(F22) Lets be sworn frenemies [Friendship]

2022.01.27 11:47 ThatPlatinumBlondie- (F22) Lets be sworn frenemies [Friendship]

Fun facts about me. I am 5’10 which is something I like to brag about and also I can touch my nose with my tongue. I can also handstand and do splits at the same time. I am a huge gym and leather lover. I know 4 language and English isn’t my first. dropped out from college and I’m also a huge introvert. Also, I’m engaged. I am huge addict to smoking and drinking stuffs like cigars and snake wine as well as black coffee. My interests and hobbies are comic movies. I am a huge DC fangirl for years and watched all the live and animated movies. Trying out outfits, make up, shopping and movies. I also play games like GTA, R6 and Genshin Impact. I love being a jerk and sarcastic and have good and dark humor most of the time. Out of all the bad traits, one of the good traits I have is relation advice.
Looking for people to text and waste time, similar like me who’s into humor, and who loves to be sarcastic and who don’t get offended from breathing like everyone these days. Also, please don’t be a pervert. If you read it this far, say something interesting before texting as I won’t respond to effortless texts. Thank you! :D
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2022.01.27 11:47 OMGgamer_ Back with the skirt hoodie combo !

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2022.01.27 11:47 BlackCoffee9999 Do you think girls sometimes go overboard with the whole "I'm PMSing" thing and just be very rude and mean most of the times when it's uncalled for?

I just want to hear honest opinions from everyone (girls too, so I can understand what they go through and guys who have been on the receiving end)... Can girls use them as an excuse to cover up? Or the chemical imbalance in the brain and changing hormones just gets to them really bad?
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2022.01.27 11:47 Obama8mykfcbruh Made a video on turtleneckemo dude, The tiktok feminist

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2022.01.27 11:47 4Nails COVID-infected workers force Mission to redeploy dwindling staff, postpone all scheduled surgeries

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2022.01.27 11:47 BritsSuckAtLife Ok that's it. I'm done hiding

Alex, if you see this, I wanna talk
And I want you to know, I'm truly, truly sorry.
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2022.01.27 11:47 i_didnt_do_itofficer Big cringe vro

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2022.01.27 11:47 AliEvans What is this Barack Obama quote?

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2022.01.27 11:46 shanabailey ASUS RT-AX82U 5400M Router [EU] for 179.99 USD without coupon (Best price in history: $189.99) [EUROPE]

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2022.01.27 11:46 Frozen_VR app stuck in update

One of my games is stuck in update. Is there a way to fix that?
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2022.01.27 11:46 Tele_Prompter "In 2005, the Star Trek franchise was effectively dead for wider audiences. In order to ensure Star Trek would make a triumphant return, they needed a new team of creatives who would shake things up. And shakes things up, they certainy did in Star Trek (2009)." | Rowan J Coleman

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2022.01.27 11:46 mlglauch today someone said I look silly with fake lashes. :(

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2022.01.27 11:46 metalhead35815 Come support Back 4 Blood for Game of the Year!

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2022.01.27 11:46 Asuka666_ If souls are lost, come own me (Rp)

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2022.01.27 11:46 HussMan-Gaming Have you got a Elytra in Minecraft and are tired of finding a high place to use it effectively well if you follow this tutorial on this ELytra Launcher you can do it on any flat surface, hope you enjoy

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2022.01.27 11:46 Shadesoflight Fanatical Mystery Games Giveaway

I bought some mystery keys through Fanatical and ended up with some I already have or know I won't play!
Rules: List 3 games that you're interested in, and I'll put the names in a randomizer tomorrow around 10am EST.
The games:

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2022.01.27 11:46 International_Pea_54 I will paint your photo in Van Gogh's Starry Night Style. Price: 45 dollars / Username: Simonbyart (dm for more information or link)

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2022.01.27 11:46 AliEvans "Everybody is identical in their secret unspoken belief that way deep down they are different from everyone else."— David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

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2022.01.27 11:46 Luigi4518 Grim Darkness by the Blast Furnace Light - Prologue Part 2 Mallus (Warhammer Fantasy) (ISOT)

[First][F] | Next coming soon | [Pervious][P]
It occurred in the blink of a flash of lightning, an event so profound that to gaze upon it, to bear witness to it’s spectacle would have driven a mortal insane. Instead it passed unnoticed, inflicting it’s whims upon the worlds from deep within the shroud of night and pouring rain.
Altdorf, The Empire, Mallus - Geheimnisnacht, 2512 I.C
In the vacuum of space a blue orb drifts in the orbit of it’s star and while this vision is certainly reminiscent of a famous picture captured of a different place and time, this small blue orb rots under the baleful gaze of a hateful moon.
Geheimnisnacht grips the night side of Mallus from beyond the towering peaks of the Worlds Edge Mountains to the idyllic island continent of Ulthuan the peoples of order from kings to the poorest of street urchins lock themselves away from the maddening, corrupting touch of Morrslieb, the green-ruinous moon.
In Altdorf, capital of the Reikland and the imperial seat of the Empire, the tight tangle of city streets, usually busy even after dark, were devoid of life. From their posts atop the walls and watch towers, the men of the city watch strain in the light of guttering fires and the flash of lightning to keep tabs on the murky streets below. Even with their numbers bolstered by Reikland state troops, all present hold their weapons tight and jump at shadows they hoped wouldn’t jump back.
Within the imperial palace Karl Franz, Emperor of the Empire restlessly shifted between pacing the halls of the palace and sitting upon his rightful throne. All the while, the feel of Ghal Maraz, the ancient warhammer of the Empire’s founder Sigmar and Franz’s symbol of office held tight in his hand. At his side for his travels to once again see that his family is safe and the palace secure, Ludwig Schwarzhelm, his personal bodyguard trails by his side, a dozen knights of the Reiksguard follow behind.
Karl again made his return to the throne room, an audience chamber he often saw filled to crushing was empty but for the palace guards and his knights, and chilled too, the fireplaces, alight with the warm orange tongues of burning timber did little to relieve anyone of the crushing feeling of the night, like a wet blanket draped across man's very soul. Despite the work done to the palace by man and even the Empires mountain dwelling allies the Dwarfs, nights like this had a way of finding every little leak, even ones that had been previously patched. The great windows of the chamber were sealed with their shutters and quite nearly caked in holy purity seals of Sigmar and Morr among many others.
Franz watched one of these windows intensely, a deep frown played on his features as the cracks in the wood and gaps about the shutter seams were backlit by each flash of lightning, water trickled in from the wind driven rain.
‘Just like the Empire. Weathered and worn, forever it slowly decays from the relentless onslaught from without. Oozing through the cracks, greed, mis-governance or simple incompetence’. Franz broke the silence, he was in a mood nearly as dark as the outside. He hated this night.
‘Everything I’ve done, everything we’ve done-for the Empire, for Sigmars legacy. The greenskins, the dead, the beasts of the forests and the hordes of chaos. They have been driven back-destroyed time and again, yet here we are, from the feet of the Worlds Edge Mountains to Marienburg. The Empire cowers, hidden away behind wood and purity seals, what progress is this?’
There was no reply for Franz was not truly conversing with any other save his own mind. His grip tightened around Ghal Maraz in frustration as the silence returned.
It was perhaps a moment before something stirred in Karl’s mind and drew his gaze back up upon the window. He stood and walked to within feet of the window and stared-listening, his breathing calm and steady. The rain had ceased, replaced by the drip of water runoff while the thunder was low and distant, that of a storm passed but more than that he felt relieved, the feeling of said wet blanket lifted from his very soul.
The moment drew on for perhaps a minute before the rain returned in a clap of thunder and the figurative blanket draped itself back upon all. Franz turned abruptly, and moved with purpose from the throne room headed for one of his several offices. His mood had not returned, nothing could break the emperor's single minded drive in moments like this. He knew something had happened, he may not have been magically gifted but he was not stupid, something had for but a minute driven off the ruining touch of Morrslieb and by Sigmar he was going to find out what.
‘Come, we must prepare.’ He stated matter-of-factly towards Ludwig. ‘We leave for the grand temple at first light, once Morrslieb ceases corrupting the sky. The Grand Theogonist will surely grasp Sigmars gifted miracle’.
Barak Varr, Varenka Hills, Mallus - Around the same time
From the top of a migdhal, a fortified watchtower of the Dwarfs, Ulurtot Blackhammer and three other Dawi warriors looked out and surveyed the craggy, forested landscape of the Varenka Hills but between the lack of any moonlight beyond what Mhornalhune, the ruinous moon provided through the cloud cover and the heavy wind whipped rain there was little to see, even the periodic flashes of lightning did little to help, casting long shadows off the rocks and trees and intense black.
‘Foul weather for a foul night’ grumbled Vuthansson, a sentiment that was met by further grumbles and huffs of agreement. ‘Aye, we waste away the night trying to see shadow against darkness, nothing with any sense if out here now, not even the Gor’s or the skaven would be bothered to brave this, cowards.’ Further grumblings about the weather or the cowardice of the Dawi’s various enemies was abruptly cut short when, off somewhere in the gloom to the north east, something did in fact happen.
A great flash visible for tens of miles, emanated from beyond several ridges of hills, blue like the glacial ice of the worlds edge mountains and as bright as any lightning flash, the Dawi initially took it for a spectacularly large lightning strike but that notion was quickly dispelled as it lit the clouds from beneath rendering the night back to twilight for the second it lasted. Finally a deep groaning and tremor took hold of the migdhal, a light earthquake like the mountains themselves had shifted in their eternal slumber and were settling once again. ‘Grimnir’s Beard! Quick, prepare to send-word, the hold must be readied!’
A deep groan flowed through the rock walls of Byrrnoth Grundadrakk’s throne hall. The king of Barak Varr, the greatest seaport of all the Dwarf holds in the old world gazed upon the carved walls and tracked the vibrations, the tremors with the turn of his head, a look of concern and faint interest playing on his features.
‘Hmmm’, Byrrnoth almost grumbled in thought. Around him, the eyes of his guard of hammerers drifted across the stone, they stared intensely as another groan was accompanied by a tremor that shook loose hanging ornaments and banners. Stredharsson Ironbuckle, the regimental commander stroked his thick beard ‘It is deep but not too far off, perhaps 8 or 9 leagues. Somewhere to the north.’
Byrrnoth looked upon Ironbuckle, an approving glint to his eye, at least for a Dwarf, ‘Aye, Mhornalhune seeks to bring ruin to our hold again another Ar’Uzkul.’ He rubbed his beard, ‘Have parties prepared to march out to meet anything the Migdhals send word of.’
‘Aye’, Ironbuckle grunted as he left the chamber, to rally the warriors.
Saphery, Ulthuan, Mallus - Around the same time
Across Ulthuan the night of Twilights Tide cast the skies to cloud and drizzle even against the continents magically altered weather patterns, the chaos moon lit the landscape an dull eerie green, even through the cloud cover.
Somewhere within the White Tower, Teclis, High Loremaster of the White Tower and de facto ruler of the entire inner kingdom of Saphery busied himself with his unending research projects. His study was set high within the tower, where exactly not even Teclis himself truly knew as it seemed to change following no discernible pattern. The view from his study windows would have been breath-taking as they usually were if not for the grim green tinge the surrounding Sapherian landscape had been tainted with and as was usual for the night of Twilights Tide, the shade of colour was not the only distraction currently undermining Teclis’s attempts to work. Even through the towers magical protections Teclis could feel the flow of the winds of magic streaming towards the great vortex although to describe them as a flow would be disgustingly inadequate, they raged as a magical flood, to the point where the strongest streams were visible to any Asur who looked skyward like the bands of an aurora.
The patterns were mesmerising but as much as the high loremaster may have desired to simply watch the spectacle, he knew that he had other more pressing responsibilities to attend to, so Teclis once again returned to his research and quickly lost track of the other goings on. It was sometime later when a cosmic twist of fate would impress itself upon Ulthuan just as it had to the old world before it. A gnawing sensation deep in the back of mind finally made itself known as he was drawn back to reality, his concentration broken. Teclis grumbled and quickly eyed over the room in search of the cause of his latest distraction upon which he could voice his displeasure. Teclis greatly disliked being distracted from important work, it was one of the reasons he preferred the night as it was extraordinarily unlikely that he would be distracted in the early hours. So when nothing immediately caught Teclis's attention, he let out a disgruntled sigh and turned again to watch the winds in their flood toward the vortex.
In the skies he saw nothing but the shadowy darkness of the clouds, the streams of magic once so strong they were visible without magesight had again receded from reality. Teclis stopped, his thoughts blanking as the implications of a strange empty feeling that had been growing on him since his distraction finally reached a point that it could no longer be ignored. The winds are still, he thought to himself.
Teclis rose and walked to the window, more an ornate balcony like opening protected against the elements by magic, turned his gaze toward the sky and focused his magesight, reality receded, the world that replaced it was painted in bright, vivid colours-the winds of magic, or that had been the sight Teclis had been expecting, instead he saw pools and slow trickles, like the runoff of water on the ground after rain.
‘Incredible’, Teclis said aloud, despite being alone.
He pressed his concentration to allow his sight to extend further, to see the torrents of magic flooding into the vortex from the north and westerly directions and then turned and looked back eastward-nothing but pools of magic and anaemic streams.
Then it came, from the east like a tidal wave, the winds returned with a vengeance and Teclis had to retreat back into reality so as to not be temporarily blinded such as the difference between the trickle before and the returning flood. He turned and made for the shelves of tomes, all previous engagements cast to the winds, at some point he became aware that another wished to speak with him and decided to allow them entry. A loremaster, Bel-Salrel, another night owl and an Asur who was looking quite disturbed.
‘High Loremas..’,
Teclis cut him off before his third word,
‘I am aware, no doubt everyone, even those without the art are aware, the winds flow strangely.’
Bel-Salrel was visibly restless,’ And?, that has not happened before, not on Twilight’s Tide when the chaotic moon is at its perigee, it bolsters the winds into a storm.’
The second Asur began shifting through several documents, Teclis made no attempt to stop him as he was far too engrossed in a, to this point, fruitless search for answers or even a reference of this occurring before.
‘The winds ceased their flow from the east, if only for a moment, what could possibly do that?’
‘A spell of unbelievable power, equal to Calador’s vortex.’ Teclis replied, his eyes couldn’t hide a glint of excitement at the prospect, even if it was mere speculation at the moment.
Bel-Salrel’s face wore a look of disbelief,
‘That is rather incredulous, to suggest that men and their stunted mountain dwellers of allies could possibly.. No, it is that Asuryan has intervened to deliver Ulthuan from Twilight’s Tide.’
Teclis found himself agreeing, the chances that man had finally done something of note were unthinkably slim, not to mention that word of such an undertaking would have long reached Ulthuans shores, still the Asur had many ways of finding out what was occurring almost anywhere in the world and their prompt use seemed a prudent course of action.
'I’m afraid I’m going to have to bid you farewell, it would seem I have to pen some correspondence’. Teclis mused that it seemed likely that not only would he be seeing his brother and kinfolk of Lothern again soon, he would again be setting foot in the Empire. The latter thought didn’t entirely enthuse him.
And with that the prologue's are complete, now the games can begin.
[First][F] | Next coming soon | [Pervious][P]
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2022.01.27 11:46 zjwright11111 Past few years haven’t been what we expected but I still believe in this roster

We have 2 amazing young talented players, and as long as I’ve watched the nba young teams rarely win. I see people saying maybe it’s just not a good fit, which could be true, we saw that for the 76ers the past 4 years. But I also think we might massively regret trading Tatum or Brown. Wondering what the community is thinking about this
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2022.01.27 11:46 blogs_bunny US ranked 27th least corrupt country in the world #France #China #Europe #Japan #US #Norway #Russia #2020 #International #Asia #Iran #HongKong #2021 #Chile #first #NorthKorea #NorthKorea #Corruption #Americas #U.S. #year #2015 #Denmark #Kingdom #Zero #United #29

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2022.01.27 11:46 Medical_Officer I still don't understand how "Down Range" perk works...

I still don't understand how I've searched on this topic and some previous discussion seems to indicate the the definition of "Far Distance" actually depends on the weapon itself meaning that if you're using a shotgun, then it triggers quite close, but a sniper rifle won't trigger till you're almost at 50 meters or so.
Is this correct? If so, which of the 4 dots (from left to right) does the perk trigger at?

Is the \"Far Distance\" different for each weapon? Is it just any distance past one of these white dots?
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2022.01.27 11:46 NFTArt79 [3DPW] 3D Pixel Warriors - here Rhino 0.002 ETH Polygon 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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2022.01.27 11:46 lucy37663 rose133e

Mistress is here to train you pm on kick now rose133e
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2022.01.27 11:46 skolni_klaun_69_tade 🏳️‍🌈

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