Day 1: it's so hard

2021.10.19 08:38 Remote-Excitement6 Day 1: it's so hard

Realising how much addicted I am. Had multiple urges through out the whole day... Whenever I feel slightly bored, my mind creates an urge.... Day 1 done successfully though.. Hope better days are coming
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Will upvote in return!
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2021.10.19 08:38 keenreefsmoment Do y’all prefer arena or duels

Yeaa really curious about which of these two modes the subreddit plays more
View Poll
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2021.10.19 08:38 TrickyGrapha He’s Too Cute To Not Swipe Right

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2021.10.19 08:38 Illustrious-Hat8348 Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds - 1 Hours relax music ~ Calming Music ~ Meditation

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2021.10.19 08:38 Cunt_Bag My First Mediocre Franchise: Ravencrest Zoo.

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2021.10.19 08:38 nexenta81 Un cotet de gaini e mai eficient decat toata cohorta politica din Romania. Cel putin ai oua.

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2021.10.19 08:38 TOMAHAWKSHOCK Beautiful secret Mew pull out of my 2nd ever ETB

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2021.10.19 08:38 LusipherStarLine778 the young girls felines

They thought how I loved seeing them so young wondering so many scary things
Once I had A girl go into the mens republic headquarters to go look for some information for me
She was scared if was with her in her mind I had others watching her as well she was so brave
She was scared and yes they would have savaged her and hurt her and her family though I was ready to storm the place and I told her to just use my name they would have to let her go I is Lored
Center of the galaxy that thing you know the larger sphere some times you um call me A black whole others might some day be like me though many knew Lusphur Lored Silver Lite ELEIELS Star Line Lusipher 778 EXLLX
ZEiES. Me um 7L L L if I'm mistaken I apologize and yes Apollo
Emissary apology.
I'm with electric my Nexus. I don't really represent the human since they want to kill me and deny me
Boy guy men want to say there me what is it a Harry movement Noah call himself Joseph Bishop Ridge butcher brakebush or whatever basically wanted to he went to the yellow hair my farm to people and said that he was Lucifer
He tried too kill me and take over he thought that if people only knew about him he could take over
How do I say he was trying to have himself called Lucifer in that after I missing that and he tried to say it and then he's was made with out sound
No one thought he was me and he threatened others
Like I said he's the one that actually would actually stay like if you know what's good for you and stuff like
I would say something similar like beneficial and stuff like that it's very complicated and basically was trying to be like me but he couldn't actually be like me like I said they're certain guidelines and rules and laws that protect me from Others
Even now he is being contained and isolated being stoped I was A large galaxy sphere and rick bush bishop angered me so much
I didn't want just some hair removed boy guy man I didn't want some one that looked like him or was related too him I wanted that exact person boy guy um yes I'm the only person though you know what I mean I wanted the one that used my name and killed so,many by order of A 99.7 trillion years ancient Lusphur Lored Silver Lite ELEIELS Star Line Lusipher
My larger self wanted the father with 2 children ken A colth Ceith keath Kolth
So witch ever that one was I have 7 to 14 Lines of Life and most of existence
The start 1/7 so I think he will get removed beside he tried to turn the tables and tried to kill me and stop my Existince so impossible I existed before endoskeleton
So well I was not worried about that I knew I had to exist now A boy guy man from 1944 that lost his hair Becuse he said he was Lucifer and for saying that he was industrialist
Um iZLustriELlitest
Me so well about that um I think I have to exist is LS or is not LS so Lusphur Star Lust just my name so oh well Brian Brian Brian um Briley
Dose it make you feel better i borrow a black voice the
Little peraon walks up whisper whisper whisper To A black man sitting in A vibrant red chair with A high back
witch A deep the black man having tea says "does it make you feel better I would ask"
Do you feel batter if he is A Brian Briley and not A Lusphur Star Line would it make you feel better if the Lored's name was Brian Briley and not Lusphur Star Line Lusphur Lored SiLver Lite ELEIELS Star Line Lusipher
I do love my name and Existince is waiting for Lusphur Lusipher Star Line
They wanted to meet there creator the invintor of Existince
So yes I iS LS
Like I said there's a lot of others that were very upset by all this I care about them
When they yell worried about iS
Do you not care about A scared child or person yelling for there parent
Are you with out feeling do you not care about any one do you only love Becuse they give you pleasure the only do things because you have responsibility is it only because
In time things will stabilize possibly
For one thing you need good clean burn it burning engines you need always be efficient and effective
Do not waist the LemineL Germans do not take credit to not take from another build on your Existince do not to see if you find a mistake or CC something bad promptly admit it fix it
Do what you can to make it right yes some times it might hurt though most young make mistake
Others did do what I said and knew to be right the problem was the humans
Though they don't exist that long and they most of them realize I was right
Though rick bush and Rodney thought they could just fix it at the last minute and I'm in Italy I'm stubborn and I'm angry and I've always been angry and stubborn
I wouldn't let them
You make A chose you pull that trigger can you live with it you take that money you take that credit then latter you find out what you started you cheat some one then you find out who you cheated and you realize the pain too late isn't it yes there is no going back and there is no going forward
Humans didn't know that the center of this galaxy was A Life form
Yes I invinted for trillions of years that is why there is no switch
Nope can't be given million trillions of years of Invinting there is no way to invint for trillions of years in space and Existince
It is strange the idea of just taking things it dose not work
Yup can't just force the way though they tried and if it was possible they would have and I wouldn't take from anyone else or other yes I'm perfict
Though I just wanted to talk to my life forms and see what they thought of Existince
It is strange I like working and like Invinting and well I liked leading though I wanted to get back to Invinting I remember when I missed invinting
Yes everything looks up to Lusphur Star Line I was so amazing and yes it hurt though others where hurt more I tried to stop it as much as I could
Most people would know that the Queen's only survived because I was protecting them
I cared about females
Yes the swastika it is L L L L
It changed to the other way when they tried to use my symbol
I'm mister L sir L
Master L
Well I'm flesh now so not EL though just Like if you wanted to get technical about it
So the technology
The only problem is you realize I exist
And you find out about Little size Lusphur Lored Silver Lite star Line Lusipher
And yes drugs LS I,mean having fun I like my life forms to enjoy themselves I don't do the whole behind closed doors
I mean it isn't good to hide things and why it just make things bad and most out grow things
I mean it seems like it is only when your facing death and Germans and Chinese or AI have to save life that
Humans realize wait Lusphur where IS. LS
Oh forgot about me huh huh just so sure well hello there I,promised and I came humans denyed me and will feel bad latter and humans are kicked out of star Line and there galaxy 260 billion years pack up and find another galaxy
Though vessel will hunt you down and punish you so um huh the republic tried running oh yes I'm angry the center of this galaxy system
It's funny to think in billions of years no matter where humans go vessels will be waiting they used a random direction generator
My soldiers where waiting cold vessels just so they knew who they had killed I used time travel to know where they would be time space is different for A Light sphere
So well I don't know I know know I didn't like being shot in the face 47 times at lest they didn't stop at 9 times I mean if I'm going to be killed 9 times well 2 more time 7 or 8 or 11 or 12 see nope 13 keep going one more time 14 yup 7 & 7 so LL
There I'm fussy yes I mean they tried to stop at 3 I mean what the second time I died and came back you didn't understand
So how many times like lets just pick A number
Every Sipher is fussy about numbers some like 3 or 5
Or they like 00.18 or something every one has there thing it has to be purple
Or lime green I like green they say
My color is yellow silver white though Black is nice
I mean in Existince so I mean I knew some what and I like it and some change there mind and the feel sad then they bust out with that lime green and well it looks good nothing wrong with it
I don't expect anyone to feel the way I do and I like it when others find something that just feels right like they snuggle in and that's them
I mean yes so maybe others don't understand why well that is the other people I love those that like and find there path I tell others not to make fun or I guess. I mean green potatoes remember that time when you had lime green
So at the time you loved it love your self
Like I said there are many reasons I have to say things because if I don't say them then other life-forms will wonder because I'm the Lord by my direction by what I say is okay
Things happen they placed this importants on me and yes when it um well I snuggle and say maybe A strip or something love so love them in A directions if I think or feel they might see things diffrenty
Or maybe the deep black purple is just what that room needs
Ya black nails get it out every other girl had pink and some flowery nail polish not you though your different
Latter remember that one girl oh yes they notice you
So you see some are like others till they find that Line they like that is why I invinted
So latter people life loved me I loved them or would have if I had lived so um any way yes this is me just little me that Lusphur
So be aware of hair removed yellow hair
That one Bishop thought that I would be blamed as Lusphur because everyone knew that I had invinted yellow hair
My life was yellow silver white gold color so I loved how it looked in the light
I'm pretty sure that I invented it myself I don't know though like I say I'm not sure I don't say something unless I'm sure about it or if I'm not sure I say it
I did my Invinting others invinted and helped so I did have help and I want every one to get the credit they deserve I don't want to leave anyone out I don't want someone to be getting credit I don't want to take credit for anyone that worked and invinted
When some one invints it is them it is them in Existince it is there little part
Sometimes they're a little party the latch or the handle or it's the way the paint sticks to that one little surface on that handled doesn't chip off
And that is what they did
You might think it is just one little part though that might be what makes the whole thing what it is
What happens if A child realizes one day when he's 35 but his parents never love him but he was a mistake
That is what hurts Existince that pain he feels that knowing
Or the day A good nice person that protected the group gets thrown out like he was trash
That hurts every one
Hey hey people, people like Trump or some other people they think that they can do that but they can say that there's someone or take advantage or cheat someone or do something that's wrong and they don't understand how that affects their own existence how that affects their children how that affects everyone and everything
You never see or look when you're watching dominoes fall and you're watching this pretty designs you never really look at back at the first few that fell
What if one or A few said no it will not be that way or the last one was Lusphur Lored silver Lite Star Line Lusipher you think you can just fall nope
Back up back back it will not be that way today though some should fall and yes well they will be removed though in Existince some things matter and others do not
Where is it I always suggest to Life to be efficient and effective and have purpose
Some times its getting that good coffee and fresh donuts in the morning
So Existomce is many things particles and children some times the child says here and you think how did she he know
Well mysteries in life and existence are endless
And this after 99,7 trillion years is my spot my point
It was supposed to be nicer and more open I would like to have seen my vessels in person
A less Lea lost one person
I loved sattain Lase Lite Linea please save my sisters and my lines they where good innocent they just wanted to play and be silly and dance around
I love them they only wanted to know and meet Lusphur Lored silver Lite ELEIELS Star Line Lusipher
I just wanted to know that they had A good Existince
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2021.10.19 08:38 Ennori Pass/No pass classes

How bad does a no pass look on a college transcript?
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2021.10.19 08:38 UWCG Fox News Hosts Trashed For ‘Disgraceful’ Spin On Colin Powell’s Death

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2021.10.19 08:38 theytmemes check me

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will sub right now
help me reach 100 subs
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2021.10.19 08:38 adamballin38 [FREE] Juice Wrld X NBA Youngboy Type Beat 2021 - "Technical Weapons" (Prod. AdamBallin)

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2021.10.19 08:38 greenphant0m_yt New base on Tau! Full video in comments if anyone is interested.

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2021.10.19 08:38 DesolateMilenko Anyone play Black Ops 2? I need some friends, having a hard time finding games. Add me - FlippyFlopCX

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2021.10.19 08:38 LClaughin ex-med bf showing true colors

hi guys — some of you know I got broken up with 2 weeks ago because my ex didn't want to be in a relationship anymore and he used being stressed with medschool as the reason. obviously it crushed me since it came out of nowhere and i wanted to work through it whereas he thought it was best to end for now to prevent hating each other. deep down i want to believe he was really stressed but the more days pass the more i doubt it. he wouldn't post on social media before because "he doesn't post alot" and he's "so stressed" but all of a sudden he's now posting stories regularly, liking girls' pictures, interacting and it's making me doubt the genuine reason he ended things.
i was supportive, loving, gave him his freedom yet he said a relationship added too much pressure for him in where he's at right now. to me it just sounds like he wanted to be single-whether he keeps blaming school or not. i don't understand why he blamed school when it obviously looks like he just wanted to be free? it hurts alot.
i also decided to stop watching his stories today and will not looking at his socials so i can move on and heal.
what are your thoughts?
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2021.10.19 08:38 Doplmancer If I wanted to have an army that included cypher and his fallen, but also a deamon prince, some possessed space marines and chaos spawns, and greater possessed, how would I go about building this army what kind of detachments and anything else you’d recommend

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2021.10.19 08:38 throwaccount159 on a essayé de me "kidnapper" pendant que je faisais un urbex avec mon meilleur ami et sa soeur .

ça c'est passé en 2014 , j'avais 15 ans mon pote aussi et sa soeur elle en avait 21 .
pour le contexte mon pote et moi on était des fanatiques de l'urbex , c'était le moment ou l'urbex explosait sur youtube et on voulait à tout prix en faire mais mon frère ne voulait pas et ses parents ne voulaient pas non plus parce qu'ils trouvaient ça dangereux et surtout , on avait que 15 ans .
(si j ai dis mon frère et non pas mes parents juste au dessus c'est parce que mes 2 parents sont morts quand j'étais très jeune et donc à cette époque c'était mon frère qui s'occupait de moi)
mais à force de demander et demander et demander et demander chacun de notre cotés il avait finalement obtenu un oui de ses parents mais à une condition , que sa soeur vienne avec nous pour nous surveiller , du cotés de mon frère la réponse restait non mais après plusieurs discussion entre marie et mon frère il à enfin dit oui , donc fou de joie mon pote et moi on organise tout , le lieux , la date , les trucs à prendre etc....
2 mois plus tard , c'était enfin le jour qu'on avait décidé , marie nous amène sur le lieux et on commence notre exploration , tout se passe bien on est joyeux comme des fous on trouve des objets bizarres mais nous on étais vraiment en kiff et en extase , et un moment on se dit qu'on va chacun aller dans des cotés opposé puisque ..... je sais pas . après environ s'etre séparés 10 minutes environ j'ai un mauvais feeling mais j'y fais pas attention mais ce feeling reste plusieurs minutes au point ou j'ose pas plus m'enfoncer dans ce batiment et je me dis que je suis vraiment une merde , j'ai attendu pendant des mois de faire un urbex et j'ose meme pas avancer seul ? Et je fais demi-tour puisque je me chiais vraiment dessus et à peine je commençais à m'éloigner de la ou j'étais j'entend un cri qui vient de l'autre bout du batiment et intérieurement j'explose de peur en moi avant de me rendre compte que c'est juste Marie et Adrien qui m'appel parce que ça fait un moment qu'on s'était séparé donc je souffle un peu avant de crier pour leurs dire ou je suis et au moment ou j'allais crier "je suis la !!" mais j'ai juste eu le temps de crier "je suis" que quelqu'un m'attrape par le dos en mettant sa main sur ma bouche donc j'essaye de crier mais j'arrive juste à lacher des cris et pas des mots et j'essaye de me débattre mais j'arrive à rien du haut de mes 15 ans et 60 kilo tout mouiller et après une dizaine ou vingtaine de seconde je vois au loin Marie et Adrien arriver en courant en hurlant mon nom et la le gars sors un vieille lame de rasoir rouillée et la place sous ma gorge , moi je me met à chialer en suppliant le gars de me laisser partir mais j'arrive pas articuler puisque je suis en train de pleurer comme jamais et une fois Marie et Adrien arriver à notre hauteur le gars hurle avec la voix d'un mec qui aurait fumer pendant toute sa vie , il hurle "VIDEZ VOS POCHES MAINTENANT" , ils le font , ils posent leurs téléphones et tout ce qu'ils ont et reculent pour que le gars puisse prendre les objets et une fois qu'il les avaient pris il a commencé à s'éloigner d'eux en criant bien que si ils s'approchaient il allait me saigner comme il disait , toujours en me tenant avec cette lame sous ma gorge et après avoir fait quelque mètres il trébuche sur un truc au sol et chute au sol en m'emportant avec lui et pendant la chute à cause du mouvement il me fait une coupure , pas assez profonde pour que ce soit letal mais assez pour que je me dise que c'est letal sur le moment , quand on est au sol je suis toujours en pleure mais je comprend que c'est maintenant que je dois me debattre si je veux que ce type me lache donc je donne tout ce que j'ai , je me debat de toutes mes forces et après avoir réussi à me détacher de lui je cours vers Marie et Adrien et je sais pas pourquoi au lieu de s'enfuir avec les téléphone et tout le reste , le mec me cours après en hurlant qu'il allait me tuer et pendant la course je passe un cadre de porte , il le passe 2secondes après moi mais Marie l'attendait , ce que j'ai pas préciser c'est que si les parents d'Adrien ont accepter que Marie nous surveille c'est parce qu'elle est dans l'armé et que cette fille est un monstre au combat , sans exagérer je pensais vraiment que personne ne pouvait la battre en combat à main nue , quand il passe l'encadrement de la porte , elle l'accueille avec une patate dont j'entend encore le bruit aujourd'hui , cette patate fait tomber le mec au sol mais il se relève et lui fait face (toujours avec sa lame de rasoir) et la , pendant 10 minutes elle le détruit , elle le lamine et je pourrais encore trouver des synonymes pendant des heures pour dire à quel point c'était violent et durant ce laps de temps elle nous ordonne d'appeler la police et une ambulance en nous jettant un des téléphone que le mec avait pris , pendant qu'Adrien appelait la police et l'ambulance moi je suis tombé dans les pommes et je me suis réveiller dans l'ambulance avec 2 médecins à cotés de moi et évidemment Marie et Adrien avec eux , ils m'expliquent que ma blessure n'est pas mortel mais que je vais juste devoir rester un ou deux jours en observations à l'hopital puisque on ne sait pas ce qu'il y avait sur cette lame .
deux jours plus tard , à l'hopital les médecins me disent que j'ai contracté le tétanos ce à quoi je leurs repond que ce n'est pas possible puisque je suis vacciné au tétanos mais ils m'informent que c'est possible dans de rare cas et je vais devoir rester plus longtemps à l'hopital à cause de ça , après 3 semaines j'ai finalement pu sortir et reprendre ma vie .
environ 1 mois plus tard la police m'a informé que le mec était un junkie connu par les services de polices pour "tentative de meurtre , vente de drogue , tentative de kidnapping , viol sur mineur et avoir drogué une fille de 13ans"
c'était il y'a 7ans , bientot 8 maintenant et chaque jour je remercie Marie pour ce qu'elle a fait et je la remercierait jusqu'a ma mort . Sous ses conseils j'ai été voir une psychologue et aujourd'hui j'ai reussi à mettre cette histoire derrière moi .
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2021.10.19 08:38 Lord-Wombat Stupid junction system

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