'all think of this strat ? It worked good for me it's very easy to and makes gray imports faster !

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2021.10.19 07:04 AlbertoxVazquez Line from momenthouse

Hey what was the deez nuts style pun made at the beginning?? I can’t remember it. Ty
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2021.10.19 07:04 JustACasualBoy where can i donate my hair?

18M trying to donate my hair, i’ve been growing it out since Oct 2019 and it’s time to get rid of it. My ideal situation is for me to go somewhere and they take as much as they need and not me sending it somewhere.
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2021.10.19 07:04 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-oriana-fallaci-20

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2021.10.19 07:04 Husky042 Why can't I recapture my own gateways?

Why can't I recapture my own gateways? This is really annoying. As you can see in the picture I recaptured my own gateway in my own territory during a war I am still fighting. I completely control the system as there is no planets or anything but the spaceport which is under my control. Yet the gateway is still controlled by the AI?
Shouldn't I have recaptured this?

My version is v.3.1.2 (6df7)
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2021.10.19 07:04 djo_oy スターバックス「焼き芋 フラペチーノ」がハロウィンモードに!「トリート with トリック フラペチーノ」

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2021.10.19 07:04 Pewee501 Looking to trade STH (Read Comment)

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2021.10.19 07:04 hosauser2020 Looking for a mid range long lasting lipstick in semi bright red and one in orangish red, inputs please ? 🤗

Hello all 😊 how are you all doing !
I have to attend a family wedding in next month, I am looking for a red (not deep red or very bright red, something in between ) lipstick in a low or mid range say 400 to 600 rs? I don't always use lipsticks so don't want to splurge on this. I also am looking for a similar color to Lakme 9-5 Naturale Matte Sticks Rouge Metro Shade , unfortunately it's discontinued now. This was a orangish red shade. If anyone can suggest long lasting lipstick for this shade I would appreciate the inputs 😊
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2021.10.19 07:04 earnmoney_survey778 What just kinda disappeared without people noticing?

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2021.10.19 07:04 eggsdotcom Offering free readings in exchange for feedback 🤍

Hi, I have been reading tarot and oracle for 2-3 years now. I have done readings for people I know but now I am being called to read for strangers! Please give me your honest feedback as I am looking to improve!
I wont be entertaining questions like “what does this person think of me” btw. This is about YOUR energy!
Let me know if you are being called to work with my energy 🦋
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