tai5n szhaf 2ash5 r3ebr ibd23 i5h7a rrb4h sh63h bnhtz b9kfb 4sd6d 5d8ba 9tsbh 3tstf 4yz9d fbdth ei4hd 7bh5d h5z36 7nkn8 ydted 💥 🐶Atom Floki | Just Launched | 💎 DEVS KYC with GemFinder| ✅ Major Marketing Incoming | x1000 Gem 🚀| Join the most ATOM community 💥 |

💥 🐶Atom Floki | Just Launched | 💎 DEVS KYC with GemFinder| ✅ Major Marketing Incoming | x1000 Gem 🚀| Join the most ATOM community 💥

2022.01.27 12:14 iccaecumsa 💥 🐶Atom Floki | Just Launched | 💎 DEVS KYC with GemFinder| ✅ Major Marketing Incoming | x1000 Gem 🚀| Join the most ATOM community 💥

⚡️Welcome to the Atom Crypto World where you can earn $FLOKI just by holding the ATOM FLOKI. The Atom Legacy doesn’t end here as it is only the beginning; ATOM PROJECT will launch Atom Wallet, Atom-Swap, Atom Exchange and Atom Cryptos Debit Card for instant Fiat and Cryptocurrency swaps
🚀 Telegram : https://t.me/AtomFloki
💥 Contract : 0xd8251e8d652be5ed52c75fd486a6a2c397b7d8c1
🌐 Buy here : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xd8251e8d652be5ed52c75fd486a6a2c397b7d8c1
🔒 Liquidity Locked : https://mudra.website/?certificate=yes&type=0&lp=0xb83273b5e03f6cfb7f3e86bca0ea46977bfa4579
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
💵 0% tax buy - 12% tax sell
🐶5% Floki Rewards
📰 2.5 % to Marketing
🔥 3% to Liquidity
👥 1.5% to Team
👑 Hold , earn FLOKI
Atom Floki Ecosystem
The token is going to be the first step of building a community and creating a bond between all other members as the future Atom Projects needs the community that can vouch for the team. Holders will be rewarded with Floki with each transaction as it would be a delightful way of expressing gratitude for your support.
The Atom Floki token itself is just the part of the project, but the team will be building an ecosystem of blockchain around this token and utilize every possible way to make it better than other projects i.e. Atom Swap, Atom Wallet, Atom Exchange and Atom Debit card.
Atom Swap
Though the most important step is to launch the token successfully, the team will also be keeping up the pace to follow the roadmap and launch the Atom Swap for the community.
Atom Wallet
The team will be launching a state of the art wallet for its holders and the community will benefit more than any other person out there.
Atom Exchange
As we believe, radioactively lethal to outperform all competitor projects, the Atom Team will launch Atom Exchange where the community will be able to swap or exchange all known cryptocurrency.
Atom Debit Card
What’s better than owning a debit card in which you can keep your crypto and fiat currency safe and use it instantly like any other debit card? We are Atom, and we believe in the future!
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2022.01.27 12:14 LBxCrosstrek Olympic athletes flying out.

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2022.01.27 12:14 filipmac Stock Trading Commissions? Fees?

I am new to TD looking to buy a few blue chip stocks to swing. When I click on trading fees it says $0 commission fees. Is it really no commission for buying and selling stocks? Am I missing something, like other fees aside from commission when buying and selling stocks on TD? Sorry if this has been asked million times. Thanks
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2022.01.27 12:14 FraxLovesShitpost I know Gold is not something to flex, but I would like to thanks everyone who gave me advice in my last post. Kaya and I are so grateful!

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2022.01.27 12:14 HotTakeJake Wat is de regel bij deze situatie tijdens het Toupen?

Afgelopen zaterdag gezellig aan het Toupen met twee vrienden, maar er ontstond een aparte situatie en we konden op internet nergens hiervoor de regels vinden. de situatie was als volgt:
Speler 1 (Ik): begin de beurt met een harte aas
Speler 2: klopt
Speler 3: Gaat mee
Speler 1 (ik): had verder ruk kaarten, en verwachtte niet dat ik de slag met harte aas ging winnen dus ik ging niet mee.
Maar vervolgens kunnen zowel speler 2 als 3 de harte niet bekennen, natuurlijk een aparte move om te kloppen als je de slag niet gaat winnen vandaar dat deze situatie niet vaak voorkomt.
Wie wint in dit geval de slag? of is de kaart die speler 2 vervolgens op legt leidend?
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2022.01.27 12:14 gokul113 Can you share tips on how the follow the news in an unbiased and informative manner ?

I find it difficult to follow news that are unbiased and focused on the important stuff. I mostly use inshorts and Twitter.
Inshorts is now filled with ads, bollywood and drama disguised as national news. Twitter has gotten even more cluttered with news handles and personaliites liking on irrelevant posts that end up appearing on my feed.
Its seems hard for me to find quality news without any agenda, or informing me about every bite sized stuff that happens every second instead of showing me the larger picture.
Can you share your sources, apps or tips on how to stay updated ?
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2022.01.27 12:14 hahajkbutwhatif Scary Dog I found on my Computer

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2022.01.27 12:14 AGiraffesPOV Not-so-aww! Say NO to corporations using your pride dollars for transphobic bills!

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2022.01.27 12:14 waithere120 Best 3 characters Inoue produced/wrote according to you? (not necessarily from this pic)

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2022.01.27 12:14 Greenscrap320 I'll bring you home.

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2022.01.27 12:14 PlanetToday Consumers Are "Going Everywhere...Except The Office", AmEx CEO Says This Week According to American Express, spending is still almost "everywhere you want to be". …

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2022.01.27 12:14 Royalhouse11 Could ‘48 laws of power’ help my poker game?

Just wondered. The aim of poker is to take all your opponents’ chips, and is ultra-competitive. I thought this book would probably help your mindset and competitiveness?
Just a thought!
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2022.01.27 12:14 da_whip_snip From her IG @yummihair

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2022.01.27 12:14 MiniRato Help with crafting

Is there a way to improve itens while crafting or after crafted? just crafted a mythical northern wyrm and it is almost the worst possible.
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2022.01.27 12:14 troglodyte49 Ralphie was an all round good guy.

Poor man gets a bad rep. 1. He was born handsome instead of rich. 2. Had a similar muddah to Livia. 3. Took care of Rosalie after Jackie Aprile passed away while also taking Little Lord Fuck Pants under his wing. 4. A feminist and an egalitarian. Had no problem being pimped out by Janice. 5. Earned with three hands. Still never good enough to satisfy pork chop. A. She was hooah. B. She hit him! And that wasn't his kid she was carrying. Anyways. $4 a pound. I said my piece.
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2022.01.27 12:14 broken-mirror- 9 years ago today at the Royal Rumble PPV, The Rock defeated CM Punk for the WWE Title, ending his 434 day reign

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2022.01.27 12:14 SupremoZanne Citroën XM ambulance

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2022.01.27 12:14 2ndchancemoped Mo-ped misfit

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2022.01.27 12:14 Phantom_LM If you had 1 token that you could use to buy 1 company, which one would you choose?

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2022.01.27 12:14 Perfect-Football2616 When the metaverse releases, how long will it be until some kind of massive drama is exposed on the platform?

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2022.01.27 12:14 fowmanchow2 Gray beards matter

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2022.01.27 12:14 santeryl InsertUI Not Working In For Loop

Hi. I have this simple app that I'm building and I'm stuck on getting the InsertUI to work in a for loop. This is the intended functionality:

It does everything except display the reactive values when I want it to. It only does it once the for loop is done. How would I get it to work? Thanks in advance.
library(shiny) library(beepr) ui <- fluidPage(actionButton("start", "Start")) server <- function(input, output, session) { values <- reactiveValues(a = c("test", "nest")) observeEvent(input$start, { beep() for(i in isolate(values$a)){ # This isn't working insertUI(selector = "#start", where = "afterEnd", ui = textOutput(i), immediate = T) Sys.sleep(5) beep() } insertUI(selector = "#start", where = "afterEnd", ui = "Done") removeUI(selector = "#start") }) } shinyApp(ui, server) 
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2022.01.27 12:14 NintyFanGirl My little Jack Russell mix. Most ínstense dog I’ve ever had 😅

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2022.01.27 12:14 PsychologyNo1626 CAR SHOPPING VLOG | I bought my dream car?

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2022.01.27 12:14 13nobody [Craig Morgan] The Coyotes are in advanced discussions with ASU to use the university's new multi-purpose arena as their temporary home for the next 3-4 years.

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