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Climate change, taxes dominate Halifax budget debate

2021.11.27 02:18 idspispopd Climate change, taxes dominate Halifax budget debate

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2021.11.27 02:18 Kravenprime AKM or AK74? (Insurgent Observer)

(Observer question) When playing as Insurgent Forces - What is better, AKM or AK74?
For CQB (raiding objective in a building) and mid range (defense/assault)?
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2021.11.27 02:18 floralfarts420 Group Therapy Weekender 2022 lineup wishlist

I know it’s kinda early but thinking about it gets me excited! Who do you all hope is on the weekender 2022 lineup? I’ll start:
Genix Sunny lax Gardenstate Spencer Brown Alpha 9 Gabriel and Dresden Above & Beyond (duh)
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2021.11.27 02:18 Chasith Coincidence?? I THINK NOT

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2021.11.27 02:18 crack_repack_watcher First Few Mins Gameplay for all Games

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2021.11.27 02:18 bannabucket Rockboo

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2021.11.27 02:18 mikebionic Dwight Howard doesn't even like basketball

Dwight Howard likes working out, earning huge money, and fame. He's always behaved like an immature person. He doesn't know the basic rules of the game. Dwight has deep seeded daddy issues that, because of his childhood experience, lead him to make a fool of himself and disrespect the game. It is a shame. I don't know if he would've been great with mental health treatment early in his career or if he never had the issues with his father. The potential was there for greatness. Maybe it isn't too late for him to forgive and possibly actually love the game he plays.
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2021.11.27 02:18 RattlesnakeSuitcase1 Moving On

Ugh I don't even know where to begin with my cacophony of emotions.
I hate that I dreamed about you last night multiple times over and over again. Holding you and kissing you and spending time with you in those dreams. I hate that you went through my social media accounts without my permission and I just let it slide. I hate how you alienated me from my friends. I hate I couldn't go to my friends wedding bc of some beef you made with her. I'm sorry for breaking your trust by lying early in our relationship about my sexual past I panicked and said I didn't sleep with her and it wasn't right of me. If you were never able to trust me again you should've broken up with me then. You said if I had known you had slept with her I wouldn't have dated you? Why????? I thought you enjoyed being with me. I tried my absolute hardest to give you everything and heal us after that . I hate that I gave so much of myself to you. You were wonderful at times but you also tightened a leash around me to the point I was miserable. You said I was a narcissist!! Made me question my own sanity. You gave me deadlines about when to come home I just wanted to spend time with my friends my GUY friends I had no responsibilities the next day why did you call and text me a million times. Why did I have to come back when you wanted!!!! You know I hadn't seen them in months. Why were you so islamophobic toward my friends and criticized many of them.
Why couldn't you have been better about respecting our culture differences if we were ever to get married and coming to a solution. You said you wanted our kids to be far more into your culture how is that fair?
Why did you act so weird when any woman was around me policing my behavior?! Accusing me of checking out girls when I'm on my laptop staring attentively at my screen making me feel like some sort of perverted maniac.
Why did you over a year in our relationship bring up watching porn and how you view it as cheating when we watched it together before??!! You left no room for discussion you said I had broke your trust so much you needed these things.
Why did you let your insecurities suck us into this hole of misery I don't know what happened I know bc of school I had to be gone for weeks at a time is that what did it? Me not being there? I gave you so much reassurance and care and love. So much time so much damn time it felt excessive at the time but I did everything to make you feel better. My friends jokingly referred to you as my wife. You would complain that you were fat and your boobs are small. And I'd reassure you and kiss you make love to you and be silly with you. Truthfully I loved your boobs even if they were smaller even if your weight fluctuated I loved your beautiful smile and laugh. I adored being goofy with you. I FUCKING HATE THAT I MISS IT SOMETIMES.
I hope things get better for you and you have a good life.
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2021.11.27 02:18 josephiennn RING X RING - Transonglation (JPN/INA/TAG) @ ROLLING K-POP

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2021.11.27 02:18 Dull-explanations I decided to get endless space one and need some help

How do I already have -15 expansion disapproval when I only own 3 planets on a large map? I thought the limit went up with size of the map?
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2021.11.27 02:18 BloodiStag Hillary Clinton spreading FUD on crypto... can someone explain it to her how it works?

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2021.11.27 02:18 makmessager Our national hero ........MISS MEHWISH HAYYAT

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2021.11.27 02:18 itstopherchris Can anyone please suggest the best batch/seller for the off white dunks lot 38? Right now I’m leaning on BMLin.

Can anyone please suggest the best batch/seller for the off white dunks lot 38? Right now I’m leaning on BMLin. submitted by itstopherchris to sneakerreps [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 02:18 ardvark96 New acct

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2021.11.27 02:18 SuccessfulWav Sent to a closed Popeyes, app said pickup from PLK NV, Inc.

Basically title. After accepting the order, it said go to Popeyes, but then the app said pickup from PLK NV, Inc. I just googled that and it’s Popeyes’ parent company. When I got to the Popeyes, the lobby was closed and the drive thru was even blocked with traffic cones. I called the store and they told me they closed half an hour ago and had no doordash orders because the system was turned off. So that was odd. Even stranger, the app had the pin for the Popeyes around the corner from the plaza, in some grass. A fittingly weird end to a weird Friday night.
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2021.11.27 02:18 mbacas Publix transactions comes in as the street location.

Anyone else notice their Publix transactions show in ONE as the street name of the location?
They show properly as Groceries category.
I wonder if ONE is receiving more than just the name and is displaying the street for some reason.
When I look at a transaction on my Costco CITI card it shows as: PUBLIX 026 ATLANTA GA
Seems like most other stuff displays properly.
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2021.11.27 02:18 GabePlotkin TIL Japan is predicted to run out of phone numbers as early as fiscal year 2022

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2021.11.27 02:18 aldz26 KRL or new racer?

Hi everyone. Should I buy KRL or buy racers now? The only way to buy racer now is via Matic token or ETH. I still can't see the use of KRL right now. Thanks!
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2021.11.27 02:18 CTH2122 Arcade horizon timer

Can they just remove the timer completely from the horizon arcades im sick of waiting for people to show up just to have to them disappear once it starts
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2021.11.27 02:18 _zakeera शोषण

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2021.11.27 02:18 Caolan114 In the 90s we had all the same cartoons on a childrens show called "The Den" where between shows we had a main host, puppets aswell as guests, competitions and general fun, they brought It back In 2020 and It was Incredibly nostalgic for me but In 2021 for whatever reason they refused

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2021.11.27 02:18 AlphaJi7 Her design is perfect

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2021.11.27 02:18 Ricardi_vargas Chilling with my bestfriend

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2021.11.27 02:18 wildman987 So no new AMC stocks until MOASS, right?

AA and AMC will be asking soon. You don't press for new shares twice in six months when 80% of your hodlers are waiting on a squeeze bent on share availability if you don't have a massive hard on for them.
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2021.11.27 02:18 walkingcorpse_haha help

i want my abuser’s friends, family, church family, etc know abt everything she did to me but i’m still a minor and her son(my guardian) had never believed me and my aunt said if i did tell everyone he might get so mad he would throw me out i just wanna know if i should wait years to tell everyone or do it now before she dies
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