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I was bored, made a Mipha meme. and ended up becoming the Mipha meme lord of Reddit.

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How far can you jump with honey around the corner??
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2021.11.27 01:41 Dicove would replacing the battery affect data?

I recently dug out my switch lite from storage and the battery life is severely reduced. I was thinking about buying the new OLED switch anyway so i'm not too attached to the lite but if i was to re-gift it to a friend i'd want to replace the battery. I am currently using it though so if changing out the battery has any chance of wiping save data then i'll hold off and just keep it constantly plugged in... as annoying as that might be :(
i want to assume that the battery doesn't have any relevance to the flash memory but last time i sent in my primary switch for repair they wiped my data so i'm a little paranoid. I plan on replacing it myself this time since it's way out of warranty.
any advice would be awesome, thanks!
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2021.11.27 01:41 bubbablake I’m trying to find matching flatware that I bought in the past but I can’t find any information on google.

I purchased a Cambridge set of flatware probably from Walmart a few years ago. I only bought the one set originally but now I need some more and I’d like to find the same set to add on to my current set. The butter knives say “Cambridge o-17” and I’ve looked at Walmart and I can’t find any that have the o-17 marking on them. Is there somewhere I can find that online so I make sure I get another matching set? I haven’t been able to get any positive google search results.
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2021.11.27 01:41 HugoTheIcyFire A Closer Look At Emerald Coast's Loop...

I recorded an episode of Sonic Adventure DX. At Emerald Coast, I explain my own inputs and observations at that infamous loop which Arin abused.
In case you didn't catch it in my video, I explain that Sonic will run through the loop as normal, long as you hold ANY direction on the L-stick at all. To make sure, I went back and did another quick test... The moment you enter the loop, Sonic will move as normal, even if you flail around with the L-stick. People's point about the shift in camera angle being an issue is now debunked.
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2021.11.27 01:41 HollowShel Cultural Exchange (9)

u/BlueFishcake ‘s garden, I’m just a weed. Of course it’s not canon, it’s a fanfic. c’mon.
I’m going to aim for roughly weekly. I can’t promise anything more exact, but I can promise I’ll feel real bad if I don’t make that self-imposed deadline.
First Last
❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈
Kelni woke with the conviction that there was someone in the room.
It wasn’t Matt - he’d grown used to the human boy’s presence enough he no longer had trouble sleeping around him, or maybe he was just exhausted enough to finally sleep through the other boy’s fitful tossing.
No, this wasn’t a restless sleeper, this was the awareness of an extra presence in the room, over by the desk.
He took a breath, trying to place the scent. Had one of the Shil’vati snuck into the room to make trouble?
“When were you planning to tell us you have a sister?”
Thato. His voice seemed calm, but Kelni felt anxiety seize him. His head lifted from his pillow, the fluff on the right side of his face matted by sleep, brown eyes wide with worry.
“Wait. Did something happen to the girls?” Kelni asked, upright and alert in a heartbeat, fast enough to ruffle Thato’s calm. For a moment white showed all around his dark irises, then the human smiled slightly.
“Nothing besides Randy sneaking into their room to stay over and make sure they don’t get jumped in the middle of the night,” he said.
Kelni’s shocked stare slowly melted into horrified awe.
“How is it, just when I think I’ve seen the craziest turox-shit possible out of you humans, you come up with something even dumber?! I don’t care if he landed a punch on Zel’huar, he practically had to scale a cliff face to do it! If a bunch of the Shil‘vati decide to attack Priti and Hope, he doesn’t stand a chance! He...”
Kelni’s brain finally caught up to his tumbling tongue and he stopped, ears flattening in fear as he stared at Thato’s solemn face.
“Please tell me he’s just an idiot, or crazy. Please.”
Thato tilted his head and stared at him silently.
“Shit,” Kelni sighed as he flopped back on his bed, disaster scenarios running through his head.
Sure, ”not all Shil’vati” girls would be malicious enough to attack the Human girls, and not even all of them would be willing to do worse to Randy if he interrupted their “fun.” But it didn’t have to be all of them. Worse, the limits of a mob’s depravity wasn’t usually set by their best members, but by their worst. It would only take one to make everything infinitely worse.
“What’s going on?” Matt’s voice asked, still fuzzy and disconnected from being woken up by the Rakiri’s rant. The voice drew Kelni out of his rumination.
“Kelni’s starting to figure us out,” Thato said softly.
“Oh shit,” Matt muttered, struggling upright and rubbing at his eyes.
Kelni’s anxiety shifted focus and he lifted his head to stare at the boys, fur standing on end as he became painfully aware how he was alone in the night with two true aliens. Aliens who had only just become part of the Imperium, a people whom he hadn’t known more than three facts about last week. How much of their behaviour had been a mask, and what were they going to do to him if he’s figuring them out?
Thato was watching patiently, his expression almost... old. Tired. But there was no hint of malice in it, and the smell of fury and adrenaline that had come off the humans after the fight had long since been washed away.
Matt’s eyes were wide in the darkness, the smaller boy looking anxious as he focused on the Rakiri.
“Are you okay Kelni?” he asked, hesitating for a moment before continuing, “are you mad at us?”
They’re worried about me being angry?* Relief flowed through him, then a different tension. Maybe I should be, he thought, as frustration was finally able to bubble to the surface through his anxiety.
“How much turox-shit have you been feeding me?” he asked, voice tight and wary. “How much of everything has been an act?”
Thato and Matt exchanged a look. Matt nodded to something in Thato’s expression and turned to Kelni.
“Less than you probably think, right now. We’ve never lied to you. The closest we got was tonight; we didn’t want to get you in trouble if we messed up, and...” Matt’s voice dropped to nearly a whisper as he added, “I was worried you were mad at us, after today.”
“...why?” Kelni blurted out in surprise, looking up to see his bafflement mirrored in Matt’s face.
“We got into a fight, you were in the middle of it.” Thato sighed. “I pushed you during it, then by the time we saw you again you were even more quiet than usual. You are...” he paused, brow creased as he fumbled for the right words in Shil to express himself. “Not noisy, with your feelings or your thoughts. You have kept secrets, as well.”
Matt shot Thato a confused look.
“It wasn’t out of malice,” Kelni found himself looking down at the floor. “I just... I catch enough trouble, being the only Rakiri boy. I didn’t want you making more for me.” He flinched, shoulders and ears both drooping. “Mother, that sounds bad when I say it out loud.”
“A little, yes,” Thato said with a small smile. “And yesterday morning it I might have been offended. But... we did cause trouble for you, even though we weren’t trying, so it’s justified. And instead of being mad, you sent your sister to watch over the girls.”
“Wait,” Matt interrupted, glancing between the two. “Kelni has a sister? Here? [Dude,] that’s awesome!” He paused, visibly thinking. His mouth opens once, then closes, as he reconsiders questions. Finally he smiles.
“When can we all meet her?”
❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈
Randy woke with a throat that felt as raw as his fingertips. He coughed and the warmth of something lifted from his chest like a startled bird. Scared by that sudden realization of someone or something so close, his eyes flew open as he scrambled backwards on the bunk, fetching up against the wall.
[“Jesus Christ, Oloni, what the hell?”] he rasped out in English at the Shil’vati girl leaning partly on the far side of the bed. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes wide, but she wrenched her eyes up to his face and frowned at the English words.
“What does [Jezishkrish] mean?” she asked.
“It means I was swearing,” he said, voice cracking in an effort to shout and whisper at the same time through a sore throat. [“What the hell,] do you normally feel up unconscious people?”
“No,” she said, rather unconvincingly. “You were breathing weird. I was worried.”
Her eyes flicked down his form again and her blush intensified. He blushed too when he saw what she was staring at and he twisted to raise a knee and block her view. Great. Morning would come early, he thought to himself, trying to think of how the hell to get past her without waking the whole dormitory, much less the room.
“I was... what?”
“You snore, dumbass,” came from the lower bunk. Hope seemed no more cheerful than she had the day before, but she was at least livelier. She kicked the ladder Oloni was on, sending vibration through the bunks.
“Leave him alone,” she said. “Nobody asks to be groped in the middle of the night.”
Oloni dropped to the floor from the ladder and started to shout. “I wasn’t...” She took a breath and dropped her voice to a hiss. “I wasn’t groping him, I was making sure he was breathing. He was. He was also...” she trailed off in a strangled tone, blushing brighter, then shook her head as if to wake herself.
“Anyways, it’s not the middle of the night.” She pointed at the window, and the light that seeped in around the blind.
“Shit,” Randy grumbled, scrubbing at his face. “Guess it’s time to get out of here.”
Across the room, Priti glared sleepily over the top of her bunk at Oloni. At the comment from Randy, she glanced at him. “Do you actually have a plan for getting out of here?”
“I have a plan,” Randy said defensively. After a moment he admitted, ““get out without getting caught” counts as a plan, right?”
Groans circled the room.
❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈
Kalo's ear swiveled to the sound of a window opening, waking her from her dozing. One eye cracked open and she chuckled, stretching slowly and deliberately, working out the kinks of the night’s sleep on the ground.
I might have to do this more often, she thought to herself. Truthfully, she felt pretty good. The undergrowth she’d nested in was lumpier than her bed in her dorm, but much cooler. A little more preparation and this would have been outright nice.
Distantly, she can hear conversation.
“Y’know, it didn’t look this high from the ground,” Randy said as he hesitated on the windowsill, one leg out and one leg in.
“It’s only the second story.” Oloni, impatient.
“On Shil! It’s closer to a third story window on Earth.” Randy glared back into the room.
“Well, this wasn’t our idea.” One of the human girls? Maybe she’d get to meet them soon. Hopefully they wouldn’t freak out.
“Ugh, fine.” Randy again, this time holding the frame of the window in both hands as he got his toes placed on the rough stone of the wall.
Kalo shook her head. Damn fool was going to get himself killed, from the look of things. Couldn’t have that. Kelni would mope at losing one of his friends.
Randy started down the wall - it was a lot slower today, and even more uncomfortable, but he was making some progress when he heard Oloni speak. “Oh, shit.”
“Oh shit? Why “oh shit?” he hissed.
A laugh chuffed out from beneath and behind him and a pleasant voice asked, “Need a hand?”
Randy was already tense - the unexpected voice drew a very un-manly squeak from him.
“Go fuck your brother Kalo, you cause any trouble and I’ll make both your lives miserable,” Oloni hissed, trying to reach Randy - but he’d already gotten far enough they couldn’t reach each other. He risked a glance down at the figure behind him.
Tall enough she could almost reach him, a dark, brindle-patterned Rakiri stood with her ears laid back and eyes narrowed into slits. A faint growl came from her throat, then she took a breath and focused on Randy, not Oloni.
“Relax. I’m Kelni’s sister,” she said, voice a soothing rumble. “And no, I’m not going to snitch on anyone. Let yourself drop, I can catch you.”
Randy looked down, finding himself stubborn about being “rescued,” again.
“Let me try at least,” he groused. She nodded and took a half step back - close enough she could catch him, far enough he probably wouldn’t hit her in the face if he slipped.
❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈
Thato woke with a start, eyes widening as he heard movement and he raised his head from where it had come to rest on his arms on his desk in the dorm he shared with Randy.
He’d let Kelni and Matt go back to bed and had intended to get some sleep too, once he’d relaxed a little. Evidently he’d overshot the mark, because Randy stood in the doorway, the first rays of true dawn painting the hallway behind him.
[“Hey honey, I’m home,”] the Kiwi joked softly in English, sliding in the door with a sigh. He leaned his back against it once it was closed, looking drained.
[“Fuck, my throat feels raw,”] he said, rubbing the outside, which did little good. [“Feels like the bastard offspring of an eel and a hedgehog tried to yeet itself down my throat.”]
Thato shook his head and smirked. [“Rookie whore mistake; never let them kiss you,”] he said in a dry tone, heading towards the bathroom.
A flash of movement from the corner of his eye made him flinch back enough the punch only grazed his jaw. He fell back another step and glared at Randy, who looked more startled than Thato did, but still red-faced, hands still clenched into fists.
[“Got it out of your system?”] the tall Sotho all but whispered, expression blank and voice chilly. [“Or do we need to go?”]
[“I...”] Randy started to say, pausing. As sick as it was, he did feel a little better. The anger, fear, helplessness and humiliation had bubbled up at Thato’s words. Everything negative he hadn’t allowed himself to actually feel when things happened. Things he’d had to bury for the sake of the girls, for the sake of keeping things from escalating; all compounded by bad sleep and a worse wakeup.
He’d even apologized for getting hurt, downplaying the moment of crushing suffocation that brought with it the realization that when a Shil’vati gets her hands on him, he’s well and truly screwed by the strength difference.
He sighed, tension deflating out of him.[“No. I mean, yeah, it’s out of my system, we don’t need to fight.”] He looked away and added, [“I’m sorry,”] in a dull tone.
Thato’s hand landed on his shoulder and he looked up.
[“Don’t be. I know what they’re like.”] A faint smirk crept across the dark face and Thato added, [“that, and you punch like a girl.”]
Randy couldn’t help it, he laughed, louder and longer than the joke was worth - but the relief it brought was.
Still chuckling, he shook his head and replied, [“You’re an asshole, I want a divorce,”] as he headed to the bathroom to shower and get the scent of lilac and spice off his skin.
❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈
Next damn, these links are always broken, what’s with it?
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2021.11.27 01:41 KeepItCheezy WTS Elite Armor Bases

4 soc Archon 435 def - Um or key offer
4 soc Eth Superior Lacquered Plate 878 def - Gul+ or offer
4 soc Eth Great Hauberk 627 def - any 2 keys or offer
4 soc Eth Wire Fleece 639 def - any 2 keys or offer
3 soc Eth Diamond Mail 631 def - any 2 keys or offer
Eth Vortex Shield 18%ED, 26 attack rating - offer
6 soc Phase Blade - any 1 key or offer
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2021.11.27 01:41 Insert_Username01 Hi! I just started full metal alchemist, I just got to where they introduced shou tucker.

Anyway, im curious about that fake philosopher's stone. If it won't spoil much, how did it give the fake priest so much power if it was a fake? Are there different types of stones? If it spoils alot of the story please don't answer though.
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2021.11.27 01:41 LordSercanOzy Wildrift vs LoL?

I downloaded wildrift 1 week ago and... is it only me or wildrift seems better than current LoL? Character models and match starting looks cooler than original LoL. Game much more smooth and I haven't seen toxic players yet (probably they cant write from their phones). Do you think current LoL will update game like as wildrift? Or should I continue to play wildrift?
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https://i.imgur.com/vs8a5fn.png pepelaugh
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Hello reactjs. I recently created react-boilerplate. This is the boilerplate code for React that I have always used. It is extremely simple, provides all the necessary scripts, and includes reset-css by default. Experienced React users may not find this very helpful, but for new React users this can serve as a very simple boilerplate that is much smaller and easier to get started with than create-react-app.
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Hello everyone I’m a th11 that’s needs a clan that hasn’t started cwl./Max clan games/ no kicking me out.
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