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[OC] dragon girl speed skater

2022.01.27 10:45 frametrap1 [OC] dragon girl speed skater

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2022.01.27 10:45 Strange-Opposite-596 100% legit NFT Giveaway

NFT Giveaway Get to know this awesome project MetaGods with an amazing community and team supporting it and win the chance to get a completely free NFT
Like and enter this discord channel to learn about the project and the giveaway. Ends in February
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2022.01.27 10:45 pepperoni93 How to make a tender chicken? Do you have any good recipe for chicken?

I usually just put it in the pan and then add the salt pepper and stuff but since i do it low heat for relatively long it tends to get a bit on the dry side
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2022.01.27 10:45 ministerio_bot Vihreän siirtymän rahoituksen työryhmä etsii keinoja edistää ilmasto- ja ympäristötavoitteita ja kestävää kasvua

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2022.01.27 10:45 Oilyfrog74 Oh Dbd never change

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2022.01.27 10:45 Peacock-Shah President Lynch’s campaign to place the final nail into the coffin of Farmer-Labor fails spectacularly, as Farmer-Labor rises anew under radical leadership, yet the Liberals maintain opposition status. | Peacock-Shah Alternate Elections

President Lynch’s campaign to place the final nail into the coffin of Farmer-Labor fails spectacularly, as Farmer-Labor rises anew under radical leadership, yet the Liberals maintain opposition status. | Peacock-Shah Alternate Elections submitted by Peacock-Shah to Presidentialpoll [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 10:45 carrie-satan Are there any short pants motifs in the game?

I’m trying I achieve a Lara Croft look for my character and so far it’s good with Honor Guard epaulets, prophets wraps light Wood Elf jerkin 1, but I can’t seem to find any short pants besides the argonian ones which would be fine were they not so weirdly proportioned
Any help is appreciated
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2022.01.27 10:45 iamlolly420 What is this? Sorry I couldn't get a better picture. I'm in South Africa.

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2022.01.27 10:45 howie2020 Jason Myles & Pascal Robert speak with Chris Hedges, world-renowned journalist & activist, about the possibility of mass politics in our present moment, and about the hard work of building working-class solidarity.

Jason Myles & Pascal Robert speak with Chris Hedges, world-renowned journalist & activist, about the possibility of mass politics in our present moment, and about the hard work of building working-class solidarity. submitted by howie2020 to YoungEcoSocialists [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 10:45 Kotori107 Stats/ilr 2100 calculator

For students that have taken this class, do you remember if you had to graph distributions (normal, binomial, etc) on ur calculator to solve problems for prelims? I’m not sure but I think the professor said that even a four function calculator would be good enough.
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2022.01.27 10:45 rocobox Experiences from those who have regretted masculinising top surgery

Hello. I am 26 and trans nonbinary. I have never wanted my breasts as soon as they started to appear. I hid them, developed poor posture, and generally became very distressed when they developed. It felt like my body was betraying me.
When I was 21 I realised I was probably trans, and bought my first binder.
Binders are uncomfortable and restrictive and almost too much of a reminder sometimes of the body I don't have. I can't often wear them, despite liking how it looks aesthetically from certain angles.
I have known I've wanted top surgery for some years now, essentially since realising it was an option.
I finally broached the topic with my mum because I will need logistical support with getting to and from the surgery when it happens.
She got distressed and, among other things, suggested I talk to some people who have had top surgery who regretted it. I told her that I don't know anyone who has because most people who do it are pretty sure it's the right thing. I've got friends who have had unexpected emotional responses to it, but I am prepared for that (like having to navigate having new proportions as someone who has a history of eating disorders, I'm painfully aware that I may feel like I have a new body to learn to accept again).
So to those of you who have had top surgery and regretted it, could you tell me about it?
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2022.01.27 10:45 Carter_N84 Suunto 7 Not Notifying

Howdy, this morning my watch hasn't been sending any notifications that it usually does. Didn't change any settings.
Any help would be appreciated.
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2022.01.27 10:45 LoneRainger I named my cat Screeb

I've been a destiny player for many years, and have enjoyed the many memories I've made in this game. I decided recently that my current cat, Zoey, needed a companion. She had a brother up until a year or two ago, when he passed unexpectedly in his sleep. Zoey has been extremely attached to me ever since, and while I love giving her love and attention, I didnt want her to be lonely during the 9-10 hours I'm gone daily for work. My family finally agreed to let me get another cat, so I went out to an animal shelter. While zoey is a joy, she's not the type to be held or cuddled. I decided to look for a cat that would enjoy those types of things, basically looking for a lap cat. I found a brown tabby by the placeholder name of Maple Syrup. He was perfect! After a bit of time at home and letting the cats warm up to each other, Maple Syrup showed exactly how much attention he demanded, always running up to me and meowing for pets and scratches. He loves to sit in laps, and I've had a few times where he suprised me by hopping in my lap unannounced. I was still considering a new name, since Maple Syrup was not a very good one in my opinion, and I talked to my clanmates about it. One said i should name him Screeb. I thought about it, and with his habit of charging at me when he saw me and suprising me, the name fit perfectly. Now his name is Screeb. Here's hoping he doesn't live up to his namesake 😁
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2022.01.27 10:45 ForzentoRafe I see myself as a constant work-in-progress. Is what I'm doing okay?

Putting the flair as "Help/Advice" because I genuinely want some feedback on my methods.
edit: I may have gotten side tracked somehow so apologies if that is so.
I grew up being a nervous kid because I was teased at about how I speak and my curly hair. I kept to myself and often goes to the library to seek refuge.
I started spending most of my weekends in there and learnt about mental issues that can happened to people. One of which that speaks to me is depression and back then, I read that people are often stuck in a dark spiral.
My solution then is to change it. I will use the idea of "sour grapes" to make what I want unappealing to myself. I feel that I have the responsibility to change because I am now aware of it.
later on in life, I have to serve in the army for a while and I saw how people are being negative about it. Disliking this mindset, I set forth to change how I see it and gain the ability to "Make the best of whatever situation I'm in."
I "sour grape" the idea of spending time at home, seeing it as Ill just waste my time at games anyway and tell myself that if I have to serve the army anyway, I might as well make it serve me. I pushed myself to fully participate in any physical activities to be fitter. Along the way, I also gain the ability to "auto battle" via telling myself to "just do what my trainers say to do"
After my service, I survived through university with these ideas backing me up. i told myself to just study, just read the materials, and that playing games are overrated, I should make best use of what my school have to offer. the professors, the resources and so on.
occasionally I do slip up and games but I justify to myself that a break is important every now and then. I must not push myself till I break. I also retain my love of reading and use that to destress from time to time.
The only thing that suffered was my fitness but it was already tough enough balancing results and rest. I couldn't add in a exercise regime on top of that. Even if I do, I'll have to be self-disciplined as there aren't any commanders or trainers pushing me anymore.
I've graduated and became a working adult. I started having more time and realised that I need to improve my social stat. After considering for a long time, I arrived to a solution. The inspiration behind this was a sudden realisation when I travelled overseas for my grad trip.
there was no one out there that knew me. The only impression they have of me is what I give to them. I don't have to be the shy and quiet guy if I don't want to be. granted that I may not know how to socialise but who cares if I make a mistake? there are no consequences ( to a certain point, I'm not doing anything irrmoral or illegal )
I can apply the same concept online.
that's when I created this reddit account. my goal is to still be myself but at the same time, be a little more. Not so much to create a distinct split between real and virtual life but enough so that I can take what I learnt virtually and apply into my real life. in game terms, reddit is my public testing server. I am constantly making small changes to see what jokes are okay, where boundaries are and some of my changes into the release version can be felt by ppl that knew me from before.
I can now talk to women easily by just treating them the same as how i'll treat guys. ( once again, this is not absolute ) The only issue is flirting but I have confidence that this will come along as I socialise more. How I ensure this neutrality is by running a check if what I'll say or do to her is what I'll do to a guy too. After a while, this check is no longer required and has become automated.
then I come across Dr K. Saw a video talking about cognitive biasesnes and I come to believe that my "sour grape" sometimes have a component of "protective hopelessness" and once i start thinking about it, I can't not do something about it.
When I use sour grapes to tell myself to stop gaming, thats fine. But when I used it for women that I'm interested in, I tell myself that they can't be as perfect as I think them to be ( which is true ) and that it's hopeless to even try so I should just give up.
at the same time, it feels weird to be optimistic and tell myself that I can do it. this goes against everything that I am and I can't tell if doing this is just being delusional.
originally I wrote about how ill destroy my desires but in the process of typing all of these out, I've reflected and saw that I'm wrong again.
I will change the way I see "sour grapes" into "being skeptical"
I will relentlessly crush any thoughts of hopelessness. but this doesn't means that it is replaced with hope or optimism.
being friends is fine for now. being in a relationship involve much time and investment that I don't see myself ready to provide yet. I have chosen a route to walk and that is to ease myself in. I will meet people, make friends, and if things go well, we will naturally be a part of each other's life more and more to the point where we are basically seeing each other. By then, my priorities would've changed to accommodate her into my life. rushing into a relationship will just create a mess.
I take a certain amount of pride in getting to where I am today and my main foundation is that I'm changeable. I can be constantly patched to be even better than before. if I come across a better way of going through life then I will try and integrate it in.
and yes, this means that I will never be perfect. I see myself as a work-in-progress and at some point in time, I will tell myself that enough is enough. Support then will be ended for this product.
misc stuff that I don't know where to put:
I don't like exercising. I rather read or play games. but one day, I realised that I brush my teeth everyday and if you frame it this way, you gotta brush every single day for the rest of your life, it starts to be a little bit more daunting.
taking it a day at a time, setting up a routine so you don't think about it. and this is what I've done to my fitness plans now. I'm not going out if my way to bulk up but I incorporated it here and there so I don't think about it.
is this alright? or must we always be passionate in the things we do? can't I just do auto battling, let my mind rest for a bit and come back to a slightly stronger body?
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2022.01.27 10:45 arabpost Sudanese Against UN Intervention In Peace Negotiations

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2022.01.27 10:45 TheKingOfRandom3 📈

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2022.01.27 10:45 StrawhatDumby Luffy is 100% connected to Sun god Nika

the luffy is a descendent from Sun god nika theory, an the theory of Imu/ im-sama being a devil fruit user with some abilty of water actually makes a lot of sense. Here's why, I would say its a pretty known thing that Oda takes a lot of inspiration from east Asian Buddhism threw out his show, especially in Wano.

仁 (ni) meaning "benevolence"

香 (ka) meaning "fragrance".

香仁 = Kaori Jin
Kaori Jin = kajin
kajin = fire god (Kagutsuchi)

Kagutsuchi's birth, in Japanese mythology, comes at the end of the creation of the world and marks the beginning of death. In the Engishiki, a source which contains the myth, Izanami, in her death throes, bears the water god Mizuhame(suijin) instructing her to pacify Kagu-tsuchi if he should become violent.

Kagu an Old Japanese root verb meaning "to shine" tsu meaning "a smiling face", and chi meaning "force ,an power". Its like describing luffy, roger, and joy boys character

We all know Im/Im-sama's goal as of right now, is to extinguish a "light" from history, we have 3 ppl that could be this light. But in wano at the moment there is only 1 of these ppl that we know are present, luffy.

If luffy truly is the descendent of Sun god nika, an nika is based off of Kagutsuchi the fire god. And the fire god is revered as a purificatory agent out of fear of his destructiveness in the Shinto religion of japan, and the worshipper's of Kagutsuchi have "fire fastivals" in honor of the fire god.

An currently in one piece they have started there very own fire festival in wano, so if everything fits together, an luffy is a descendent or has the inherited will of Son god nika.

He will be the one to purify wano, or more simply put.. save wano.

aswell as being the light that needs to be extinguished.

(I've put the video link talking about the theory of imu having a water based devil fruit if anyone needs more info)
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2022.01.27 10:45 Dakota-Vibes Looking for someone to practice my spanish with

Hi, I'm looking for an online friend I can practice spanish with and hopefully improve
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2022.01.27 10:45 seaboigium Did Contingency get anyone interested in the music of Ray Conniff?

For those unaware, the theme song that plays at the start of ''Contingency'' is ''I Concentrate On You'' by Ray Conniff. I actually really liked the song as it happened to be my first time listening to 1960s big band music. Afterward, I listened to a lot of his other work and it sounds similar to ICOY.
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2022.01.27 10:45 jbern5 LEAPS vs Owning right now

I’m still a relatively new investor, maybe 2-3 years so while I’m starting to understand things better but still have a long way to go. Up to this point I’ve only bought/sold stocks and etfs, sold cash covered puts, and covered calls however I’m considering trying out a leaps play (thinking on appl, msft, or spy).
First off I’m not in a position that if I lose the premium all together that I’m in ruins or anything but it would suck and hurt a bit. Secondly, I do believe in these stocks and the market long term so while yes I would be leveraging my capital, I would also be happy adding onto my long term holdings on these stocks.
Do leaps sound like the right play right now or should I just buy and hold the stocks themselves?
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2022.01.27 10:45 ministerio_bot Kunta- ja aluehallinto-osaston osastopäälliköksi haki 8 henkilöä

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2022.01.27 10:45 Electronic-Ad4209 Amazon list for future AIR 1

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2022.01.27 10:45 Crazy_Routine6315 I got interested in Arabic calligraphy, so i tried it for the first time, any suggestions and tips to improve?

I got interested in Arabic calligraphy, so i tried it for the first time, any suggestions and tips to improve? submitted by Crazy_Routine6315 to Calligraphy [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 10:45 soumitra_sg Cosy seating area with wooden chest table, Jaisalmer, India [2981x3975]

Cosy seating area with wooden chest table, Jaisalmer, India [2981x3975] submitted by soumitra_sg to RoomPorn [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 10:45 Dark__Horse An excellent summary that lines up pretty well with MDS demands

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